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IPOs Performance Analysis: Evidence from Emerging Markets in the Balkans

Initial Public Offering (IPO) Price of the Shares on the Tehran Stock Exchange. Research in World Economy, 5 (2), 68-73. doi: 10.5430/rwe.v5n2p68 Bateni, L., Roodposhti, F. R., Poorzamani, Z., and Asghari, F., 2014. The Relationship between IPO Price and Liquidity: Empirical Evidences from Iran. 6 (6), 226-233. doi: 10.5539/ijef.v6n6p226 Berk, A. S., and Peterle, P., 2015. Initial and Long-Run IPO Returns in Central and Eastern Europe. Emerging Markets Finance & Trade, 51 (sup6), S42-S60. doi: 10.1080/1540496X.2015.1080555 Bicanic, I., 1993

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Discretion of the Monetary Policy: An Exemplification with Bolivia

Economic Review, 42 (6), 1033-1067. Crow, J. W., 1990. Monetary policy and the control of inflation : Central Banking Issues in Emerging Market-Oriented Economies. Dwyer, G. P. J., 1993. Rules and discretion in monetary policy. Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis Review, may , 3-13. . Fischer, S., 1990. Rules versus discretion in monetary policy. In B. M. Friedman and F. H. Hahn (Eds.), Handbook of Monetary Economics (pp

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Evolving Importance of Securities Market to Ensure Economic Growth: Evidence from Armenia

References Acemoglu, D., and Zilibotti, F., 1997. Was Prometheus unbound by chance? Risk, diversification, and growth. Journal of Political Economy, 105 (4), 709-751. doi: Allen, F., and Gale, D., 2000. Financial contagion. Journal of Political Economy, 108 (1), 1-33. doi: Arestis, P., Demetriades, P., and Luintel, K., 2001. Financial Development and Economic Growth: The Role of Stock Markets. Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, 33 (1), 16-41. doi:

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Analyzing Fiscal Balance Evolution for Developed and Emerging Countries

References Alesina, A., and Ardagna, S., 2010. Large Changes in Fiscal Policy: Taxes versus Spending In J. R. Brown (Ed.), Tax Policy and the Economy (Vol. 24, pp. 35-68): University of Chicago Press. Alesina, A., Campante, F. R., and Tabellini, G., 2008. Why is Fiscal Policy Often Procyclical? Journal of the European Economic Association, 6 (5), 1006-1036. doi: Ali Abbas, M. S., Bouhga-Hagbe, J., Fatás, A., Mauro, P., and Velloso, C. R., 2011. Fiscal Policy and the Current Account. IMF Economic

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Foreign Direct Investment Flows and IMF Lending Programs. New Empirical Evidence from CESEE Countries

References Bauer, M. E., Cruz, C., and Graham, B. A. T., 2012. Democracies only: When do IMF agreements serve as a seal of approval? The Review of International Organizations, 7 (1), 33-58. doi: Bird, G., and Rowlands, D., 1997. The catalytic effect of lending by the international financial institutions. The World Economy, 20 (7), 967-991. doi: Bird, G., and Rowlands, D., 2001. IMF Lending: How Is It Affected by Economic, Political and Institutional Factors

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Financial Deepening, Foreign Direct Investment and Output Performance in Nigeria

Decades of Panel Data Analyses. Journal of Research in Economics, 68 (3), 248-256. doi: Hansen, H., and Rand, J., 2006. On the causal links between FDI and growth in developing countries. World Economy, 29 (1), 21-41. doi: Hennart, J. F., 1982. A theory of multinational enterprise : Univ of Michigan Pr. Hermes, N., and Lensink, R., 2003. Foreign direct investment, financial development and economic growth. The Journal of Development Studies, 40 (1), 142

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Corporate Governance and Human Resource Management in Nigeria’s Downstream Petroleum Sector

References Anyadike, N. O., 2013. Assessment of the implication of full scale deregulation of the downstream oil sector of the Nigerian economy: The neoliberalism approach. Global Journal of Political Science and Administration, 1(2), 23-48. Armstrong, M., 2012. Armstrong's handbook of human resource management practice: Kogan Page Limited. Balouga, J., 2012. The political economy of oil subsidy in Nigeria: International Association for Energy Economics. Brown, M. S., Muchin, K., and Rosenman, Z

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The Credibility of Fiscal Rules Policy and Business Cycle Volatility

.1111/1468-0335.00163 Akitoby, B., Clements, B., Gupta, S., and Inchauste, G., 2006. Public spending, voracity, and Wagner's law in developing countries. European Journal of Political Economy, 22(4), 908-924. DOI: Alesina, A., Campante, F. R., and Tabellini, G., 2008. Why is fiscal policy often procyclical? Journal of the European Economic Association, 6(5), 1006-1036. DOI: Annett, A., 2006. Enforcement and the stability and growth pact: how fiscal policy did and did

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An Investigation into the Level of Financial Inclusion in Sub-Saharan Africa

:// Hotelling, H., 1933. Analysis of a complex of statistical variables into principal components. Journal of Educational Psychology, 24 (6), 417-441. Kankasa-Mabula, T., 2012. How can governments promote financial inclusion for women: The Zambian case . Paper presented at the 2nd African women’s economic summit of Bank of Zambia, Lagos. Kempson, E., Atkinson, A., and Pilley, O., 2004. Policy level response to financial exclusion in developed economies: lessons for developing

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The Relationship between Economic Development and Fatal Occupational Accidents: Evidence from Turkey

Economies, 42 (1), 95-112. doi: Nichols, T., 1991. Industrial injuries in British manufacturing industry and cyclical effects: Continuities and discontinuities in industrial injury research. Socialist Review, 39 (1), 131-139. doi: Nielsen, K. J., Lander, F., and Lauritsen, J., 2015. The relationship between macroeconomic and industry-specific business cycle indicators and work-related injuries among Danish construction workers. Occupational and

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