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Environmental And Economic Aspects Of Anticorrosion Protection By Hot-Dip Galvanized Method Rebars In Concrete

Analysis for Automobiles, SAE Paper No. 951829, SAE Total Life Cycle Analysis Conference , Vienna, Austria. Tan Z., Q. (2007). The Effect of Galvanized Steel Corrosion on the Integrity of Concrete, PhD Thesis , University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. Wilmot R. E. (2006). Corosion protection of reinforcement for concrete structures, 8th International Conference organized by the Institute of Corrosion of Mines and Metallurgy, South Africa. Yeomans, S.R. (1987). Galvanized Steel Reinforcement in Concrete. First National Structural Engineering

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Experimental Verification of Numerical Calculations with the Use of Digital Image Correlation

BIBLIOGRAPHY [1] Osmęda, A., 2012, „Strength and construction analysis of aerospace test structure - Internal report (Analiza wytrzymałościowo-konstrukcyjna demonstratora, Raport wewnętrzny),” 05/BU/2012/TEBUK, Institute of Aviation, Warsaw. [2] Osmęda, A., 2016, “Result comparison of numerical analysis and structural tests of aerospace test structure (Porównanie wyników analiz numerycznych i prób wytrzymałościowych demonstratora struktury lotniczej),” Transactions of the Institute of Aviation, Warsaw, No. 244(3). pp. 123-134. [3] Bajurko, P

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Geometric Non-Linear Approach to Stiffness State of Semi–Rigid Structures

-Rigid Connections - A State of the Art Report. Journal of Constructional Steel Research , vol. 3, No. 2, 1983, pp. 1-13. Kim, S.E., and Chen, W.F., 1996. Practical Advanced Analysis for Unbraced Steel Frame Design. Journal of Structural Engineering , vol. 122, no.11, November 1996, pp. 1259-1265. King, Won-Sun, and Chen, Wai-Fah, 1993. LRFD Analysis for Semi-Rigid Frame Design. Engineering Journal , 30, 1993, pp. 130-139. Kishi, N., Chen, W.F., Goto, Y., and Matsuoka, K.G., 1993. Design Aid of Semi-Rigid Connections for Frame Analysis. Engineering Journal

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Application of artificial neural networks to predict the deflections of reinforced concrete beams

–81. [11] G uzelbey I.H., C evik A., G ogus M.T., Prediction of rotation capacity of wide flange beams using neural networks , Journal of Constructional Steel Research, 2006, Vol. 62, 950–961. [12] P ala M., C aglar N., A parametric study for distortional buckling stress on cold-formed steel using a neural network , Journal of Constructional Steel Research, 2007, Vol. 63, 686–691. [13] C haudhary S., P endharkar U., N agpal A.K., Bending moment prediction for continuous composite beams by neural networks , Advances in Structural Engineering, 2007

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Cenozoic synthem stratigraphic architecture of the SE Brazilian shelf and its global eustatic context: evidence from the Pelotas Basin (offshore Brazil)

. Geological evolution of the Brazilian continental margin. Episodes 6, 3-9. Babushkin, A.E. (Ed.), 2001. Unifitsirovannye regional’nye stratigrafitcheskie skhemy neogenovykh i paleogeonovykh otlozhenij Zapadno-Sibirskoj ravniny. [Unified regional stratigraphic scales of Neogene and Paleogene deposits of the West Siberian plain]. SNIIGGiMS, Novosibirsk, 84 pp. Bassetto, M., Alkmim, F., Szatmari, P., Mohriak, W.U., 2000. The oceanic segment of the southern Brazilian margin: morpho-structural domains and their tectonic significance. [In:] W

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Analysis of crack propagation in a “pull-out” test

pull-out test is completely different from that described in their papers. The authors of the presented work attempted to analyze sandstone cracking during a pull-out test made with a self-undercutting anchor, which only has contact with the tested material in the undercut area. These anchors are normally used to anchor various structural elements. The described test is intended for the opposite purpose – to pull out the anchor together with a part of the rock. This is a different approach, because the anchor is designed not to destroy the material in which it is

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Investigation of Fatigue Damage in General, Prestress, and Concrete Beam Reinforced with FRP Sheets and Concrete Beam Influenced By Mix Beam Under Periodic Load in Linear and Nonlinear Phase

, Y. C., Song, J. W., Zhang, N. S., & Lee, G. C. (2015). Cyclic loading test of unbonded and bonded posttensioned precast segmental bridge columns with circular section. Journal of Bridge Engineering , 21(2), 04015043. Dai, L., Wang, L., Zhang, J., & Zhang, X., 2016. A global model for corrosion-induced cracking in prestressed concrete structures. Engineering Failure Analysis , 62, 263-275. Dewit, N. (2012). A Composite Structural Steel and Prestressed Concrete Beam for Building Floor Systems. Di Ludovico, M., Nanni, A., Prota, A., & Cosenza, E

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Mechanical State of Multi-Story Structures Induced by Wind Action

5.1 References Barszcz, T., Marzena B., Andrzej B., Mateusz W., 2012. Wind speed modeling using Weierstrass function fitted by a genetic algorithm . Journal of Wind Engineering and Industrial Aerodynamics, 109, pp. 68-78. Blaga, F., Alexa P., 2016. Statics and kinematics in structural dynamic response to wind action. SDSS 2016, pp. 59-65. Chen, X., Ahsan K., 2005. Evaluation of equivalent static wind loads on buildings . Proc., 10th int. conf. on wind eng.(CD-Rom). Chopra, A. K., 2007. Dynamics of Structures, 3rd Edition. Prentice

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Numerical Simulation of Hysteretic Live Load Effect in a Soil-Steel Bridge

References [1] MACHELSKI C., Modelling of soil-steel bridge structures, (in Polish), DWE, Wrocław, 2008. [2] MACHELSKI C., ANTONISZYN G., MICHALSKI B., Live load effects on a soil-steel bridge founded on elastic supports, Studia Geotechnica et Mechanica, 2006, 28, 2-4, 65-82. [3] ANTONISZYN G., Is the road pavement structural element of the bridge?, Geoengineering: roads, bridges, tunnels, (in Polish), 2009, 3, 76-79. [4] JANUSZ L., MADAJ A., Engineering structures made form corrugated plates

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Preliminary calculation of irregular triguy mast support

REFERENCES [1] G rochowski I., Radio and Television Masts , Guide the designer of metal structures , Arkady, Warsaw 1982, Vol. 2, 471–508, (in Polish). [2] P etersen Ch., Stahlbau , 3 Auflage, Vieweg, Wiesbaden 1993. [3] K ozłowski T., Steel Radio and Television Masts and Towers , Arkady, Warsaw 1965, (in Polish). [4] EN 12385-10: 2008 Steel wire ropes-safety. Part 10: Spiral ropes for general structural applications. [5] Guide engineer and construction technician , Mathematics, Arkady, Warsaw 1977, Vol. 1/1, (in Polish

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