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Effect of Genotype and Farming System on Concentration of Mineral Elements in Organically and Conventionally Grown Cereals/ Genotipa Un Saimniekoðanas Sistçmas Ietekme Uz Minerâlvielu Saturu Bioloìiski Un Konvencionâli Audzçtos Graudaugos

. Res. Public Health, 7, 3442-3456. Kârkliòð, A. (ed.) (2008). Augsnes diagnostika un apraksts [Guidelines for Soil Diagnosis and Description]. Jelgava: LLU. 336 lpp. (in Latvian). Kirchmann, H., Thorvaldsson, G., Björnsson, H., Mattsson, L. (2005). Trace elements in crops from Swedish and Icelandic long-term experiments. In: Thorvaldsson, G., Jonsdotter, R. S. (eds.). Essential Trace Elements for Plants, Animals and Humans. NJF Seminar No. 370, 15-17 August 2005 (pp. 30-33). Reykjavik: Agricultural University of Iceland

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Phytosociology and Ecology of Cressa Cretica L. (Convolvulaceae) on the Eastern Adriatic Coast

, S. 2011: Plant communities structure and composition in three coastal wetlands in southern Apulia (Italy). Biologia 66: 1027-1043. Trinajstić, I. 1995: Plantgeographical division of forest vegetation of Croatia. Annales Forestales 20: 37-66. US Salinity Laboratory Staff 1954: In L. A. Richards (ed.), Diagnosis and improvement of saline and alkali soil. US Department of Agriculture. Handbook No. 60. van der Maarel, E. 1979: Transformation of coverabundance values in phytosociology and its effects on community

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The effect of gender and age on the sulphur tissue content in free living European bisons / Wpływ płci i wieku na zawartość siarki w tkankach żubra wolno żyjącego

. 1989. Influence of molybdenum and sulfur on copper metabolism in sheep: comparison of elemental sulfur and sulfate. Ann. Rech. Vet. 20: 103-106. LAMAND M., LAB C., TRESSOL J.C., MASON J. 1980 . Biochemikal parameters useful for the diagnosis of mild molybdenosis in sheep. Ann. Rech. Vet. 11: 141-145. LEHN CH., MÜTZEL E., ROSSMANN A. 2011. Multi-element stable isotope analysis of H, C, N and S in hair and nails of contem porary human remains. Int. J. Legal Med. 125: 695-706. MEDVEDEV N. 1995. Concentrations of cadmium, lead and sulphur in

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Radiotracer investigation of a pulp and paper mill effluent treatment plant

Energy Agency. (2011). Radiotracer applications in wastewater treatment plants . Vienna: IAEA. (Training Course Series No. 49). Available from . 10. Koennecke, H. G., Luther, D., Koepping, K., Schoen, J., & Ulrich, H. (1984). Studies of the hydrodynamic properties in biological clarification plants using radiotracers. Clean-Soil, Air, Water , 12 (4), 431–434. DOI: 10.1002/aheh.19840120416. 11. Othman, N., & Kamarudin, S. K. (2014). Radiotracer technology

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The Demographic Success of Marsilea Quadrifolia L. in a Man-Made Water Body from Danube Delta Biosphere Reservation

References 1. Alagador D., Cerdeira J. O. and Araujo M. B., 2011 ‒ Dynamic selection of dispersal pathways for species persistence under climate change, Proceeding of the Global Conferences on Global Warming 11-14 July, 2011, Lisbon, Portugal. 2. Anastasiu P. and Negrean G., 2006 ‒ Alien vascular plants in Dobrogea (Romania) and their impact on different types of habitats, in Plant, fungal and habitat diversity investigation and conservation, Proceedings of IV BBC - Sofia, 590-596. 3. Bremer P., 2003 ‒ Some

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Variation in morpho-physiological, biochemical and molecular responses of two Eucalyptus species under short-term water stress

and ecophysiology. Advances in Botanical Research 41, 107–163. Jones, H.G., Serraj, R., Loveys, B.R., Xiong, L.Z., Wheaton, A., Price, A.H., 2009: Thermal infrared imaging of crop canopies for the remote diagnosis and quantification of plant responses to water stress in the field. Functional Plant Biology 36, 978–989. Jones, H.G., Stoll, M., Santos, T., de Sousa, C., Chaves, M.M., Grant, O.M., 2002: Use of infrared thermography for monitoring stomatal closure in the field: application to grapevine. Journal of Experimental Botany 53, 2249

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Error reduction in promoted confidence factor of a rule using improved fuzzy rule promotion technique

Systems with Applications, Vol. 36, 2009, 12399-12413. 12. Ferrar o, D. O. Fuzzy Knowledge-Based Model for Soil Condition Assessment in Argentinean Cropping Systems. - Journal of Environmental Modelling & Software, Vol. 24, 2009, 359-370. 13. Sharma, D. K., R. K. Jana. Fuzzy Goal Programming Based Genetic Algorithm Approach to Nutrient Management for Rice Crop Planning. - International Journal of Production Economics, Vol. 121, 2009, 224-232. 14. Omid, M., M. Lashgari, H. Mobl i, R. Al imardan i, S. Mohtaseb i, R

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Selenium supply affects chlorophyll concentration and biomass production of maize (Zea mays L.)

the volume of the sample. 2.4 Statistical analyses SPSS version 19 was used for the analysis of variance for all parameters and to compare treatment means by Duncan’s multiple range test. Linear relationships among the traits were assessed by Pearson correlation analysis. Pearson coefficient was used to calculate the correlations between the assessed parameters. 3 Results and discussion The influence of Se on plants largely depends on its chemical form and its concentration in nutrient solution ( Combs, 2001 ). A stimulating effect with a Se dose of 1

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Freshwater turtle nutrition – a review of scientific and practical knowledge

processing inaherbivorous freshwater turtle: consequences of small-intestine fermentation. Physiol. Zool., 63: 1232-1247. Bonin F., Devaux B., Dupré A. (2006). Turtles of the World. Baltimore, USA, Johns Hopkins University Press, 416 pp. Bouchard S.S. (2004). Diet selection in the yellow-bellied slider turtle, Trachemys sripta: ontogenetic diet shifts and associative effects between animal and plant diet items. Doctoral dissertation, University of Florida. Bouchard S.S., Bjorndal K.A. (2005). Microbial fermentation in

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Detection of Listeria spp. and Listeria monocytogenes in biological samples by SYBR Green I and TaqMan probe-based real-time PCRs

References 1. Amagliani G., Omiccioli E., Brandi G., Bruce I.J., Magnani M.: A multiplex magnetic capture hybridisation and multiplex real-time PCR protocol for pathogen detection in sea food. Food Microbiol 2010, 27, 580–585. 2. Barkallah M., Gharbi Y., Hmani M., Mallek Z., Gautier M., Gdoura R., Fendri I.: Locked nucleic acid probe-based real-time PCR for the diagnosis of Listeria monocytogenes in ruminants. Mol Cell Probe 2016, 30, 138–145. 3. Budniak S., Kędrak-Jabłońska A., Szczawińska A., Reksa M., Krupa M., Szulowski K.: Comparison of

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