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Mirela Danubianu and Cristian Teodorescu

Romania in activitati de “Responsabilitate Sociala Corporatista, retrieved Sep 21, 2016 Hohnen, P. (2007), Corporate Social Responsibility: An Implementation Guide for Business , International Institute for Sustainable Development, Winnipeg, Canada Werther, W.B.Jr. and Chandler, D. (2006), Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility, Sage Publications, Thousand Oaks, California, United States GRI (2015), Global Reporting Initiative, https

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Talal Salem and Jacques Harb

References Bekessy, S. A., Burgman, M. A., Yencken, D., Wright, T., Filho, W. L., Garden, D., & Rostan-Herbert, D. (2002, October). A summary of environmental practice in Australian universities. Paper presented at the National Conference of Sustainable Universities, Melbourne, Australia. Chau, K. W. (2007). Incorporation of sustainability concepts into a civil engineering curriculum. Journal of Professional Issues in Engineering Education and Practice, 133(3), 188-191. Mochizuki, Y., & Fadeeva, Z. (2010

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Anita Tolnay, András Koris and Robert Magda

References ADAMS, W.M. – JEANRENAUD, S.J. 2008. Transition to sustainability: towards a humane and diverse world. Gland: International Union for Conversation and nature, 2008, 107p. ISBN 978-2-8317-1072-3 AXELROD, L.J. – LEHMAN, D.R. 1993. Responding to environmental concerns, What factors guide individual action? In Journal of Environmental Psychology, 1993, no. 13, pp. 149–159. BLAIR, I. 1992. Greener products. In Charter, M. Greener marketing: a responsible approach to business. Sheffield : Greenleaf, 1992, chap. 6. BORA, GY. – KOROMPAI

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Bernhard Ohlmeier

sustainable development. Bonn: BMZ/KMK. Brunold, A. (2009). Politische Bildung fūr nachhaltige Entwicklung und das Konzept des Globalen Lernens [Civic education for sustainable development and the concept of global learning]. In H. Oberreuter (Ed.), Standortbestimmung Politische Bildung [Positioning civic education] (pp. 307-333). Schwalbach/Ts.: Wochenschau-Verlag. Brunold, A. (2011). The necessity of civic education for sustainable development and global learning in curricula of higher education. In E. S. Hung (Ed.), Migración, Desarrollo humano e

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Vassilios Makrakis

, Aalborg, Denmark. Breschi, S., & Catalini, C. (2009). Tracing the links between science and technology: An exploratory analysis of scientists’ and inventors’ networks. Retrieved February 25, 2012, from Dale, A., & Newman, L. (2006). Sustainable development, education and literacy. International Journal of Sustainability for Higher Education, 6(4), 351-362. De Oliver, M. (1999). Attitudes and inaction: A case study of the manifest demographics of

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Chinedu I. Okeke and Pamela N. Mtyuda

’ views and experience. Journal of Teacher Education for Sustainability, 17(2), 53-73. Khan, T. (2003). Teacher Job Satisfaction and Incentive: A Case Study of Pakistan. Retrieved 16 August 2016, from Lukk, K., Veisson, M., & Ots, L. (2008). Characteristics of sustainable changes for schools. Journal of Teacher Education for Sustainability, 9, 35-44. MacMillan, J.H., & Schumacher, S. (2010). Research in Education: Evidence-Based Inquiry (7th Ed.). Boston

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Eugeniusz Świtała

References Brown, W. (2005). Edgework: Critical essays on knowledge and politics. Princeton: Princeton University Press. Harland, T. & Pickering, N. (2010). Values in higher education teaching . New York: Taylor & Francis. Holland, C. & Mulcahy, C. (2007). Crossing borders: A report on the citizenship and science exchange (CaSe) Project. In A. Pipere (Ed.), Education and sustainable development: first steps towards changes (pp. 46–61). Daugavpils University: Akadēmiskais Apgāds ‘Saule’. Kluckhohn, C. (1962). Values and value

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Erin Redman

. Applied Environmental Education & Communication, 7(1/2), 40-50. DuPuis, E., & Ball, T. (2013). How not what: Teaching sustainability as process. Sustainability: Science, Practice, & Policy, 9(1), 64-75. Finger, M. (1994). From knowledge to action? Exploring the relationships between environmental experiences, learning, and behavior. Journal of Social Issues, 50(3), 141-160. Frisk, E., & Larson, K. (2011). Educating for sustainability: Competencies & practices for transformative action. Journal of Sustainability Education

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Dumitru Stratan

References Abu-Saifan , S. 2012. Social Entrepreneurship: Definition and Boundaries. In Technology Innovation Management Review, 2012. Boons, F. - Lüdeke-Freund, F. 2012. Business models for sustainable innovation: state-ofthe- art and steps towards a research agenda. In Journal of Cleaner Production, 2012. Bourguignon, D. 2016. Closing the loop. New circular economy package. Bouwman , H. - de Vos, H. - Haaker, T. 2008. Mobile service innovation and business models [electronic resource]: Springer

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John Huckle

References Baber, W. F., & Bartlett, R. V. (2005). Deliberative environmental politics: Democracy and ecological rationality. London: MIT Press. Blewitt, J. (2006). The ecology of learning: sustainability, lifelong learning and everyday life. London: Earthscan. Buckingham, D. (2007). Beyond technology: Children’s learning in the age of digital culture. Cambridge: Polity Press. Buckingham, D. (2008). Defining digital literacy - what do young people need to know about digital media