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Do Strike Patterns or Shoe Conditions Have a Predominant Influence on Foot Loading?

, although forefoot running can prevent impact, peak plantar pressure was centered at the forefoot for a long period, inducing a potential risk of injury in the metatarsus/phalanx. Plantar pressure on the forefoot with RFS was lesser and push-off force was greater when cushioned shoes were used than when running barefoot. Acknowledgements The authors would like to acknowledge supports for the study from the National Natural Science Foundation of China (11772201, 11572202, 11572213) and the Innovation Program of Shanghai Municipal Education Commission (14YZ125

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Spatial control of reflexes, posture and movement in normal conditions and after neurological lesions

Chair in Motor Recovery and Rehabilitation. Studies supported by NSERC, CIHR. Canadian Foundation for Innovation and Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada. References cited Andronov AA, Chaikin SE. Theory of oscillations . Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press (Original work in Russian published in 1937); 1949 Andronov AA Chaikin SE. Theory of oscillations Princeton NJ Princeton University Press Original work in Russian published in 1937 1949 Asatryan DG, Feldman AG. Functional tuning of the nervous system with control of movement or maintenance of a

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Effects of an Interpersonal Style Intervention for Coaches on Young Soccer Players’ Motivational Processes

academic training, which was reflected in their young soccer players’ motivational backgrounds, types of motivation and sport commitment. Acknowledgements European Social Foundation and the Ministry of Enterprise, Innovation and Competitiveness (Government of Extremadura) - “PD12112”. Also, thank American Journal Experts for carrying out the process of translation. References Aelterman N, Vansteenkiste M, Van den Berghe L, De Meyer J, Haerens L. Fostering a need-supportive teaching style: intervention effects on physical education teachers’ beliefs and

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The Impact of Nonlinear Pedagogy on Decision-Making and Execution in Youth Soccer Players According to Game Actions

research is needed to clarify whether the technical teaching model should be considered for the development of this action (with greater technical complexity) or if it is the level of opposition that should be manipulated rather than the tasks design. Acknowledgements This work was supported by the Ministry of Employment, Enterprise and Innovation of the Government of Extremadura (Spain) through the European Regional Development funds. References Allison SR, Thorpe R. A comparison of the effectiveness of two approaches to teaching games within physical

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Variables that Predict Serve Efficacy in Elite Men’s Volleyball with Different Quality of Opposition Sets

receivers and the libero. These results should be considered in high level male volleyball training processes. Therefore, we suggest that high level coaches should train their players by enforcing serve types (instructing players on managing the risk, using primarily high speed serves to avoid overhand receptions) and the reception zone (trying to serve close to the lines or to the interference zone between receivers). Acknowledgements This work was developed through the project funded by the Ministry of Science and Innovation entitled “MASVb System of

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