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Dereje Tesema and Abeje Berhanu

. International Journal of Humanities and Social Science. 1(19), pp. 257-268. 6. Beyene, F., Muche, M. (2010). Determinants of Food Security among Rural Households of Central Ethiopia: An Empirical Analysis. Quarterly Journal of International Agriculture. 49 (4), pp. 299-318. 7. Bryceson, D. (2000). Sub-Saharan Africa Betwixt and Between: Rural Livelihood Practices and Policies . De-Agrarianisation and Rural Employment Network, pp.1-6. ASC Working Paper 43. Leiden the Netherlands. 8. Burchi, F., De Muro, P. (2012). A Human Development and Capability

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Ágnes Balázsi

., & Štěpánek, V. 2001: Land-use changes and their social driving forces in Czechia in the 19th and 20th centuries. Land Use Policy 18(1): 65-73. Bignal, E. M. & McCracken, D. I. 2000: The nature conservation value of European traditional farming systems. Environmental Reviews, 8(3): 149-171. Blicharska, M., Orlikowska, E. H., Roberge, J. M. & Grodzinska- Jurczak, M. 2016: Contribution of social science to large scale biodiversity conservation: A review of research about the Natura 2000 network. Biological

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Rudolf Navrátil, Yvonne Brodrechtová, Róbert Sedmák, Róbert Smreček and Ján Tuček

: Using the politicized IAD framework to assess integrated forest management decision making in Slovakia. Land Use Policy. Clement, F., 2010: Analysing decentralised natural resource governance: proposition for a “politicised” institutional analysis and development framework. Policy Science, 43:129–156. Glenn, J. C., Gordon, T. J., Jakil, A., 2005: Frontiers of futures research: What’s next?, Technological Forecasting and Social Change, Volume 72. Glenn, J. C., Gordon, T. J., (eds.), 2009: The Millennium Project: Futures Research Methodology, Version 3

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Tomas Bolumar, Stefan Toepfl and Volker Heinz

References 1. Allender S., Peto V., Scarborough P., Boxer A., Rayner M., Coronary heart disease statistics. British Heart Foundation & Stroke Association, 2012. 2. Allender S., Scarborough P., Peto V., Rayner M., Leal J., Luengo- -Fernandez R., Gray, A., European Cardiovascular Disease Statistics, European Heart Network AISBL, 2008, 26-33. 3. Bajovic B., Bolumar T., Heinz V., Quality considerations with high pressure processing of fresh and value added meat product: a review. Meat Sci., 2012, 92, 280

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Adam Véle and Roman Modlinger

Social Categories of Red Wood Ants (Formica s.str.) for Biomonitoring. In: Markert, B.: Environmental Sampling for Trace Analysis, Weinheim, Wiley-Blackwell, p. 465–489. Mahdi, T., Whittaker, J. B., 1993: Do birch trees ( Betula pendula ) grow better if foraged by wood ants? Journal of Animal Ecology, 62:101–116. Metcalf, R. L., Luckmann, W. H., 1994: Introduction to Insect Pest Management. New York, John Wiley & Sons, 650 p. Niemelä, P., Laine, K. J., 1986: Green islands – predation not nutrition. Oecologia, 68:476–478. Novgorodova, T. A., 2015

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A. Venieraki, P.Ch. Tsalgatidou, D.G. Georgakopoulos, M. Dimou and P. Katinakis

. Transcriptional Analysis of the Global Regulatory Networks Active in Pseudomonas syringae during Leaf Colonization. mBio , 5(5): e01683-14. Venturi, V., Bertani, I., Kerenyi, A., Netotea, S. and Pongor, S. 2010. Co-Swarming and Local Collapse: Quorum Sensing Conveys Resilience to Bacterial Communities by Localizing Cheater Mutants in Pseudomonas aeruginosa . PLoS ONE , 5(4): e9998. Vos, M. and Velicer, G.J. 2009. Social conflict in centimeter- and global-scale populations of the bacterium Myxococcus xanthus . Current Biology , 19(20): 1763–1767. Warmink

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Mahmoud Houshyarfard, Hamid Rouhani, Mahrokh Falahati-Rastegar, Saeid Malekzadeh-Shafaroudi, Esmat Mehdikhani-Moghaddam and Claudia Probst

Aspergillus flavus in the air of an intensively cultivated region of southwest Arizona. Plant Pathol. 53 (4): 422–433. Bui-Klimke T.R., Guclu H., Kensler T.W., Yuan J.M., Wu F. 2014. Aflatoxin regulations and global pistachio trade: insights from social network analysis. PLoS One 9 (3): e92149. DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0092149. Cepeda A., Franco C.M., Fente C.A. 1996. Post-column excitation of aflatoxins using cyclodextrins in liquid chromatography for food analysis. J. Chromatogr. 721 (1): 69–74. Chang P.K., Yabe K., Yu J. 2004. The Aspergillus parasiticus

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Zuzana Sarvašová, Emil Cienciala, Jana Beranová, Michal Vančo, Andrej Ficko and Marta Pardos

. Internal project report. FP7-289437-ARANGE / MS10. Available online <> WP3%20Docs/MS10_feb2013.pdf ARANGE 2013b D3.1 Policy framework as related to multifunctional forest management. Available online ARANGE 2013c. D6.2 Stakeholder engagement plan. Internal project report. Bouriaud, L., Nichiforel, L., Weiss, G., Bajraktari, A., Curovic, M., Dobsinska, Z. et al., 2013: Governance of private forests in Eastern and Central Europe - an analysis of the

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Zdeněk Vacek, Stanislav Vacek, Jiří Slanař, Lukáš Bílek, Daniel Bulušek, Igor Štefančík, Ivo Králíček and Karel Vančura

Paper 147. Flechard, C. R., Nemitz, E., Smith, R., Fowler, D., Vermeulen, A. T., Bleeker, A. et al., 2011: Dry deposition of reactive nitrogen to European ecosystems: a comparison of inferential models across the Nitro-Europe network. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 11:2703–2728. Fotelli, M. N., Rennenberg, H., Holst, T., Mayer, H., Gessler, A., 2003: Carbon isotope composition of various tissues of beech ( Fagus sylvatica ) regeneration is indicative of recent environmental conditions within the forest understorey. New Phytologist, 159

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Jolanta Rodzoś and Monika Wesołowska

References Castells M. 1998. The Information Age: Economy, Society and Culture – The rise of network society . 2, Oxford, Blackwell. Gorzelak G., Smętkowski M. 2005. Metropolia i region. Wyd. Nauk. Scholar, Warszawa. Hryniewicz J. 2000. Endo- i egzogenne czynniki rozwoju gospodarczego gmin i regionów. Studia Regionalne i Lokalne , 2(2): 53-77. Ilnicki D. 2003. Miasta polskie jako potencjalne metropolie o znaczeniu kontynentalnym (próba identyfikacji). [in:] Jażdżewska I. (ed.) Funkcje metropolitalne i ich rola w organizacji przestrzeni