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Demographic development of Zachodniopomorskie voivodship in the years 2000-2012 in the light of transportation network accessibility

. Runge, J. 2006: Metody badań w geografii społeczno-ekonomicznej - elementy metodologii, wybrane narzędzia badawcze (Research methods in socio-economic geography, elements of the methodology, selected research tools - in Polish), Katowice: Uniwersytet Śląski. Strategia Rozwoju Województwa Zachodniopomorskiego do roku 2020 (Strategy for the development of the Zachodniopomorskie Voivodship until 2020 - in Polish) Available at:, DoA: 15 December 2015. Studium przypadku połączenia

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The Work and Life of Corporate Expatriates: New Patterns and Regimes of Mobility in the Knowledge Economy

(5):245-268. Breschi S. and F. Lissoni (2009) ‘Mobility of skilled workers and co-invention networks: an anatomy of localized knowledge flows’. Journal of Economic Geography , 9(4): 439-468 Brinkley, I. 2008. The Knowledge Economy: How Knowledge is Reshaping the Economic Life of Nations . The Work Foundation. Brynjolfsson, E. & B. Kahin (2002) (eds.) Understanding the Digital Economy: Data, Tools, and Research . Boston: MIT Press. D’Andrea A. (2006) ‘Neo-Nomadism: a Theory of Postidentitarian Mobility in the Global Age’. Mobilities , 1(1):95-119. Epstein

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Islamophobia or Threat to Secularization? Lost Letter Experiments on the Discrimination Against Muslims in an Urban Area of Switzerland

. Journal of Abnormal and Social Psychology 43(1): 90–93. Milgram, Stanley, Leon Mann, and Susan Harter. 1965. The Lost-Letter Technique: A Tool of Social Research. The Public Opinion Quarterly 29 (3): 437–438. OECD. 2012. Integration von Zuwanderern: OECD-Indikatoren 2012. Paris: OECD Publishing. Pahud De Mortanges, René, 2007. System und Entwicklungstendenzen des Religionsverfassungsrechts der Schweiz und des Fürstentums Liechtenstein. Zeitschrift für evangelisches Kirchenrecht 52: 495–523. Pettigrew, Thomas F. and Linda R. Troop. 2006. A

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Deliciously Exotic? Immigrant Grocery Shops and Their Non-Migrant Clientele

. Kraieski de Assunção, V. (2012) ‘Circulating Food and Relationships: the Movement of Food (and Other Things) Between Brazilians in Boston and Brazil‘. International Review of Social Research, 2: 65–76. Kusenbach, M. (2003) ‘Street Phenomenology: The Go-Along as Ethnographic Research Tool‘. Ethnography, 4: 455–485. Leicht, R. and Langhauser, M. (2014): Ökonomische Bedeutung und Leistungspotenziale von Migrantenunternehmen in Deutschland. Studie im Auftrag der Abteilung Wirtschafts- und Sozialpolitik, Arbeitskreis Mittelstand und Gesprächskreis Migration

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Optimal Spatial Allocation of Labour Force and Employment Protection Legislation (EPL)

institutional variables regarding mobility of workers within the EU. His results conclude that lifting labour market restrictions incentivises inflows of workers from new member states, although to a smaller extent than accession to the EU itself. On the other hand, A. Arpaia ( Arpaia et al., 2016 ) analysed whether the movement of labour force within the Eurozone is an adequate tool to counteract asymmetric shocks. He contends that, although unemployment and activity rates absorb most of the shock, the responsiveness of labour mobility and wages to asymmetric crises has

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Network Effects on Rhythms of Scientific Publications

Morais, S. A. L., Cavalcanti Ferreira, P. R. A., Fernandes, A. B. G. S., & Campos, T. F. (2018). Short form of the Social Rhythm Metric: a tool to evaluate the social and functional impact on stroke patients. Sleep and Biological Rhythms . First Online: 25 July 2018 Dicle, M. F., & Levendis, J. D. (2014). The day-of-the-week effect revisited: international evidence. Journal of Economics and Finance , 38(3), 407–437. Durkheim, É. (1915). The Elementary Forms of the Religious Life . (J. W. Swain, Trans.). London: George Allen & Unwin Ltd. Forrest, T

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Adaptive Development of a Regional Spatial Data Infrastructure Facing Local Prospects and Socio-Technological Trends

data resources Enabling of map Efforts for concurrent geospatial data and technologies Use of commercial software for web-map service Improved map service Pioneering WMS in Finland Inclusion of INSPIRE data in a regional context Shift toward increasingly open data and software embedding in other websites Development of WFS services Early versions of GI metadata with simple tool for search More advanced metadata catalogue to help in finding relevant Tailored inhouse programmed geoportal with regional scope Living links to external geoservers

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Dual-heritage households: Food, culture, and re-membering in Hamilton, New Zealand

and ruses of bricolage. Small Axe (21), 70-86. Kohn, T. (2013). Stuffed turkey and pumpkin pie: In, through and out of American contexts. Cultural Studies Review, 19 (1), 50-72. Kusenbach, M. (2003). Street phenomenology: The go-along as ethnographic research tool. Ethnography, 4 (3), 455-485. 10.1177/146613810343007 Landzelius, M. (2003). Commemorative dis(re)membering: Erasing heritge, spatializing disinheritance. Environment and Planning D: Society and Space, 21 , 195-221. 10.1068/d286t Latour, B. (2005). Reassembling the social

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Lifestyle Migration to Bocas del Toro, Panama: Exploring Migration Strategies and Introducing Local Implications of the Search for Paradise

Migration]. Recreation and Society in Africa, Asia & Latin America . 1(1): 5-29. Janoschka, M. (2009) The Contested Spaces of Lifestyle Mobilities: Regime Analysis as a Tool to Study Political Claims in Latin American Retirement Destinations. Die Erde . 140(3): 251-253. Johnson, M. and S. Clisby (2008) Both ‘One’ and ‘Other’: Environmental Cosmopolitanism and the Politics of Hybridity in Costa Rica. Nature and Culture . 3(1): 63-81. King, R. (2002) Towards a new map of European migration. International Journal of Population Geography . 8(2): 89

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Hier bin Ich: Wo bist Du?
The Affiliative Imprinting Phenomenon in the Modern Study of Animal Cognition

illusions: An interesting tool to investigate developmental dyslexia and autism spectrum disorder. Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, 10 , 175. Gottlieb, G. (1979). Development of species identification in ducklings: V. Perceptual differentiation in the embryo. Journal of Comparative and Physiological Psychology, 93 , 831–854. Heaton, M. B. (1972). Prenatal auditory discrimination in the wood duck ( Aix sponsa ). Animal Behavior, 20 , 421–424. Hetch, H., & Proffitt, D. R. (1995). The price of expertise: Effects of experience on the water level task

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