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G.M.T. Rădulescu, A.T.G. Rădulescu, M.V.G. Rădulescu and Sanda Naş

8. REFERENCES Ajiboye O., 2010, Sensor Computation and Communication for Remote Structural Monitoring, . Chang, F.K., et all, 1999, Structural Health Monitoring, Proceedings of the 2 nd International Workshop on Structural Health Monitoring, Stanford, CA, USA . Dong Y., 2010, Bridges Structural Health Monitoring and Deterioration Detection, Synthesis of Knowledge and Technology, Alaska University Transportation Center, Fairbanks, AK 99775

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Tomasz Lipiński

Reference Adamczyk, M., Niżnik-Harańczyk, B., Pogorzałek, J., 2016. Wpływ technologii wytapiania stali z dodatkiem stopowym 3÷5% al na rodzaj i morfo-logię wtrąceń niemetalicznych. Prace Instytutu Metalurgii Żelaza, 2(68), 24-32 (In Polish). Beretta, S., Murakami, Y., 2001. Largest-Extreme-Value Distribution Analysis of Multiple Inclusion Types in Determining Steel Cleanliness. Met. And Mat. Trans. B, 32B, 517-523. Cummings, H.N., Stulen, F.B., Schulte,W.C., 1957. Relation of inclusions to the fatigue properties of SAE 4340 steel . Trans

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H. Soflaei and S.E. Vahdat

References [1] A.S.M. Handbook, Vol. 6, (1993). Welding, Brazing, and Soldering , 9 ed., ASM International, Ohio, USA. [2] Liu, Z.H., Zhang, D.Q., Sing, S.L., Chua, C.K. & Loh, L.E. (2014). Interfacial characterization of SLM parts in multimaterial processing: Metallurgical diffusion between 316L stainless steel and C18400 copper alloy, Materials Characterizatio. 94. 116-125. [3] Atabaki, M.M. Wati, J.N., Idris, J.B. (2011). Transient liquid phase diffusion bonding of stainless steel 304 using copper and aluminium filler interlayers, ASM Heat

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Ch. Fiał, A. Ciaś, A. Czarski and M. Sułowski

. Ciaś, Development and Properties of Fe-Mn-(Mo)-(Cr)-C Sintered Structural Steels, Uczelnianie Wydawnictwa Naukowo-Dydaktyczne, Kraków 2004.

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Jacek Szafran and Kazimierz Rykaluk

.: Benchmark cases for advanced design of structural steel connections , Praha, Ĉeska Technika ĈVUT 2016.

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B. Garbarz, M. Adamczyk and B. Niżnik-Harańczyk

.G. Baligidad, V.V. Satya Prasad, D.V.V. Satyanarana, Mater. Sci. Technol. 31 (12), 1408-1416 (2015). [15] M.D. Bambach, A. Stieben, W. Bleck, Steel Res. Int. 87 (3), 364-375 (2016). [16] S.Y. Shin, H. Lee, S.Y. Han, C-H. Seo, K. Choi, S. Lee, N.J. Kim, J-H. Kwak, K-G. Chin, Metall. Mater. Trans. 41A , 138-148 (2010). [17] C-H. Seo, K.H. Kwon, K. Choi, K-H. Kim, J.H. Kwak, S. Lee, N.J. Kim, Scripta Materialia 66 , 519-522 (2012). [18] S-J. Park, B. Hwang, K.H. Lee, T-H. Lee, D-W. Suh, H.N. Han, Scripta Materialia 68 , 365-369 (2013). [19] V

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Wojciech Siekierski

References 1. Furtak K., Mosty zespolone , PWN, Warszawa 1999 2. Hou W., Ye M., Design methods of headed studs for composite decks of through steel bridges in high-speed railway , J. Cent. South Univ. Technol., 18 (2011) 946-952 3. Karlikowski J., Madaj A., Wołowicki W., Mostowe konstrukcje zespolone stalowo-betonowe , WKŁ, Warszawa 2007. 4. Siekierski W., Analiza numeryczna sił rozwarstwiających w pomoście zespolonym przśsła kratowego , Inżynieria i Budownictwo, 12 (2011) 674-676. 5. Siekierski W., Kolejowe przśsła kratownicowe z pasem

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Sung-Jo Park and Hyun-Woo Lee


This study aims to assess fatigue property by the static overload and average load in the fillet welded joints which is on the ship structural steel having gusset welds. To this end, a small specimen was made, to which the same welding condition for the actual ship structure was applied, to perform fatigue tests. In this study, a method to simply assess changes in welding residual stress according to different static overload was suggested. By measuring actual strain at the weld toe, the weld stress concentration factor and property which is determined by recrystallization in the process of welding were estimated to investigate the relation between overload and fatigue strength.

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M. Kubiak, W. Piekarska, S. Stano and Z. Saternus


The numerical model of thermal and structural phenomena is developed for the analysis of Yb:YAG laser welding process with the motion of the liquid material in the welding pool taken into account. Temperature field and melted material velocity field in the fusion zone are obtained from the numerical solution of continuum mechanics equations using Chorin projection method and finite volume method. Phase transformations in solid state are analyzed during heating and cooling using classical models of the kinetics of phase transformations as well as CTA and CCT diagrams for welded steel. The interpolated heat source model is developed in order to reliably reflect the real distribution of Yb:YAG laser power obtained by experimental research on the laser beam profile.

On the basis of developed numerical models the geometry of the weld and heat affected zone are predicted as well as the structural composition of the joint.

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M. Sułowski, P. Kulecki and A. Radziszewska

. ˇSalak, M. Selecka, Manganese in Powder Metallurgy Steels, DOI: 10.1007/978-1-907343-75-9, Cambridge International Science Publishing, 2012. [9] A. Ciaś, Development and properties of Fe-Mn-(Mo)-(Cr)-Csintered structural steels, Rozprawy i monografie, nr 129, AGH - Uczelniane Wydawnictwa Naukowo-Techniczne, Kraków 2004. [10] M. Sułowski, Wpływ parametrów wytwarzania na własności i strukture spiekanych stali manganowych, praca magisterska, AGH, Kraków 1997. [11] M. Sułowski, Struktura i własnosci mechaniczne