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The Relations Between Safety Culture and Quality Culture

REFERENCES Adebanjo, D., Kehoe D. 1998. An evaluation of quality culture problems in UK companies . International Journal of Quality Science, 3, 275-286, . Arezes, P.M. 2003. The role of safety culture in safety performance measurement . Measuring Business Excellence, 4, 20-28, . Bahn, S. 2012. Moving from contractor to owner operator: impact on safety culture – a case study . Employee Relations, 2, 157-172,

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The Effect of Lean Tools on the Safety Level in Manufacturing Organisations

.A., Kumar, V., Chaikittisilp, S., Tan, K.H., 2018. The effect of lean methods and tools on the environmental performance of manufacturing organisations. Int. J. Prod. Econ. 200, 170–180. Gembalska-Kwiecień, A., Skotnicka-Zasadzień, B., Wolniak, R., Bujna, M., 2018. Creating Participation of Employees in Improving Work Safety in Enterprise. Multidiscip. Asp. Prod. Eng. 1, 689–694, Górny, A., 2018. Safety in ensuring the quality of production - the role and tasks of standards requirements . MATEC Web Conf. 183, 01005

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