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Occupational Stress as a Correlate of Organisational Citizenship Behaviour and Psychological Capital Among Graduate Employees in Nigeria


It is a documented fact that occupational stress is widespread worldwide. Moreover, there are clear signs of many variables, related to occupational stress. The study therefore, was conducted to demonstrate whether the presence of occupational stress in the world of work correlates in any form (positive or negative) with a better level of organisational performance and employee psychological wellbeing.

The study adopted the positivist explanatory cross-sectional (survey) research design to systematically sample opinions of 1,532 male and female graduate employees across the various sectors of the Nigerian economy, using a structured and validated questionnaire, and the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS).

The results showed that there was a weak positive relationship between occupational stress and organisational citizenship behaviour (r = 0.070, p<0.01); there was a significant positive relationship between occupational stress and psychological capital (r = 0.128, p<0.01); and there was a significant positive relationship between psychological capital and organisational citizenship behaviour (r = 0.588, p<0.01).

The study recommended that human resource managers should develop psychological capital in employees in order to increase their levels of organisational performance and reduce the negative impact of occupational stress.

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Impact Of Modernization On Religious Institution: A Case Study Of Khyber Pakhtun Khwa, Pakistan

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Devolved Ethnicity in the Kenya: Social, Economic and Political Perspective

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The Life is “Solitary, Poor, Nasty, Brutish”, But Not Short: The Deserted Old in the Extreme Reality

REFERENCES Devnath, B. (2018, May 13). Mother’s day today: The forgotten ones. The Daily Star . Dhaka. Retrieved from Eisenhardt, K. M. (1989). Building Theories from Case Study Research. Academy of Management Review , 14 (4), 532–550. Estes, C. L., Swan, J. H., & Gerard, L. E. (1982). Dominant and Competing Paradigms in Gerontology: Towards a Political Economy of Ageing. Ageing and Society , 2 (2), 151

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Student Activists or Student Anarchists? South Africa’s Contemporary Student Protests Reviewed

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Family Benefits In Member States Of The European Union: A Comparative Perspective

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Environmental Sustainability Practices of Immigrant-Owned Small and Medium Enterprises in South Africa

and Defining Principles (accessed on 3 June 2018). European Economic and Social Committee. 2012 The contribution of migrant entrepreneurs to economy 2012 (accessed on 10 May 2018). Fatoki, O. (2014). Immigrant Entrepreneurship in South Africa. Current Literature and Research Opportunities , Journal of Social Science, 40 (1), 1

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Consequences of Gossiping on Women Empowerment

in Pakistan . Oxford University Press. Paterson, R. (2008). Women’s empowerment in challenging environments: a case study from Balochistan. Development in Practice , 18(3), 333-344. Ramazanoglu, C., & Holland, J. (2002). Feminist methodology: Challenges and choices. Sage. Rehman, A., Jingdong, L., & Hussain, I. (2016). Literacy Rate in Pakistan, Province Wise and its Impact on Economy. ANDAMIOS , 13(1). Skolnik, J., De La Vega, S. L., & Steigenga, T. (2012). Chisme across borders: The impact of gossip in a Guatemalan transnational

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Brain Drain Migration from Romanian Academia. The End of a Mirage

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