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The conceptual structure of evolutionary biology: A framework from phenotypic plasticity

University Press. Romanes, G.J. (1913) Aristotle as a naturalist. Nature, 91, 201–204. Scheiner, S.M. (1993) Genetics and evolution of phenotypic plasticity. Annu. Rev. Ecol. Syst., 24, 35–68. Scheiner, S.M., Mitchell, R.J. & Callahan, H.S. (2000) Using path analysis to measure natural selection. J. Evolution. Biol., 13, 423–433. Scheiner, S.M. (2010) Toward a conceptual framework for biology. Q. Rev. Biol., 85, 293–318. Scheiner, S.M. (2013) The genetics of phenotypic plasticity. XII. Temporal and spatial heterogeneity. Ecol. Evol., 3, 4596

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Staphylococcus aureus harbouring egc cluster coding for non-classical enterotoxins, involved in a food poisoning outbreak, Romania, 2012 / Staphylococcus aureus purtător de gene codante pentru enterotoxine non-clasice (cluster egc), implicat într-un focar de toxiinfecţie alimentară, România, 2012

, Kearns A, Rorvik LM. Genetic variation among Staphylococcus aureus strains from Norwegian bulk milk. Appl Environ Microbiol. 2005b;71(12):8352-61. DOI: 10.1128/ AEM.71.12.8352-8361.2005 39. Zhang C, Shen Y, Dong M. Distribution, polymorphism and temporal expression of egc in Staphylococcus aureus isolates from various foods in China. Food Control. 2013;29(1):279-85. DOI: 10.1016/j.foodcont. 2012.06.024 40. Hwang SY, Kim SH, Jang EJ, Kwon NH, Park YK, Koo HC, et al. Novel multiplex PCR for the detection of the Staphylococcus aureus

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Global analysis of threat status reveals higher extinction risk in tropical than in temperate bird sister species

evolution. American Naturalist, 170, S56-S70. Sandel, B., Arge, L., Dalsgaard, B., Davies, R.G., Gaston, K.J., Sutherland, W.J., et al. (2011) The ionfluence of late Quaternary climate-change velocity on species endemism. Science, 334, 660-664. Sæther, B.E., Lande, R., Engen, S., Weimerskirch, H., Lillegard, L., Altwegg, R., et al. (2005) Generation time and temporal scaling of bird population dynamics. Nature, 436, 99-102. Sibley, C.G. & Monroe, B.L. (1990) Distribution and taxonomy of birds of the world. New Haven: Yale University Press. Sirami

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Fish and amphibians as bat predators

History of Australian Bats: Working the Night Shift. Csiro Publishing, Collingwood. Roulin, A. & Christe, P. (2013) Geographic and temporal variation in the consumption of bats by European barn owls. Bird Study, 60, 561- 569. San Diego Zoo (2015) Goliath frog. Retrieved from http://animals. (accessed 29 September 2015). San Sebastián, O., Navarro, J., Llorente, G.A., Richter-Boix, A. (2015) Trophic strategies of a non-native and a native amphibian species in shared ponds. PLoS ONE, 10, e013054. Schalk, C.M., Montaña, C

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Non-native Amphibian Pet Trade via Internet in Poland

-native Amazon parrots and temporal trends of their global trade. Animal Biodiversity and Conservation, 40(1), 49-62. Mutschmann, F., Berger, L., Zwart, P. & Gaedicke, C. (2000) Chytridiomycosis on amphibians - first report from Europe. Berliner und Münchener tierärztliche Wochenschrift, 113(10), 380−383. Nguyen, T.T., Van Nguyen, T., Ziegler, T., Pasmans, F. & Martel, A. (2017) Trade in wild anurans vectors the urodelan pathogen Batrachochytrium salamandrivorans into Europe. Amphibia-Reptilia, 38(4), 554-556. DOI 10

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Mechanistic and Correlative Models of Ecological Niches

) Method and system for calculating the spatial-temporal effects of climate and other environmental conditions on animals. USA patent No. 7,155,377. Porter, W.P., Munger, J.C., Stewart, W.E., Budaraju, S. & Jaeger, J. (1994) Endotherm energetics: From a scalable individual-based model to ecological applications. Australian Journal of Zoology, 42, 125-162. Porter, W.P., Ostrowski, S. & Williams, J.B. (2010) Modeling animal landscapes. Physiological and Biochemical Zoology, 83, 705-712. Rangel, T.F., Diniz-Filho, J

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Assessing the importance of High Nature Value farmlands for the conservation of Lesser Kestrels Falco naumanni

other surrogate species. Washington: Island Press. Catry, I., Amano, T., Franco, A.M.A. & Sutherland, W.J. (2012) Influence of spatial and temporal dynamics of agricultural practices on the lesser kestrel. Journal of Applied Ecology, 49, 99-108. Catry, I., Franco, A.M.A., Rocha, P., Alcazar, R., Reis, S., Cordeiro, A., Ventim, R., Teodósio, J. & Moreira, F. (2013) Foraging Habitat Quality Constrains Effectiveness of Artificial Nest-Site Provisioning in Reversing Population Declines in a Colonial Cavity Nester. PLoS ONE, 8, e58320. DOI

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Use of MPV and MPV/Plt Ratio in the Differentiation of Migraine and Tension-Type Headache

106 7 988 93 [10] Tietjen GE, Khubchandani J. Platelet dysfunction and stroke in the female migraineur. Curr Pain Headache 2009;13:386-391. Tietjen GE Khubchandani J. Platelet dysfunction and stroke in the female migraineur Curr Pain Headache 2009 13 199 203 [11] Doga Vuralli, H Evren Boran, Bulent Cengiz, Ozlem Coskun, Hayrunnisa Bolay. Somatosensory temporal discrimation remains intact in tension-type headache whereas it is disrupted in migraine attacks. Cephalalgia 10.1177/0333102416677050 . Doga Vuralli H Evren Boran Bulent Cengiz Ozlem Coskun Hayrunnisa

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Coexistence of hemoglobin Handsworth and alpha 3.7 kb deletion in Caucasian woman in Poland

in the paralogous human α-globin genes yielding identical hemoglobin variants Ann Hematol 2009 88 535 – 43 [19] Piel FB, Tatem AJ, Huang Z, Gupta S, Williams TN, Weatherall DJ. Global migration and the changing distribution of sickle hemoglobin: a quantitative study of temporal trends between 1960 and 2000. Lancet Glob Health 2014;2:380–9. Piel FB Tatem AJ Huang Z Gupta S Williams TN Weatherall DJ Global migration and the changing distribution of sickle hemoglobin: a quantitative study of temporal trends between 1960 and 2000 Lancet Glob

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Retrospection of the effect of hydroxyurea treatment in patients with sickle cell disease

treatment of sickle cell patients Hematol J 2000 1 5 171 92 [49] Adekile AD, Owunwanne A, Al-Za’abi K, Haider MZ, Tuli M, Al-Mohannadi S. Temporal sequence of splenic dysfunction in sickle cell disease. American journal of hematology 2002;69(1):23-7. Adekile AD Owunwanne A Al-Za’abi K Haider MZ Tuli M Al-Mohannadi S. Temporal sequence of splenic dysfunction in sickle cell disease American journal of hematology 2002 69 1 171 92 [50] Wang WC WR, Miller ST, et al. Hydroxycarbamide in very young children with sickle-cell anaemia: a multicentre, randomised, controlled

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