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‘You can say – we do not want the junkies and the sex workers. But they are here!‘: On the spatial exclusion of anti-social behaviour in Bratislava - Nové Mesto

(4), 619-637. doi: Flint, J. (2006). Maintaining an Arm’s Length? Housing, Community Governance and the Management of ‘Problematic’ Populations. Housing Studies , 21(2), 171-186. doi: Foucault, M. (1991). Discipline and Punish: The Birth of the Prison . London: Penguin. Fougner, T. (2008). Neoliberal Governance of States: The Role of Competitiveness Indexing and Country Benchmarking. Millennium - Journal of International Studies, 37(2), 303-326. doi: https

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Measuring the Use of Knowledge in Policy Development

Making and Substantive Policy Information: Models of Information Flow. Legislative Studies Quarterly, 10(3):395-421. Shulock, N. (1999). The Paradox of Policy Analysis: If It Is Not Used, Why Do We Produce So Much of It? Journal of Policy Analysis and Management, 18(2):226-244. Wasserman, S. and Faust, K. (2008). Social Network Data. In Social Network Analysis: Methods and Applications, chapter 2, pages 28-66. Cambridge University Press, New York. Weible, C. M. (2008). Expert-based information and policy subsystems: a

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The European Union as a Trigger of Discursive Change: The Impact of the Structural Deficit Rule in Estonia and Latvia

:// Radaelli, C.M. (2003). ‘The Europeanisation of Public Policy.’ In The Politics of Europeanisation , Oxford University Press, Oxford, pp. 27–56. Raudla, R. and R. Kattel. (2013). ‘Fiscal Stress Management during the Financial and Economic Crisis: The Case of the Baltic Countries.’ International Journal of Publi c Administration 36(10): 732-742. Raudla, R. and R. Kattel. 2011. ‘Why Did Estonia Choose Fiscal Retrenchment after the 2008 Crisis?’ Journal of Public Policy 31(2): 163-186. Raudla, R., K

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Mandatory Pension System and Redistribution: The Comparative Analysis of Institutions in Baltic States

intentions and outcomes: the role of policies to close the gap. European Journal of Population/Revue européenne de Démographie, 25 (4), 355-361. Ragin, C. C. (1989). The comparative method: Moving beyond qualitative and quantitative strategies . University of California Press. Rajevska, O. (2013). Equity criterion in pension system assessment and its manifestation in Estonian and Latvian pension schemes. Journal of Economic and Management Research , 2 , 118-130. Rajevska, O. &Rajevska, F. (2014). Notional Defined Contribution pension scheme experience

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Childcare policy in the Czech Republic and Norway: two countries, two paths with many possibilities

. Understanding Care Policies in Changing Times: Experiences and Lessons from the Czech Republic and Norway. Brno: MuniPress, 161-84. Bovaird, T. & Loeffler, E. (Eds.) (2009). Public Management and Governance. London and New York: Routledge. Brenna, L. R. (2010). Med forskertrang og lekelyst: systematisk pedagogisk tilbud til alle førskolebarn: utredning fra utvalg oppnevnt ved kongelig resolusjon 19. juni 2009: avgitt til Kunnskapsdepartementet 1. oktober 2010 , Vol. NOU 2010:8. Oslo: Departementenes servicesenter, Informasjonsforvaltning. Cerami, A

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Czech Study of Public Policy in the Perspective of Three Dominant Approaches

., & Gunn, L. (1984). Policy analysis for the real world. New York: Oxford University Press. Holzer, J. (2010). Quality in the transitional process of establishing political science as a new discipline in Czech higher education (post 1989). In Ch. S. Nair, L. Webster & P. Mertová (Eds.). Leadership and Management of Quality in Higher Education (pp. 137-146). Oxford: Elsevier. Holzer, J. (2014, November 30). Jan Holzer: vizitka MU FSS. Brno: MU FSS. Retrieved from Holzer, J., Chytilek, R

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