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Multiple-land use practices in transfrontier conservation areas: the case of Greater Mapungubwe straddling parts of Botswana, South Africa and Zimbabwe

References Barrett, C.B. and Arcese, P., 1995: Are integrated conservation development projects (ICDPs) sustainable? On the conservation of large mammals in sub-Saharan Africa. In: World Development, Vol. 23(7), pp. 1073-1084. DOI: Bennett, G., 2004: Linkages in practice: a review of their conservation value. Gland: IUCN. Carruthers, J., 2006: Mapungubwe: an historical and contemporary analysis of a world heritage cultural landscape. In: Koedoe, Vol. 49(1), pp. 1

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Spatial Planning as a Tool for Effective Nature Conservation: A Conceptual Framework for Turkey’s Spatial Planning System

R eferences Bastian, O., Grunewald, K., Syrbe, R.U., Walz, U. & Wende, W. (2014). Landscape services: the concept and its practical relevance. Landscape Ecology . 29(9), 1463-1479. DOI: 10.1007/s10980-014-0064-5. Bosso, L., Rebelo, H., Garonna, A.P. & Russo, D. (2013). Modelling geographic distribution and detecting conservation gaps in Italy for the threatened beetle Rosalia Alpina. Journal for Nature Conservation . 21(2), 72-80. DOI: . Bürgi, M., Bieling, C., von Hackwitz, K., Kizos, T., Lieskovsky

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Control of Conservation Laws – An Application

REFERENCES [1] ARONOVICH, G. V.: Waterhammer influence on the control stability for hydraulic turbines , Avtom. i telemekhanika 9 (1948), 204–232. (In Russian) [2] ARONOVICH, G. V.—KARTVELISHVILI, N. A—LYUBIMTSEV, YA. K.: Waterhammer and Surge Tanks . Nauka Publ. House, Moscow, 1968. (In Russian) [3] BRESSAN, A.: Hyperbolic Systems of Conservation Laws. The One-dimensional Cauchy Problem . Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2000. [4] ČETAEV, N. G.: Stability and the classical laws , Coll. Sci. Works Kazan Aviation Inst. 5 (1936), 3

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Molecular study on Senecio fontanicola (S. doria group, Asteraceae) and its conservation status

conoscenze sulla Flora vascolare Italiana. Roma: Palombi Editori, 253 pp. Sheth, B. P.& Thaker, V. S. 2017: DNA barcoding and traditional taxonomy: an integrated approach for biodiversity conservation. Genome 60(7): 618–628. Staden, R. 1996: The Staden Sequence Analysis Package. Molecular Biotechnology 5: 233–241. Stanford, A. M., Hardenm R. & Parks, C. R. 2000: Phylogeny and biogeography of Juglans (Juglandaceae) based on matK and ITS sequence data. American Journal of Botany 87: 872–882. Tamura, K. & Nei, M. 1993: Estimation of the number of

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Disappearing population of Betula humilis Schrk. on the Maliszewskie Lake, NE Poland

References Bacon P. 1997. Wetlands and biodiversity. In: A. J. Halls (ed.). Wetlands, biodiversity and the Ramsar convention: the role of the convention on wetlands in the conservation an wise use of biodiversity, pp. 1-17. Ramsar Convention Bureau, Gland, Switzerland. Banaszuk H. 2004. Geomorfologia Kotliny Biebrzańskiej. In: H. Banas zuk (ed.). Kotlina Biebrzańska i Biebrzański Park Narodowy. Aktualny stan, walory, zagrożenia i potrzeby czynnej ochrony środowiska. Monografia przyrodnicza, pp. 44-98. Wyd. Ekonomia i Środowisko

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Conservation Approaches For Autochthonous Woody Plants in Flanders

landbouw (EOGFL) en tot wijziging en instelling van een aantal verordeningen. Belgian Law Gazette, 19 May: 27184-27199. ANONYMOUS (2003d): Environmental Policy Plan of the Flemish Government, BD (2004): Bosdecreet 13 juni 1990 B.S.28.09.1990, BEHM, A., A. BECKERS, H. DORFLINGER, A. FRANKE, J. KLEINSCHMIT, G. H. MELCHIOR, H.-J. MUHS, H. P. SCHMITT, B. R. STEPHAN, U. TABEL, H. WEISGERBER and H. WIDMAIER (1997): Concept for the Conservation of Forest Genetic Resources

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On the Spatio-Temporal Approaches Towards Conservation of Extensively Managed Rural Landscapes in Central-Eastern Europe

References Akeroyd, J., Page, N., (2006). The Saxon Villages of Southern Transylvania: Conserving biodiversity in a historic landscape, in: Gafta D. & Akeroyd J.R. (Eds.) Nature conservation: concepts and practice. (pp. 199-210), Springer, Heidelberg. Antrop, M., (1997). The concept of traditional landscapes as a base for landscape evaluation and planning. The example of Flanders Region. Landscape and Urban Planning , 38: pp. 105-117. DOI: 10.1016/S0169-2046(97)00027-3. Antrop, M., (2004). Landscape

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Effectiveness Of Soil Conservation To Erosion Control On Several Land Use Types

Sustainability, vol. 8, pp. 119–137. DOI 10.1007/s10668-1262-8. PRATAP NARAIN – SINGH, R.K. – SINDHWAL, N.S. – JOSHIE, P. 1998. Agroforestry for soil and water conservation in the western Himalayan Valley region of India. In Agroforesty System, vol. 39 , pp. 175–189. SANCHEZ, M.M. – SORIANO, M. – DELGADO, G. – DELGADO, R. 2002. Soil quality in mediterranian mountain environments: Effects of land use change. In Soil Science Society of American Journal, vol. 66 , pp. 948–958. SATRIAWAN, H. – FUADY, Z. 2012. Referral Land Use For Agricultural

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Semicolonial nesting and conservation of the Montagu's harrier Circus pygargus in rapeseed fields in Southern Podlasie (eastern Poland)

References Arroyo BE 1995: Breeding ecology and nest dispersion of Montagu's harrier Circus pygargus in central Spain. Ph. D Thesis. University of Oxford. Arroyo B, García JT & Bretagnolle V 2002: Conservation of the Montagu's harrier ( Circus pygargus ) in agricultural areas. Animal Conservation 5: 283-290. Arroyo B, García JT & Bretagnolle V 2004: The Montagu's harrier. BWP Update 6: 39-54. Aureau I, Leroux A, Mabiala CE, Nadal R, Nicolai C, Pacteau C

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Cost-Benefit Analysis of Conservation Agriculture Implementation in Syrdarya Province of Uzbekistan

References AQUASTAT, 2015. Conservation agriculture area. FAO. Boardman , A.E. - Greenberg, D.H. - Vining, A.R. - Weimer, D.L. 2011. Cost-Benefit Analysis: Consepts and Practice. Boston : Pearson, 2011. Boboev , H. - Higano, Y. - Yabar, H. - Devkota , M. - Lamers , J.P.A. 2015. Conservation Agriculture Practices in Salt-Affected, Irrigated Areas of Central Asia: Crop Price and Input Cost Variability Effect on Revenue Risks Sustainable Agriculture

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