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Discovering the leader of a volleyball team using the sociometric survey method

perceived critical for organizational success , Journal of Applied Sport Psychology. 14:4, 282-298. 5. Sopa I. S., Pomohaci M. (2014), Developing sports group cohesion in socializing through means of motor activities , Published in: Medimond by Editografica, Bologna, 135. 6. Chelladurai P., & Carron A.V. (1983). Athletic maturity and preferred leadership , Journal of Sport Psychology, 371-380. 7. Chelladurai P., Riemer H. A. (1998). Measurement of leadership in sport , in J. L. Duda (Ed.), Advances in sport and exercise psychology measurement

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Washback Effects of Handouts on the Teaching and Learning Process in Higher Education Institutions in Ethiopia: Adama University in Focus

. Fuller, B. (1986). Raising school quality in developing countries: What investments boost learning. Washington D. C.: The World Bank. Gay, L. R. (1980). Educational evaluation and measurement. Columbus: Charles Publishing Company. Kassaye, M. (2005). Ensuring the quality of Ethiopian higher education in the face of the challenges of the 21st century. The Ethiopian Journal of Higher Education, 2 (2) 103-131. King, E. (1995). Educating girls and women: Investing in development

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Pedagogy is Coming Back! Some Hopeful Signs for Sustainable General Education and Worldview Education

References Bertram-Troost, G.D., Miedema, S., Kom, C., & Ter Avest, I. (2015). A Catalogue of Dutch Protestant primary schools in the secular age: empirical results. Religion & Education , 42 (2), 202–217. Biesta, G.J.J. (2010). Good education in an age of measurement . Ethics, politics, democracy . Boulder/London: Paradigm Publishers. Biesta, G.J.J., & Miedema, S. (2002). Instruction or pedagogy? The need for a transformative conception of education. Teaching and Teacher Education. An International Journal of Research and Studies , 18

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Emotional Competence and Individual Style of Action of Future Teachers of Higher Education in the System of Education for Sustainable Development

: Social Psychologist , 1 (17), 141–149. Yusupova, G. V. (2006). Composition and measurement of emotional competence . Doctoral Thesis. Kazan. Zhiginas, N. V., & Semke, V. Ya. (2009). Mental health of students. Monograph. Tomsk: Kostrova, Yu. S. (2011). The genesis of the concepts of competence and competency. Young Scientist , 12 (2), 102–104. Publishing house TGPU.

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Motivation in practicing Yoga & Pilates and satisfying the need for self-knowledge

in Romania. In The Anthropology of East Europe Review, 14(1): 12-14. 19. Vallerand R. J., Pelletier L. G., Blais M. R., Briere N.M., Senecal C., & Vallieres E. F. (1992) The Academic Motivation Scale: A measure of intrinsic, extrinsic and amotivation in education. Educational and Psychological Measurement, 52, 1003-1017.

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.1177/027112140002000103. Burchardt, T. (2003). Social exclusion. In I. McLean, & A. McMillan (Eds.), The concise Oxford dictionary of politics. HighBeam Research. Retrieved November 27, 2009, from Chakravarty, S. R., & D'Ambrosio, C. (2006). The measurement of social exclusion. Review of Income and Wealth, 52 (3), 377-398. Conner, L. N., & Greene, W. L. (2006). General scope and purpose. In A. Pipere (Ed.), Education & Sustainable

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Gender Identity of Students and Teachers: Implications for a Sustainable Future

, 2(3), 38-43. Bakan, D. (1966). The duality of human existence. Chicago: Rand McNally. Baucom, D. H., & Aiken, P. A. (1984). Sex role identity, marital satisfaction, and response to behavioral marital therapy. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 52(3), 438-444. Bem, S. L. (1974). The measurement of psychological androgyny. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 42, 155-162. Bem, S. L. (1975). Sex role adaptability: One consequence of psychological androgyny. Journal of Personality

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Lost in translation: Ever changing and competing purposes for national examinations in the Czech Republic

secondary - school - leaving examinations. Comparative Education Review , 33(3), 295-316. Haney, W. (2000). The myth of the Texas miracle in education. Education Policy Analysis Archives , 8(41). Retrieved March 24, 2011, from Haertel, E. H. (1999). Validity arguments for high-stakes testing: In search of the evidence. Educational Measurement: Issues and Practices , 18(4), 5-9. Herman, J. L. & Golan, S. (1993

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Assessing Teacher Competence and Its Follow-up to Support Professional Development Sustainability

to valid measurement using the CAATS model . United States: Corwin Press. Zineb, et al. (2017). The application of the competency-based approach to assess the training and employment adequacy problem. International Journal of Education (IJE), 5 (1), 1–18.

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Computational psycholinguistic analysis and its application in psychological assessment of college students

-177. Hornová, L. (2003). Referenční slovník gramatických termínů. Olomouc: Univerzita Palackého v Olomouci. Cheng, K.H.C. (2011). Further linguistic markers of personality: The way we say things matters. International Journal of Psychological Studies, 3(1), 2-16. Krippendorff, K. (1980). Content analysis: An Introduction to its methodology. Newbury Park, CA: Sage. Mehl, M.R. (2006). Quantitative text analysis. In M. Eid, & E. Diener (Eds.), Handbook of multimethod measurement in psychology (pp. 141-156). Washington: American

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