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High resolution Slovak Bouguer gravity anomaly map and its enhanced derivative transformations: new possibilities for interpretation of anomalous gravity fields

References Bezák V. et al., 2004: Tectonic map of Slovak Republic, Scale 1:500 000 (Tektonická mapa Slovenskej republiky, M 1:500 000). ŠGÚDŠ Bratislava. Bielik M., Kloska K., Meurers B., Švancara J., Wybraniec S. & CELEBRATION 2000 Potential Field Working Group, 2006: Gravity anomaly map of the CELEBRATION 2000 region. Geologica Carpathica, 57 , 3, 145–156. Bielik M., Krajňák M., Makarenko I., Legostaeva O., Starostenko V. I., Bošanský M., Grinč M., Hók J., 2013: 3D gravity interpretation of the pre-Tertiary basement in the intramontane

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Determination of rock densities in the Carpathian-Pannonian Basin lithosphere: based on the CELEBRATION 2000 experiment

-dimensional integrated interpretation of the gravity field based on international project CELEBRATION, 2000 data. Ph.D. thesis, Comenius University, Bratislava, Bratislava, 154, (in Slovak). Dabrowski A., 1971: Physical properties of the Podlasie Depression rocks. Geol. Quart., 15, 2, 441-463 (in Polish). Dabrowski A., 1976: Mean densities of Pre-Devonian sedimentary rocks in Poland and their depth dependence, Pure Appl. Geophys. 114, 2, 251-262, doi: 10.1007/BF00878949. Dérerová J., Zeyen H., Bielik M., Salman K., 2006: Application of

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Predisposition of drought occurrence in selected arid areas of the Czech Republic

, Bratislava, 270 p. (in Czech). Linsley R. K. Jr., Kohler M. A., Paulhus J. L. H., 1958: Hydrology for Engineers. McGraw Hill, New York-Toronto-London, 340 p. McKee T. B. N., Doesken J., Kleist J., 1993: The relationship of drought frequency and duration to time scales. Eight Conf. On Applied Climatology. Anaheim, CA, Amer. Meteor. Soc. 179-184. Palmer W. C., 1965: Meteorological drought. U.S. Weather Bureau Res. Paper No. 45, 58 p. Pokladnıkova H., Roˇznovsk´y J., Stˇreda T., 2008: Evaluation

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Surface displacements, deformations and gravity changes due to underground heat source

–66. Hvoždara M., Brimich L., 1991: Thermoelastic deformation field due to magmatic bodies. Contr. Geophys. Inst. Slov. Acad. Sci., 21 , 59–79. Hvoždara M., Brimich L., 1995: Theoretical models for gravity anomalies caused by thermoelastic deformations in the vecinity magmatic bodies. Cahiers du Centre Européen de Géodynamique et Séismologie, 8 , 337–349. Hvoždara M., Rosa K., 1979: Geodynamic effects of thermo-elastic stresses due to a linear heat source. In: V. Babuska and J. Plancar (Eds.): Geodynamic Investigation in Czechoslovakia, Bratislava, Veda, 53

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Prediction of vertical gradient of gravity and its significance for volcano monitoring – example from Teide volcano

correction calculation. G-trend, s.r.o., Bratislava, unpublished manual (in Slovak). Pavlis N. K., Holmes S. A., Kenyon S. C., Factor J. K., 2012: The development and evaluation of the Earth Gravitational Model 2008 (EGM2008). Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth, 117 , B04406: . Rymer H., 1994. Microgravity change as a precursor to volcanic activity. J. Volcanol. Geotherm. Res., 61 , 311–328. Vajda P., Zahorec, P., Papčo J., Kubová A., 2015: Deformation induced topographic effects in inversion of temporal

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Comparison of actual evaporation from water surface measured by GGI-3000 evaporimeter with values calculated by the Penman equation

., Militký J., 2004: Statistical data analysis (Statistická analýza experimentál- ních dat). Academia, Praha, 953 p. (in Czech). Novák V., 1995: Evaporation of water in nature and methods of its determination (Vy- parovanie vody v prírode a metódy jeho určovania). Bratislava, SAV, 260 p. (in Slovak). Penman H. L., 1948: Natural evaporation from open water, bare soil and grass. Proc. R. Soc. A, 193. 1032, 120-145. Slabá N., 1972: Manual for observers at the meteorological stations in Czechoslovakia (Návod pro pozorovatele

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Inhomogeneity introduced to the climate data series by instrumentation changes of the thermometer shields and rain gauges

September 2010, ISO 17714:2007, Meteorology - Air temperature measurements - Test methods for comparing the performance of thermometer shields/screens and defining important characteristics. Konček M. (Ed.), 1979: Climate and bioclimate of Bratislava (Klíma a bioklíma Bratislavy). Veda, Publishing House Of the Slovak Academy of Science, 272 pp. (in Slovak). Lacombe M., 2010: Results of the WMO intercomparison of thermometer screens

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Applications of Shallow Seismic Refraction Measurements in the Western Carpathians (Slovakia): Case Studies

:// Főldvary G. Z., 1988: Geology of the Carpathian region. World Science Publishing Co Pte Ltd., Singapore, 124-135. Fusán O., Biely A., Ibrmajer J., Planˇc´ar J., Rozloˇzn´ık L., 1987: Basement of of the Inner West Carpathians. Geol. ´Ust. D. ˇSt´ura, Bratislava, 103. Gabr A., Murad A., Baker H., Bloushi K., Arman H., Mahmoud S., 2012: The use of sesmic refraction and electrical techniques to investigate groundwater Aquifer, Wadi Al-Ain, United Arab emirates (UAE). Conference Proceedings, 14-16 September 2012, Tulcea - Romania

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Climate of submontane location Stará Lesná (1988–2013)

tepla a vodnej pary nad kalamitnou plochou vo Vysok´ych Tatrách). 16. Posterov´y deˇn s medzinárodnou ´učast’ou - Transport vody, chemikálií a energie v systéme pˆoda-rastlina-atmosféra, zborník recenzovan´ych príspevkov, A. čelková (Ed), ´UH SAV, Bratislava, 972 p. (in Slovak). Melo M., Lapin M., Damborská I., 2009: Shifts in Climatic Regions in the Mountain Parts of Slovakia. Sustainable development and bioclimate, reviewed conference proceedings, A. Pribullová, S. Bičárová (Eds). GPI SAS Stará Lesná, 40-42. Niedzwiedz T., 2006

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The course, stratification and possibility of simulating relative air humidity in winter wheat stand

transpiration in response to meteorological conditions. Contributions to Geophysics and Geodesy, 43 , 3, 225–236. Krédl Z., Středa T., Pokorný R., Kmoch M., Brotan J., 2012: Microclimate in the vertical profile of wheat, rape and maize canopies. Acta Universitatis Agriculturae et Silviculturae Mendelianae Brunensis, 60 , 1, 79–90. Kurpelová M., Coufal L., Culík J., 1975: Agroclimatic conditions of ČSSR (Agroklimatické podmienky ČSSR). Hydrometeorologický ústav: Bratislava, 270 p. Liu H. J., Kang Y., 2006: Effect of sprinkler irrigation on microclimate in

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