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Influence of Rheological Properties of a Soil Layer Adjacent to the Working Body Cutting Element on the Mechanism of Soil Cultivation

organs of tillage machines at various variants of hardening. In Problems of Tribology, vol. 10, pp. 54–59. BERIS, A. N. – TSAMOPOULOS, J. A. – ARMSTRONG, R. C. – BROWN, R. A. 1985. Creeping motion of a sphere through a Bingham plastic. In Journal of Fluid Mechanics, vol. 158, pp.219–244. BIRD, R. B. – DAI, G. C. – YARUSSO, B. J. 1983. The rheology and flow of visco-plastic materials. In Reviews in Chemical Engineering, vol. 1, pp.1–70. HUANG, W. – LIU, D. Y. – ZHAO, B. Y. – FENG, Y. B. – XIA, Y. C. 2014. Study on the rheological properties and

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Modal Analysis of a Steel Radial Gate Exposed to Different Water Levels

References Anami K., Ishii N., Knisely C. (2012) Added mass and wave radiation damping for flow-induced rotational vibrations of skinplates of hydraulic gates, Journal of Fluids and Structures, 35, 213-228. Boretti Z. (1968) Steel Structures in Water Engineering, Warszawa, Arkady (in Polish). Cai YQ., Zhang K. (2011) Study of Modal Parameter Identification from Ambient Vibration on a Deep Radial Gate, Applied Mechanics and Materials, 105-107, 511-517. Chmielewski T., Zembaty Z. (1998

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Wavelet based deseasonalization for modelling and forecasting of daily discharge series considering long range dependence

. Hydromech., 56, 145-162. Koop, G., Ley, E., Osiewalski, J., Steel, M.F.J., 1997. Bayesian analysis of long memory and persistence using ARFIMA models. J. Econometrics, 76, 149-169. Koscielny-Bunde, E., Kantelhardt, J.W., Braun, P., Bunde, A., Havlin, S., 2006. Long - term persistence and multifractality of river runoff records: Detrended fluctuation studies. J. Hydrol., 322, 120-137. Lohre, M., Sibbertsen, P., önning, T., 2003. Modeling water flow of the Rhine River using seasonal long memory. Water Resour. Res., 39, 1132

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Mechanical Properties and Their Quantification Particularly When Transiting from Elastic to Plastic State on Materials Cut by AWJ

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Control of surface defects on plasma-MIG hybrid welds in cryogenic aluminum alloys

, pp.50. Lee, J.S., You, W.H., Yoo, C.H., Kim, K.S. and Kim, Y.I., 2013. An experimental study on fatigue performance of cryogenic metallic materials for IMO type B tank. International Journal of Naval Architecture Ocean Engineering , 5(4), pp.580-597. Marconi, M. and Marconi, B., 2005. Powder plasma arc welding on thick walled pipes. Welding in the world , 49, pp.249-264. Malinowski-brodnicka, M., Ouden, G.D. and Vink, W.J.P., 1990. Effect of electromagnetic stirring on GTA welds in austenitic stainless steel. Welding Journal , February, p52-s

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Hull-form optimization of KSUEZMAX to enhance resistance performance

. International Journal of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering, 3(3), pp.159-173. Kim, W.J. Kim, D.H. and Van, S.H. 2002. Computational study on turbulent flows around modern tanker hull forms. International Journal for Numerical Methods in Fluids, 38(4), pp.377-406. Kim, W.J. and Van, S.H., 2000. Comparisons of turbulent flows around two modern VLCC hull forms. Proceedings workshop on Numerical Ship Hydrodynamics: Gothenburg 2000, Gothenburg, Sweden, 8-10 December 2010. Lackenby, H., 1950. On the systematic geometrical

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Effects of boundary layer and liquid viscosity and compressible air on sloshing characteristics

-52. Celebi, M.S. and Akyildiz, H., 2002. Nonlinear modeling of liquid sloshing in a moving rectangular tank. Ocean Engineering , 29(12), pp.1527-1553. Chen, Z., Zong, Z., Li, H.T. and Li, J., 2013. An investigation into the pressure on solid walls in 2D sloshing using SPH method, Ocean Engineering , 59, pp.129-141. Curadelli, O., 2013. Equivalent linear stochastic seismic analysis of cylindrical base-isolated liquid storage tanks. Journal of Constructional Steel Research , 83, pp.166-176. Damatty, A.A.E. and Sweedan, A.M.I., 2006. Equivalent mechanical

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Footwear Use at Workplace and Recommendations for the Improvement of its Functionality and Hygiene

., Brochocka A.,(2010). New bioactive polymer filtering material composed of nonwoven polypropylene containing alkylammonium microbiocides on a perlite carrier. Polimery/Polymers,55(7-8), 568-574. [10] Hole L.G., (1973). Sweat health disposal from footwear and hygiene of foot skin. Journal of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists, 24, 43-63 [11] Irzmanska E., Padula G., Irzmanski R.: Impedance plethysmography as a tool for assessing exertion-related blood flow changes in the lower limbs in healthy subjects, Measurement 47, pp.110-115 (2014

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Optimization of the Conditions of Convective Drying of Thermosensitive Materials

., M. K. ALYZHANOV, M. M. BUKENOV, B. S. FIALKOV. Matematicheskaya Model of Interaction of a Gas Stream with a Dense Bed of Bulk, VINITI, 10.01.1986, No. 228-B86. The Deposited Manuscript, 1986. [4] ALYZHANOV, M. K., E. V. MAKSIMOV, SN. K. KAPBASOV. Dewatering and drying of Iron - Ore Concentrates in the Regime of Active Interation Turbulent Gas Flow, Metallurgu - 92, Modernization of Iron and Itell Industry and New Processes of Steel Production, Cracow, 1992. [5] ALYZHANOV, M. K., D. E. DUSEMBAEV, V. G. KIM. Large - scale Formations

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Quality Improvement of a Safety Valve with the Use of Numerical and Experimental Studies

REFERENCES Beune, A., Kuerten, J.G.M., van Heumen, M.P.C., 2012. CFD analysis with fluid–structure interaction of opening high-pressure safety valves , Computers & Fluids 64, 108-116, DOI:10.1016/j.compfluid.2012.05.010. Bjerre, M., Eriksen, J.G.I., Andreasen, A., Stegelmann, C., Mando, M., 2017. Analysis of Pressure Safety Valves for fire protection on offshore oil and gas installations , Process Safety and Env. Protection 105, 60-68, DOI: 10.1016/j.psep.2016.10.008. Dempster, W., Alshaikh, M., 2015. An Investigation of the Two Phase Flow

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