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Ivaylo Neshev

REFERENCES FM 3-21.220 (2003). Static Line Parachuting Techniques and Training . Washington. DC: Author. FM 57-1/AFM 2-51 (1981). US Army/US Air Force Doctrine for Airborne Operations . Washington. DC: Author. Ivanov, N. (1976). Parachute Jump Training . Sofia: Military Technical Publishing. Krastev, K. (2017). Modern Approaches in the Training of Military Police Cadets at Vasil Levski National Military University. Proceedings of The 23rd International Conference – The Knowledge-Based Organization . Sibiu, 172-178. Krastev, S

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Lorena Torres-Ronda and Xavi Schelling i del Alcázar

and land plyometric training on strength, sprint, and balance inyoung basketball players. J Hum Sport Exercise, 2011; 6: 101-111 Arazi H, Coetzee B, Asadi A. Comparative effect of land- and aquatic-based plyoetric training on jumping ability and agility of young basketball players. South African J Res Sport Phys Edu Recreation, 2012; 34: 1-14 Bahnert A, Norton K, Lock P. Association between post-game recovery protocols, physical and perceived recovery, and performance in elite Australian Football League players. J Sci Med Sport, 2013

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C. Giannetto, F. Arfuso, F. Fazio, E. Giudice, S. Di Pietro, D. Bruschetta and G. Piccione

References Assenza A, Tosto F, Casella S, Fazio F, Giannetto C, Piccione G (2013) Changes in blood coagulation induced by exercise training in young athletic horses. Res Vet Sci 95: 1151-1154. Casella S, Giannetto C, Giudice E, Piccione G (2010). Effect of different workload and hydrocortisone in vitro on platelet aggregation in athletic horse. Polish J Vet Sci 13: 501-506. El-Sayed MS, Ali N, El-Sayed Ali Z (2005) Aggregation and activation of blood platelets in exercise and training. Sports Med 35: 11

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Dan Martin and Mircea Radu Gorgan

References 1. Microneurosurgical Skills Training.Yadav YR, Parihar V, Ratre S, Kher Y, Iqbal M. J Neurol Surg A Cent Eur Neurosurg. 2015 Apr 27. 2. Lee S, Coppersmith WJ. A microvascular surgical practice disc for beginners. Microsurgery 1983 and 4:67-69. 3. Senior MA, Southern SJ, Majumder S. Microvascular simulator- a device for micro-anastomosis training. Ann R Coll Surg Engl 2001 and 83:358_360. 4. Habal SM, Fitzpatrick HF, Green GE. Training in microvascular surgery. Surgery 1977 and 81

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Liudmila Dulksnienė, Irmantas Ramanauskas, Sigutė Stankevičienė and Rima-Jūratė Gerbutavičienė


The increasing significance of science and more intensive cooperation with foreign partners create favorable preconditions for the education and training of good specialists. In view of the renewal of specialty knowledge and the possibility to read the most recent scientific literature in a foreign language and to participate in international conferences with foreign partners, it has become relevant to educate specialists capable of cooperating in scientific and subject-oriented activity when freely communicating in several foreign languages. However, currently, many higher education institutions in Lithuania are reducing the number of hours in the professional foreign language modules. Still, despite the continuous reduction of the hours allocated for foreign language learning, the requirements for the quality of knowledge are actually increasing. For this reason, the teacher faces a problem of how to help a student internalize the required professional knowledge within a short period of time. The aim of the study was to reveal the peculiarities of the expression of integrated practical classes in professional language studies at the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (LSMU). In search of new possibilities for professional language learning, integrated professional language classes were used for students learning medicine in Lithuanian and a foreign language. During these classes, medical issues were analyzed. The study on the learning process in the integrated professional language classes at the LSMU was carried out in 2014. Data for this quantitative study were collected by using a written survey. The studied population consisted of 2nd- and 3rd-year students of the LSMU Faculty of Medicine. The results of the study conducted at the LSMU when teaching the Professional Language module showed that integrated practical classes of professional language positively influenced the students’ learning and facilitated students’ empowerment for successful professional language studies. The students positively evaluated the contents of the integrated classes, the methods used, and the teachers’ competence. The students’ opinion about the application of the elements of PBL during integrated professional language classes was also favorable. The students were willing to try something new and to learn languages by drawing schemes and maps, discussing medical issues, analyzing problems, and searching for answers to the arising questions.

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João Brito, Fabrício Vasconcellos, José Oliveira, Peter Krustrup and António Rebelo

References Bangsbo J, Mohr M, Krustrup P. Physical and metabolic demands of training and match-play in the elite football player. J Sports Sci, 2006; 24(7): 665-674 Bangsbo J, Norregaard L, Thorso F. Activity profile of competition soccer. Can J Sport Sci, 1991; 16(2): 110-116 Chelly MS, Fathloun M, Cherif N, Amar MB, Tabka Z, Praagh EV. Effects of a back squat training program on leg power, jump, and sprint performances in junior soccer players. J Strength Cond Res, 2009; 23(8): 2241-2249 Chelly

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Fabiana Martinescu-Bădălan and Ramona-Elena Herman

References [1] M. Bíró, L. Révész, P. Hidvégi, 2015, Swimming History Technique Teaching, EKC Líceum Press, Kelet-Magyarországon, p.22 [2] M. Bíró, L. Révész, P. Hidvégi, 2015, op.cit., p.26 [3] Dalton F. E. And Dalton L. C., 2006 Swimming Scientifically Taught A Practical Manual for Young and Old, [EBook #19065], ISO-8859-1,, p.26 [4] Panait L., Duta D., Negrea V., „Experimental approach regarding investigation level of general physical training for tennis players aged 13

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D. L. Carey, K. Ong, R. Whiteley, K. M. Crossley, J. Crow and M. E. Morris

Sports Medicine, 50(8), 471-475. Bourdon, P. C., Cardinale, M., Murray, A., Gastin, P., Kellmann, M., Varley, M. C., . . . Cable, N. T. (2017). Monitoring Athlete Training Loads: Consensus Statement. Int J Sports Physiol Perform, 12(Suppl 2), S2161-S2170. doi: 10.1123/IJSPP.2017-0208 Boyd, L. J., Ball, K., & Aughey, R. J. (2011). The reliability of MinimaxX accelerometers for measuring physical activity in Australian football. International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance, 6(3), 311-321. Breiman, L. (2001

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Olena Byndas

References 1. Карташова, Л., Бендерець, Н. (2014). Досвід реформування систем педагогічної освіти в Австрії [The Experience of Reforming Pedagogical Education System in Austria]. Retrieved: January 16, 2014, from: (in Ukrainian). 2. Когут, Н. (2010). Особливості підготовки вчителів іноземних мов початкової школи в Австрії [Training Peculiarities of Teachers of Foreign Languages for Elementary schools in Austria]. In: е-журнал «Педагогічна наука: історія, теорія, практика

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Cristian Costa, Lucian Lupu and Eduard Edelhauser

References [1]. Barlow A., Clarke R., Johnson N., Seabourne B., Thomas D. and Gal J., Effect of massage of the hamstring muscle group on performance of the sit and reach test, Br Journal of Sports Medicine, no.38, pp. 349-351, (2004). [2]. Bealko S. B., Alexander D.W., Chasko L. L. and Grayson R L, Mine rescue training facility inventory – compendium of ideas to improve, 2009. [3]. Conti R. S., Chasko L. L. and Stowinsky L. D., Mine rescue training simulations and technology, Proceedings of the Fifth Annual Conference of the International