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Providing rights through individual compassion
The ambivalent rights talk within refugee resettlement work

providers (delegations) and the right receivers (refugees)? Furthermore, we are interested in how the COP participants make claims for rights in this context. We start by giving an overview of what a COP is as well as provide a contextual understanding of the fieldwork. Then we move on to discuss the theoretical underpinnings of the study and elaborate upon the meaning of rights as socially constructed. Here, we will also discuss the contradiction between rights as universal and rights tied to citizenships and how this contradiction relates to the resettlement process. We

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How to build a community. New Urbanism and its critics

. The focus of the following article will be New Urbanism, an urbanistic movement which originated in the United States and advocates the establishment and reinforcing of communities through planning activities. Its proponents claim that the proper design of space leads to the development of a local community. As K. Falconer Al-Hindi and K. Till (2001: 189) observe, ‘New Urbanism is a complex planning paradigm and social movement that has recently become influential in planning, residential development, and government housing circles’. K. Day (2003: 83) adds that

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Damages for Personal Injuries – in Labour and Service Law

between the breach of legal duties and the occurrence of damage. To claim compensation, all these assumptions must be performed at the same time; if any of these are missing, the claim shall not arise. The state is obliged to compensate the soldier not only for the damage caused by the breach of his duty but also for the damage caused to him by another entity (another soldier or another person). Compensation for the loss of salary for a period of inability to perform their duties In order to preserve the principle of compensation for actual damage sustained as a

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Tracing Causal Mechanisms in Social Movement Research in Southeast Europe: The Cases of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Macedonia – Evidence from the “Bosnian Spring” and the “Citizens for Macedonia” Movements

-Nuclear Movements in Four Democracies, British Journal of Political Science 16: pp. 57-85 • Koopmans, R. and Statham, P., (1999), Political Claims Analysis: Integrating Protest Event and Political Discourse Approaches, Mobilization Vol. 4, No. 2 • Kriesi, H., (1989), The Political Opportunity Structure of the Dutch Peace Movement, West European Politics 12, pp. 295-312 • Lindekilde, L., (2013), Claims-making, in Snow, D. A., della Porta, D., Klandermans, B. and McAdam, D., (eds.), The Wiley-Blackwell Encyclopedia of Social

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Economic impact of investment in maternal and newborn health care under the National Health Security Scheme of Thailand

mortality, costs in appraising and managing quality, and costs that were the result of failure to prevent morbidity and mortality, including liability claims. We also examined whether increasing costs of preventing the problems in MCH were related to decreasing costs of correcting the MCH problems (failure costs). Insights into the costs and cost structure might ensure financial sustainability and demonstrate whether moving towards UHC contributed to improvement in the MCH in Thailand. Methods After review and approval of the study protocol by the Institutional

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Boundaries of National Belonging in Ingrian Finnish Return Migration
A Multi-level Perspective

1986 ’Extreme case formulations: A way of legitimizing claims. Human Studies’, vol. 9 no. 2-3: pp. 219-229, DOI: 10.1007/BF00148128. Tiaynen, T 2012, ’Iäkkäät inkeriläisnaiset rajalla. Neuvotteluja arjen kansalaisuudesta transnationaalissa tilassa (Elderly Ingrian women at the border. Negotiations over everyday citizenship in a transnational space)´, in Monikulttuurisuuden sukupuoli: kansalaisuus ja erot hyvinvointiyhteiskunnassa, eds S Keskinen, J Vuori & A Hirsiaho, Tampere University Press, Tampere pp. 206-231. Tsuda, T 2003

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Acceptable levels of tax risk as a metric of corporate tax responsibility: theory, and a survey of practice

1 Introduction Since 2013, when Vodafone published its ground-breaking Tax Risk Management Strategy, Available at the time of writing at . prescribed levels of acceptable tax risk have been used to articulate degrees of corporate responsibility with regard to tax. In Vodafone’s case, the claim was as follows: The Group aims for certainty on tax positions it adopts but where tax law is unclear or subject to interpretation, written advice or confirmation will

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Field Screening of European Avena Genetic Resources Collections

nitrogen fertilization trials in Finland. Agric. Food Sci. , 13(1-2): 68-79. DOI * The Food and Drug Administration (1997). Food labelling: health claims, oats and coronary heart disease. Final rule. Federal Register , 62: 3583. ** IBPGR (1985) . International Board for Plant Genetic Resources, Oat Descriptors , Rome, 1985.

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‘Because Migri Says So’:
Legitimation in Negative Asylum Decisions in Finland

Law Review , vol. 92, no. 2, pp. 637-677. Mezzadra, S & Neilson, D 2013, Border as method, or, the multiplication of labour , Duke University Press, Durham, London. Millbank, J 2009, ‘The ring of truth: a case study of credibility assessment in particular social group refugee determinations’, International Journal of Refugee Law , vol. 21, no. 1, pp. 1-33. Noll, G 2006, ‘Asylum claims and the translation of culture into politics’, Texas International Law Journal , vol. 49, no. 491, pp. 491-502. Pellander, S 2015, ‘“An acceptable marriage

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Closer to the Truth:
DNA profiling for family reunification and the rationales of immigration policy in Finland

governance of DNA profiling and databasing , Cambridge University Press, Cambridge. Holland, E 2011, ‘Moving the virtual border to the cellular level: mandatory DNA testing and the U.S. Refugee Family Reunification Program’, California Law Review , vol. 99, no. 6, pp. 1635-1681. Honahan, I 2009, ‘Reconsidering the claim to family reunification in migration’, Political Studies , vol. 57, no. 4, pp. 768-787. Hyusmans, J 2000, ‘The European Union and the securitization of migration’, Journal of Common Market Studies , vol. 38

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