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Leiomyosarcoma of the renal vein: analysis of outcome and prognostic factors in the world case series of 67 patients

13.4 Preoperative biopsy Histology 9 13.4 Fine needle aspiration 2 3.0 No biopsy 56 83.6 Tumour grade G1 6 9.0 G2 8 11.9 G3 14 20.9 Unknown 39 58.2 Surgical margins Negative 15 22.4 Positive 3 4.5 Unknown 49 73.1 Operation Nephrectomy 60 89.6 Tumorectomy 4 6.0 Compartment resection 2 3.0 No operation 1 1.5 Preoperative treatment Embolization 3 4.5 ChT 1 1.5 RT + ChT 2 3

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Haemodynamics imaging of swine segmental kidney artery using duplex Doppler technique

Doppler US measurement in a healthy population. Radiology 1996, 199, 165–169. 12. Kim S.H.: The usefulness of pulsatile flow detection in measuring resistive index in renal Doppler US. Korean J Radiol 2002, 3, 45–48. 13. Kujawa-Szewieczek A., Kolonko A., Chudek J., Więcek A.: No effect of pretransplantation bilateral nephrectomy on the resistive indices measured in the kidney allograft. Transplant Proc 2014, 46, 2602–2605. 14. Lin G.J., Cher T.W.: Renal vascular resistance in normal children - a color Doppler study. Pediatric Nephrol 1997, 11, 182

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Comparison of intravenous tramadol and ketamine for prevention of catheter-related bladder discomfort after laparoscopic surgery: a randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind study

than the surgical pain. Strategies that treat CRBD effectively would improve the quality of recovery for these patients. Tramadol and ketamine are often used intravenously during anesthesia. Both have been reported to reduce the proportion of patients complaining of postoperative CRBD [ 10 , 12 ]. In previous studies, tramadol was administered at the end of the surgery (percutaneous nephrolithotomy), while ketamine was given after the induction of anesthesia during open nephrectomy. Although both drugs reduced postoperative CRBD, the results might not be

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Adherence and Outcomes of the Low and Very Low Protein Diets in Chronic Diabetic Kidney Disease – A Debate that Needs Consensus

Gerontol A Biol Sci Med Sci 68: 677-681, 2013. 6. Afolabi PR, Jahoor F, Gibson NR, Jackson AA. Response of hepatic proteins to the lowering of habitual dietary proteins to the recommended safe level of intake. Am J Physiol Endocrinol Metab 287: E327-E330, 2004. 7. Addis T, Lew W. Diet and death in acute uremia. J Clin Invest 18: 773-775, 1939. 8. Mackay LL, Addis T, Mackay EM. The degree of compensatory renal hypertrophy following unilateral nephrectomy: II. The influence of the protein intake. J Exp Med 67: 515-519, 1938

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Oxidative Stress Parameters after Abdominal Hysterectomy and Their Relationships with Quality of Recovery

the lipid peroxidation process and lipid composition of the rat liver in acute morphine intoxication. Ukr Biokhim Zh 2007; 79: 175-85. 41. Coen M. Metabolic phenotyping applied to pre-clinical and clinical studies of acetaminophen metabolism and hepatotoxicity. Drug Metab Rev 2015; 47: 29-44. 43. Mila-Kierzenkowska C, Woźniak A, Drewa T, Woźniak B, Szpinda M, Krzyżyńska-Malinowska E, Rajewski R. Effects of open versus laparoscopic nephrectomy techniques on oxidative stress markers in patients with renal cell carcinoma. Oxid Med Cell Longev 2013; 2013

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Thyroid Gland as a Target of Secondary Malignancies - an Autopsy Study and Review Data

. Bult P, Verwiel JMM, Wobbes T, et al. Malignant adenomyoepithelioma of the breast with metastasis in the thyroid gland 12 years after excision of the primary tumor. Case report and review of the literature. Virchows Archiv 2000; 436(2): 158-66. 45. Kihara M, Yokomise H, Yamauchi A. Metastasis of renal cell carcinoma to the thyroid gland 19 years after nephrectomy: a case report. Auris Nasus Larynx 2004; 31(1): 95-100. 46. Valo I, Verri V, Giraud P, et al. Thyroid metastases of an adrenocortical carcinoma 41 years after the diagnosis of the primary tumor

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Progress in clinical research complicated infection with diabetes mellitus

-negative bacteria, such as fluoroquinolone ketones. CT is the most effective method for the early diagnosis of emphysema pyelonephritis. According to CT findings, emphysema pyelonephritis is divided into types I and II: type I is considered as the dry type characterized by renal parenchymal necrosis with mottled gas without liquid, while type II is considered as the wet type characterized by the presence of gas in the kidney or perirenal fluid accompanied by a bubble gas or in a collection system. Treatment options have some controversy. In the past, emergency nephrectomy is a

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A pilot study to assess kidney functions and toxic dimethyl-arginines as risk biomarkers in women with low vitamin D levels

). Indeed, in patients with chronic renal failure, ADMA is considered as a future marker of mortality and cardiovascular disease ( 49 ). SDMA was confirmed as an endogenous marker of renal failure that correlated directly with parameters of renal failure ( 53 , 54 ). After total nephrectomy in a rat model, the circulating level of SDMA increased rapidly in parallel with blood urea nitrogen and creatinine ( 55 ). SDMA can indirectly affect NO synthesis by two mechanisms that depend on interfering with the intracellular uptake of arginine: either by inhibiting renal

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Von Hippel-Lindau disease: the clinical manifestations and genetic analysis results of two cases from a single family

Exac database. Case 2 . A 33-year-old male patient (who is the first cousin of Case 1) was referred to the retina department. He was operated on because of a CNS hemangioblastoma 3 years earlier ( Figure 4 ). The patient stated that he had vision loss in his left eye after the CNS operation. About 2 weeks earlier, a partial right nephrectomy operation was performed due to RCC ( Figure 5 ). Figure 4 Preoperative and postoperative magnetic resonance images of the CNS haemangioblastoma (Case 2). Figure 5 Abdominal computerized tomography image of Case

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Significance of cyclooxygenase-2 in oncogenesis

–2920. 11. Carvalho S., Stoll A.L., Priestnall S.L., Suarez-Bonnet A., Rassnick K., Lynch S., Schoepper I., Romanelli G., Buracco P., Atherton M., de Merlo E.M., Lara-Garcia A..: Retrospective evaluation of COX-2 expression, histological and clinical factors as prognostic indicators in dogs with renal cell carcinomas undergoing nephrectomy. Vet Comp Oncol 2017, 15, 1280–1294. 12. Cetin M., Buyukberber S., Demir M., Sari I., Sari I., Deniz K., Eser B., Altuntaz F., Camci C., Ozturk A., Turgut B., Vural O., Unal A.: Overexpression of cyclooxygenase-2 in multiple

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