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988 93 [10] Tietjen GE, Khubchandani J. Platelet dysfunction and stroke in the female migraineur. Curr Pain Headache 2009;13:386-391. Tietjen GE Khubchandani J. Platelet dysfunction and stroke in the female migraineur Curr Pain Headache 2009 13 199 203 [11] Doga Vuralli, H Evren Boran, Bulent Cengiz, Ozlem Coskun, Hayrunnisa Bolay. Somatosensory temporal discrimation remains intact in tension-type headache whereas it is disrupted in migraine attacks. Cephalalgia 10.1177/0333102416677050 . Doga Vuralli H Evren Boran Bulent Cengiz Ozlem Coskun Hayrunnisa Bolay

hemoglobin variant in two families of distinct origin Hemoglobin 2016 40 5 349 – 52 [18] Moradkhani K, Préhu C, Old J, et al. Mutations in the paralogous human α-globin genes yielding identical hemoglobin variants. Ann Hematol 2009;88:535–43. Moradkhani K Préhu C Old J et al Mutations in the paralogous human α-globin genes yielding identical hemoglobin variants Ann Hematol 2009 88 535 – 43 [19] Piel FB, Tatem AJ, Huang Z, Gupta S, Williams TN, Weatherall DJ. Global migration and the changing distribution of sickle hemoglobin: a quantitative study of temporal trends between