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EFL Teachers’ Moral Dilemma and Epistemic Beliefs

Psychology, 132 (2), 187–200. Brownlee, J. (2001). Knowing and learning in teacher education: A theoretical framework of core and peripheral epistemological beliefs. Asia Pacific Journal of Teacher Education & Development, 4 (1), 67-190. Campbell, E. (2008). The ethics of teaching as a moral profession. Curriculum Inquiry, 38 (4), 357–385. Campbell, E. (2014). Teaching ethically as a moral condition of professionalism. In Handbook of moral and character education, 2nd ed., edited by L. Nucci and D. Narváez, 101–118. New York: Routledge. Cano, F

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Subjective perceptions of ESP (English for Specific Purposes) university teachers’ professional beginnings: Quantitative research into pedagogical content knowledge

., BURDENSKI, T. K., & GONZALES, M. (2005). Identifying teacher expertise: An examination of researchers’ decision making. Educational Psychologist 40(1), 13-25. PELIKÁN, J. (2011). Základy empirického výzkumu pedagogických jevů [Basics of empirical research of pedagogical phenomena]. Praha: Karolinum. PÍŠOVÁ, M., NAJVAR, P., JANÍK, T., HANUŠOVÁ, S., KOSTKOVÁ, K., JANÍKOVÁ, V., ... ZERZOVÁ, J. (2011). Teorie a výzkum expertnosti v učitelské profesi [Theory and research of experts in teacher profession]. Brno: Masarykova univerzita

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The Use of Hedging in Research Articles on Applied Linguistics

. Applied Linguistics , 10, pp.1-35. Nelson, N. & Castello, M. (2012) Academic writing and authorial voice . doi: 10.1108/S1572-6304(2012)0000024007. Prince, E., Frader, J., & Bosk, C. (1982). On hedging in physician-physician discourse. In R. D. Pietro (Eds.), Linguistics and the professions Hillsdale, NJ: Ablex. Rounds, P. (1982). Hedging in written academic discourse: Precision and flexibility . Ann Arbor: The University of Michigan. Mimeo. Salager-Meyer, F. (1994). Hedges and textual communicative function in medical English written

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Mexican university teacher-researchers’ biliteracy beliefs and practices

_Academic_Literacies_Model_Theory_and_Applications Lengeling, M. (2007). Falling into the EFL job in Mexico. MEXTSOL Journal, 31 (7), 88-96. Retrieved from Lengeling, M. (2013) (Coord.). Entering into the EFL Teaching Profession: Stories of Teacher Socialization in Mexico/Los Inicios en la Profesionalización de Enseñanza de Inglés como Lengua Extranjera: Historias de Socialización de Maestros en México. México: Universidad de Guanajuato-Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla. New London Group, (2000). A Pedagogy of

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