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The Diffusion of Carbon Monoxide out of Cigarettes

References 1. Newsome, J. R., and C. H. Keith: Tobacco Science 9 (1965) 65. 2. Baker, R. R., and K. D. Kilburn: Beitr. l'abakforsch. 7 (1973) 79. 3. Lanzillotti, H. V., and A. R. Wayte: Beitr. l'abakforsch. 8 (1975) 219. 4. Waltz, P., and M. Hausermann: Beitr. l'abakforsdt. 3 (1965) 169. 5. Morie, G. P.: l'obacco Science 20 (1976) 174. 6. Owen, W. C., and M. L. Reynolds: Tobacco Science 11 (1967) 14. 7. Imazu, 1'.: Scientific Papers of the Central

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Oxygen Diffusion through Cigarette Paper

References 1. Imazu, T.: Diffusion of gas components of cigarette smoke by diffusion and air inflow through cigarette paper; Scientific Papers of the Central research In-stitute, Japan Monopoly Corporation 113 (1971) 131K142. 2. Baker, R.R. and R.A. Crellin: The diffusion of car-bon monoxide out of cigarettes; Beitr. Tabakforsch. 9 (1977) 131K140. 3. Muramatsu, M., T. Mikami, N. Naito, and H. Tomita: A model study on the diffusion and the dilution of Iow molecular weight gaseous

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The implication of the concept “nikotiiniriippuvuus” in the Finnish tobacco discussion

). Smoking, addiction and the making of time. In J. F. Brodie & M. Redfield (Eds.), High anxieties: Cultural studies in addiction (pp. 119-133). Berkeley: University of California Press. Kinnunen, T., Korhonen, T., & Kaprio, J. (2012). Mitä uutta tupakkariippuvuudesta ja sen hoidosta [ What’s new on tobacco dependency and its treatment] Suomen lääkärilehti, 67, 3559-3563. Klemola, P. (1981). Helsingin Sanomat - sananvapauden monopoli [Helsingin Sanomat - the monopoly of freedom of speech]. Helsinki: Otava Kurko, T., Linden

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Comparisons of the Composition of Tobacco Smoke and the Smokes from Various Tobacco Substitutes

–207. 23. Ishiguro, S. and S. Sugawara: The chemistry of tobacco smoke; Sci. Papers, Cent. Res. Inst., Japan Monopoly Corp. 298 (1980) 1–248. 24. Elmenhorst, H. and G. Reckzeh: Aromatische Kohlen-wasserstoffe im Tabakrauch [Aromatic hydrocarbons in tobacco smoke]; Beitr. Tabakforsch. 2 (1964) 180–204. 25. Elmenhorst, H. and G. Schultz: Flüchtige Inhaltsstoffe des Tabakrauches. Die chemischen Bestandteille der Gas-Dampf-Phase [Volatile components of tobacco smoke: The chemical constituents of the gas vapor phase]; Beitr

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Some Studies of the Effects of Additives on Cigarette Mainstream Smoke Properties. I. Flavorants

-70. 55. Kato, K. and Y. Shibayama: Products of the thermal decomposition of vanillin and their transfer to cigarette smoke; Sci. Papers, Cent. Res. Inst., Japan Monopoly Corp. 104 (1962) 115-121. 56. Eble, A.S., F.W. Best, and CR. Green: Fate of vanillin during smoking; R&DM, 1985, No. 3, January 2 (INT-503852593 -2600). 57. Wynder, E.L. and D. Hoffmann: Tobacco and tobacco smoke: Studies in experimental carcinogenesis; Academic Press, New York, N.Y., 1967, pp. 480-486. 58. Baker, R.R.: The

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Smokeless Tobacco - An Overview

ätherischen Öle] Fachl. Mitt. Österr. Tabak-regie, III/3 (1903) 6–14. 31. Berka, F.: A contribution to the knowledge of the aro-matic ingredients used by the k.k. Tobacco Monopoly [Ein Beitrag zur Kenntnis der bei der Tabakregie in Verwendung stehenden aromatischen Ingredienzien] Fachl. Mitt. Österr. Tabakregie, IV/2 (1904) 41–50. 32. Department of Health: Permitted additives to tobacco products in the United Kingdom; London, October 2003. http

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Volatile Components of Tobacco Smoke. The Chemical Constituents of the Gas Vapour Phase / Flüchtige Inhaltsstoffe des Tabakrauches: Die chemischen Bestandteile der Gas-Dampf-Phase

la phase gazeuse de la fumee de cigarette sur la motilite de Dunaliella bioculata Butcher. 48a. Kaburaki, Y., Mikami, Y., Kuniyoshi, H.: Scientific papers of the Central Research Institute, Japan Monopoly Corporation, No. 107 (1965) 159; Total volatile phenols of tobacco smoke and their retentions on cigarette filters. 49. Keith, C. H., Misenheimer, J. R.: Beitr. Tabakforsch. 3 (1966) 583-589; Vapor filtration by fibrous cigarette filters. 50. Keith, C. H., Tesh, P. G.: Tob. Science IX (1965) 61-64; Measurement of

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The Composition of Cigarette Smoke: A Catalogue of the Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons

): Evaluation of the carcinogenic risk of chemicals to humans: Tobacco smoking; IARC, Lyon, France, IARC Monograph 38 (1986) 83–126, 387–394. 175. Ishiguro, S. and S. Sugawara: Comparisons of smoke components in the semivolatile phase from lamina and midrib cigarettes of flue-cured tobacco leaves; Agr. Biol. Chem. 42 (1978) 1527–1531. 176. Ishiguro, S. and S. Sugawara: The chemistry of tobacco smoke; Sci. Papers, Cent. Res. Inst., Japan Monopoly Corp. 298 (1980) 1–248. 177. Izawa, M.: Review of

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Effects of Ingredients on Cigarette Smoke Composition and Biological Activity: A Literature Overview

. Rylander: Reduction of cigarette smoke ciliotoxicity by certain tobacco additives; Amer. Rev. Resp. Dis. 103 (1971) 855-857. 46) Detert, E.-R. and W. Ruchholz: Envelope for tobacco goods; U.S. Patent No. 3,826,268 (July 1974). 47) Doihara, T., U. Kobashi, S. Sugawara, and Y. Kabu-raki: Studies on flavoring effect (IV). Pyrolysis of polyhydric alcohols; Scientific Papers of the Central Research Institute Japan Monopoly Corporation, 106 (1964) 129-135. 48) Dontenwill, W., H.-J. Chevalier, H

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A Mathematical Model of Cigarette Smoldering Process

-pyrolysis processes inside a naturally smoldering cigarette; Combust. Flame 36 (1979) 245–262. 8. Muramatsu, M.: Study of transport phenomena which occur during unforced smoldering of cigarettes; Res. Report No.123, Japan Tobacco and Salt Monopoly, 1981. 9. Baker, R.R. and D.P. Robinson: Tobacco combustion – The last ten years; Rec. Adv. Tob. Sci. 16 (1990) 3–71. 10. Chen, P. and S. Yi: A mathematical model of pyrolysis processes in a smoldering cigarette; presented at the 47 th TCRC, Oct. 18

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