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Łukasz Damurski, Jacek Pluta, Karel Maier and Hans Thor Andersen

centre: gaps in current knowledge and the research questions Bearing in mind all those considerations we may introduce a simple definition of a local service centre. A local service centre (LSC) is a specific urban structure including multi-functional public space and surrounding buildings providing access to essential everyday services, fostering social integration. A typical LSC is located in a neighbourhood or between neighbourhoods and connected with public transport networks. It should be distinguishable from the surrounding areas by different land-use and

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Isabel de Maurissens, Manuela Repetto, Alessia Rosa and Maria Chiara Pettenati

References Ball, S.J. (2008). New Philanthropy, new Networks and new Governance in Education, Political Studies, vol. 56, 747-765 Barabarsi, A.L. (2004). Link la scienza delle reti. Torino: Einaudi Biancato, L. (2014). L’autonomia si rafforza con le reti. Il modello del Centro Territoriale per i Servizi Scolastici (CTSS) di Bassano del Grappa - Asiago, Scuola Democratica, Settembre-Dicembre (3), pp. 723-730. Biesta, G. (2016) Improving education through research? From effectiveness, causality and

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Julia Roll and Sven-Ove Horst

, Mats 2003. ‘Beyond Neopositivists, Romantics, and Localists: A Reflexive Approach to Interviews in Organizational Research’. - Academy of Management Review 28, 1, 13-33. Backhaus, Klaus; Erichson, Bernd; Weiber, Rolf 2015. Fortgeschrittene multivariate Analysemethoden. Eine anwendungsorientierte Einführung. Heidelberg: Springer Gabler. Balmer, John M. T. 2008. ‘Identity Based Views of the Corporation: Insights from Corporate Identity, Organisational Identity, Social Identity, Visual Identity, Corporate Brand Identity and Corporate

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Risto Kalliola, Niina Käyhkö and Sanna Jokela

Regional Environmental Center, and the city of Turku) comes from the synergy benefits that they get for their GI operations – especially for data sharing, networking, and augmented professional competence. The two participating universities, in turn, are motivated by their interest in SDI-related research and education as well as the internship and job possibilities available to their graduates. Our analysis first offers a retrospective narrative of the overall development of the Lounaispaikka-SDI from its initiation to the present form. As source materials, we used

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Cletus Famous Nwankwo

of the nature of the political landscape and how political and social changes occur ( Heywood, 2007 ). Studies on voting pattern in Nigeria have often been fixated on which party electorates voted for or prefer (e.g., Ihonvbere, 1999 ; Araba, Braimah, 2015 ; Olasile, Adebayo, 2016 ; Lawal, 2017 ). While this approach reveals where parties won elections, equally important is how homogeneous voters’ choices are in different places. Here, homogeneity refers to similarity of voter choice in different places. In a geographical sense, the analysis of homogeneity of

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Daniela Szymańska and Mirosław Wylon

population of Poland and almost 47% of the total urban population ( Fig. 1 , Table 1 ). Thus, the study included all cities that in the research period (1950–2016) had a population of ≥100,000 residents. Fig. 1 Percentage share of cities of various size categories in Poland, 1950–2016 Source : Own study based on stat. data Table 1 Characteristics of changes in the network of cities of ≥100,000 residents in Poland, 1950–2016 1950 1960 1970 1980 1990 2000 2010 2016 number of cities of ≥100,000 pop. 17 22 24 36 43

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Szymon Wójcik

consequences of this, but the socio-economic status of the inhabitants was also affected. Łódź is the third largest city in Poland and is in the midst of infrastructural and social revitalisation. However, issues arising from its post-industrial past are still visible in the economic status of the city and its inhabitants. The unique blend of its exceptional location within Poland and the problems described above makes the city of Łódź an interesting subject for travel behaviour analysis. 4 Material and research methods The empirical research is based on the dataset

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Isaiah Sewanu Akoteyon

inputted into the Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) version 17.0 for analysis. Descriptive, bivariate and multivariate statistical techniques were all employed for the data analysis. ArcMap 10 software was employed to generate a map of the study area/residential types while Excel software (2003 version) was adopted to plot the gender distribution, sources of water and households’ access to water in the study area. Descriptive statistics was used to examine the measure of location, and bivariate statistics helped to establish the interdependence of the

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Temidayo Gabriel Apata

economic transition, for four decades, China has been pursuing a path of development in line with the reality of the country ( Herston, 2008 ). China has successfully combined agricultural growth mechanisms, value chain analysis and a market mechanism ( Quah, 2009 ). This market mechanism has a cardinal public ownership system, which has ushered in an era of unprecedented progress ( Perkins, 2008 ; Huang, 2008 ). Past studies have indicated that China’s gross domestic product (GDP) advanced by an average of 9.3% each year from 1978 to 2015 (NBS, China 2016). This has

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Igor D.D. Curcio, Anna Dipace and Anita Norlund

, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Huang, H. M., Rauch, U., & Liaw, S. S. (2010). Investigating learners’ attitudes toward virtual reality learning environments: Based on a constructivist approach. Computers & Education, 55(3), 1171-1182. Huxley, A. (1932). Brave new world. Chatto & Windus. Hwang, W.-Y. & Hu, S.-S. (2013). Analysis of peer learning behaviors using multiple representations in virtual reality and their impacts on geometry solving problems. Computers & Education, 62, 308-319. Ibáñez, M. B., Di Serio, Á