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Fused Deposition Modelling as Rapid Prototyping for Structural Material Improvement: Analytical Solution / Ātrās Prototipēšanas Ar Kausēšanas Metodi Strukturālā Uzlabojuma Analītisks Risinājums

References 1. Sun, Q., Rizvi, G. M., Giuliani, V., Bellehumeur, C. T., & Gu, P. (2004). Experimental study and modeling of bond formation between ABS filaments in the FDM Process. In: Proceedings of the Annual technical conference , ANTEC, vol. 1, pp. 1158-1162. 2. Pilipovic, A., Raos, P., & Sercer, M. (2009). Experimental analysis of properties of materials for rapid prototyping. Intern. J. of Additive Manufacturing Technology, 40 , 105-115. 3. Lee, B.H., Abdullah, J., & Khan, Z.A. (2005

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The Development and Design of Engineering Economic Indicator System for Nanotechnology Industry Product Manufacturing: A Case Study of Latvia / Inženierekonomisko Rādītāju Sistēmas Attīstība Un Izveide Nanotehnoloģiju Industrijas Produktu Ražošanai: Latvijas Pieredze

). Static and dynamic analysis of industrial structure in Inner Mongolia based on BCG matrix. In 2012 Int. Conf. on Social Science and and Environment Protection, 9-11 November 2012 (pp. 3-8). Jiujiang, China: Science and Engineering Publishing Company. 7. Urbahs, A., Urbaha, M., Savkovs, K., & Andrejeva, D. (2015). Protective Antifriction Multilayer Coating by Ion-Plasma Sputtering Development Technological Process Analysis. In Mechanika 2015: 20th Int. Scientific Conf., 23-24 April, 2015 (pp.253-256). Kaunas, Lithuania: Kaunas University of Technology

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Scenario Analysis for Future Oil Demand and Supply on the Horizon of 2022

Secretariat, pp. 12–134. 14. Urbanomics. Oil Industry – This Time Is no Different! (2016). Available at 15. International Energy Agency. (2013). Resources to Reserves, Oil, Gas and Coal Technologies for the Energy Markets of the Future , pp 63–64. 16. The Economist. (2014). The Benefts of Shale Oil are Bigger than Many Americans Realise. Policy Has yet to Catch Up. Available at

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Optical Microstructures Fabricated with Direct Laser Writing Technique

-134. DOI: 10.1364/OL.22.000132 7. Kim, K., Park, S., Lee, J., Manohara, H., Desta, Y., Murphy, M., & Ahn, C. H., (2002). Rapid replication of polymeric and metallic high aspect ratio microstructures using PDMS and LIGA technology. Microsyst. Technol., 9 (1-2), 5–10 (2002). 8. Rill, M. S. (2010). Three-Dimensional Photonic Metamaterials by Direct Laser Writing and Advanced Metallization Techniques. PhD dissertation, Chap. 3 , 9. Zeng, H., Martella, D., Wasylczyk, P., Cerretti, G., Lavocat, J-C.G., Ho C

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Modeling and Simulation of Cloud Computing Solution for Distributed Space Data Storage and Access In Mobile Communication Networks / Mākoņskaitļošanas Risinājuma Modelēšana Un Simulācija Izkliedētai Kosmiskas Izcelsmes Datu Glabāšanai Un Piekļuvei Mobilos Komunikāciju Tīklos

., Loke, S. W., & Rahayu, W. (2013). Mobile cloud computing: A survey. Future Generation Computer Systems, 29 (1), 84-106. doi:10.1016/j.future.2012.05.023 4. Liu, K., & Dong, L. (2012). Research on Cloud Data Storage Technology and its Architecture Implementation. Procedia Engineering, 29 , 133-137. doi:10.1016/j.proeng.2011.12.682 5. Mao, H., Xiao, N., Shi, W., & Lu, Y. (2012). Wukong: A cloud-oriented file service for mobile Internet devices. Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing, 72 (2), 171-184. doi:10.1016/j.jpdc.2011

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Energy Production from Biogas: Competitiveness and Support Instruments in Latvia

press), 17. Bauer, F., Hulteberg, Ch., Persson T., and Tamm, D. (2013). Biogas upgrading – Review of commercial technologies. Svenskt Gastekniskt Center AB, SGC Rapport 2013:270. Available at 18. IEA. (2014). Biomethane: status and factors affecting market development and trade. A joint study by IEA bioenergy task 40 and task 37. Available at 19. Igliński, B., Buczkowski, R

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Manufacturing and Testing of Carbon Composite Samples Intended for Aviation

] Waśniewski B. Duroplasty oraz termoplasty wysokotemperaturowe w prepregach jako osnowy kompozytów węglowych do wytwarzania struktur lotniczych, Prace Instytutu Lotnictwa, 2016, Nr. 2 (243) s. 28-39 [8] Glover, B.M., 2004, “History of development of commercial aircraft and 787 Dreamliner” Aviat. Eng., 592, 16-21. [9] Pora, J., 2003, “Advanced materials and technologies for A380 structure. Flight airworthiness support technology” Airbus Custom Serv., 32, 3-8. [10] Soutis, C., 205, “Carbon fiber reinforced plastics in aircraft construction”, Materials

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Wireless Inter-Crane Communication Method for Multi-Crane Scheduling in Maritime Container Terminals / Bezvadu Komunikācijas Tīkla Pielietojums Ostas Darba Efektivitātes Uzlabošanai

-based yard crane scheduling for container terminals. Advanced Engineering Informatics , 462-471. doi:10.1016/j.aei.2011.03.001 4. J. He, D. Chang, W. Mi, & W. Yan. (2010). A hybrid parallel genetic algorithm for yard crane scheduling. Transportation Research, Part E: Logistics and Transportation Review , 136-155. doi:10.1016/j.tre.2009.07.002 5. J. Cao, Q. Shi, & D.-H. Lee. (2010). Integrated quay crane and yard truck schedule problem in container terminals. Tsinghua Science & Technology , 467-474. 6. S. H. Chung & K. L

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Evaluation of Thermal Rating Methods Based on the Transmission Line Model / Termisko Jaudas Metožu Novērtējums, Balstoties Uz Esošo Elektropārvades Līnijas Modeli

References 1. L΄Abbate, A., Migliavacca, G., Pagano, T., & Vafeas, A. (2011). Advanced transmission technologies in Europe: a roadmap towards the Smart Grid evolution. In: IEEE PowerTech Conf ., 19-23 June, 1-8. Trondheim (Norway): IEEE. DOI: 10.1109/PTC.2011.6019186 2. Department of Economic and Social Affairs, Division for Sustainable Development (2006). Multi Dimensional Issues in International Electric Power Grid Interconnections. New York: United Nations. [Online]. Available: http

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Justification of the Utility of Introducing Smart Meters in Latvia

REFERENCES 1. European Commission. (2006). European SmartGrids Technology Platform. Vision and strategy for Europe’s electricity networks of the future. Luxembourg: Office for Official Publications of the European Communities. 2. GEODE Working Group Intelligent Networks. (2009). GEODE position paper on smart metering. Available at . 3. European Parliament and the Council Directive 2009/72/EC concerning common rules for the internal market in electricity and repealing

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