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Application of whey retentate as complex nitrogen source for growth of the polyhydroxyalkanoate producer Hydrogenophaga pseudoflava strain DSM1023

retentate) and continuous magnetic stirring at 90ºC for 24 hours. After cooling and monitoring completeness of hydrolysis, the pH-value of the hydrolysis cocktail was adjusted to 7.0 by adding an adequate quantity of aqueous NaOH solution. Optical density Microbial growth of H. pseudoflava was monitored during the experiments by measuring the optical density at a wavelength of 420 nm using a Spectronic genesys 2 PC UV/VIS spectrophotometer after each sampling; for each measurement, filtrated supernatant was used as zero-reference. Ammonium determination

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Effects of zinc and molybdenum on European Bluestar (Amsonia orientalis): An in vitro study

. This pattern of synchronized accumulation of proline and H 2 O 2 due to Zn stress has also been reported in Citrus reticulate ( 36 ). To fully understand the physiology of osmoregulation mechanisms in A. orientalis , changes not only in proline but also in soluble sugars, sugar alcohols, and glycine betaine should also be considered. MDA is frequently used as a biomarker of ROS-mediated cellular damage after oxidative stress ( 33 , 37 ). An increase in MDA content indicates increased peroxidation of cell membrane lipids, and MDA measurement provides a means of

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Advanced approaches to produce polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA) biopolyesters in a sustainable and economic fashion

fractions in biomass reached 0.20 and 0.27 g/g, when comparing two parallel bioreactor cultivations. The produced mcl -PHA mainly consisted of 3HO and 3HD building blocks in addition to minor amounts of the monomers 3HDD, 3-hydroxynonanoate (3HN), 3-hydroxyhexanoate (3HHx), and 3-hydroxyheptanoate (3HHp). Using NMR, the presence of traces of unsaturated and, surprisingly, 3HV monomers in these polyesters was also confirmed. Thermoanalysis measurement reported values typical for mcl -PHA, with T m of 48.6 °C and 53.6 °C, T g of -46.9 °C and -43.5 °C, X c of 12

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Lower limb phantom design and production for blood flow and pressure tests

sex, age, and body size. Journal of vascular surgery 1999; 29(3): 503-510. 12. Ganz V, et al. Measurement of blood flow in the femoral artery in man at rest and during exercise by local thermodilution. Circulation 1964; 30(1): 86-89.

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Anatomical characterization of ADHD using an atlas-based analysis: A diffusion tensor imaging study

-6. 39. Garrett A, Penniman L, Epstein JN, Casey BJ, Hinshaw SP, Glover G, Tonev S, Vitolo A, Davidson M, Spicer J, Greenhill LL, Reiss AL. Neuroanatomical abnormalities in adolescents with attention-deficit/ hyperactivity disorder. J Am Acad Child Adolesc Psychiatry 2008; 47(11): 1321-8. 40. Mataró M, Garcia-Sánchez C, Junqué C, Estévez-González A, Pujol J. Magnetic resonance imaging measurement of the caudate nucleus in adolescents with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder and its relationship with neuropsychological and behavioral measures. Arch

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