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The Perceptions of Management on the Benefits of Adopting an Environmental Management Accounting System as a Waste Management Tool

76a3ccc5b4f.pdf [17] Godschalk, S., 2008. Does Corporate Environmental Accounting Make Business Sense. Eco-efficiency in Industry and Science. 24, 249-265. [18] Industrial Resources Council, 2013. Promoting sustainable use of industrial materials. 2013. Pulp and Paper industry material [online]. Available: (Accessed 10 July 2013). [19] Jasch, C., Schnitzer, H., 2002. Environmental Management Accounting. How to profit from environmental

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Forecasting the Effects of Investments in Knowledge-Workers in the SME Sector, Using the GMDH Method

. Difin, Warszawa 2002. Patalas J., Krupa T. - The ERP class system objective assessment method [in] Applied Computer Science, Vol. 1, 2005. Patalas J., Krupa T. - The prediction value of criteria of ERP system efficiency in small and medium size enterprises (SMES) [in] Production engineering: computer science driven production engineering (ed. Jakubowski J., Franczyk B.), pp. 93-102. Oficyna Wyd. Uniwersytetu Zielonogórskiego, Zielona Góra 2006. Sokołowska A. - Zarządzanie kapitałem

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Strategic Research Programs in the Area of Technical Innovations – Case Study Analyses

research programmes in the Area of Advanced Technique in the European Union and Worldwide . Not published. [16] Łopacińska, L., 2013. Report from the execution of research task No RC/3/I.4.2/PS Efficiency and Effectiveness Procedures Applied in Strategic research Programmes in the Area of Advanced Technique in the European Union and Worldwide . Not published. [17] Łopacińska, L., Wnuk, U., 2014. Analiza indeksu mglistości tekstu w raportach ewaluacyjnych strategicznych programów badawczych w obszarze innowacji technicznych. E-mentor, No 5 (57), pp.43

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Composite Indexes Economic and Social Performance: Do they Provide Valuable Information? . [21] Nasierowski, W. Arcelus, F., 2003. On the efficiency of National Innovation Systems. Socio Economic Planning Sciences , 37, pp.215-234. [22] Nasierowski, W., Arcelus, F., 1999. Interrelationships among the elements of National Innovation Systems: A statistical evaluation, European Journal of Operations Research , No 119, pp.235-253.

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Enterprise Management and Regulation of Economic Activity: The Case of Insurance

insurers: implications for economic efficiency and financial strength. University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia, May 30, 2007. Probhaker R. - And then there was one: conglomeration, internationalization and the formation of consolidated financial supervisors. BA Thesis, Harvard College, March 2009. Report on insurance laws, regulations and practices in IAIS member jurisdictions. IAIS, October 2005. Report on insurance laws, regulations and practices in IAIS member jurisdictions. IAIS

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Methods and Technologies Supporting Information and Knowledge Management on the Example of the Police

Menedżerskiej SGH, Warszawa 2005. [7] Information of the Ministry of the Interior, accessed August 2013, [8] Jashapara A. - Knowledge management. An integrated approach (Zarządzanie wiedzą. Zintegrowane podejście). PWE, Warszawa 2006. [9] Konończuk J. - The use of information systems to improve the efficiency of detection of threats, force planning and securing funds for the organization of mass events (Wykorzystanie systemów informatycznych w poprawie efektywności rozpoznawania zagrożeń

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Project Parameter Estimation on the Basis of an Erp Database

management certification approaches in Slovak industry enterprises [in] Efficiency and Responsibility in Education 2013: proceedings of the 10th International Conference, pp. 542-549, Czech University of Life Sciences Prague 2013. [23] Samáková J., Šujanová J., Koltnerová K. - Project communication management in industrial enterprises [at] Proceedings of the 7th European Conference on Information Systems Management and Evaluation, pp. 155-163, University of Gdańsk 2013. [24] Sikora M., Borowski Z., Majchrzak M. - Zintegrowane systemy

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