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Bogumił M. Nowak and Mariusz Ptak

lakes in the eastern part of the Gniezno Lakeland. In: Anthropogenic and natural transformations of lakes. Vol. 2. Eds. E. Bajkiewicz-Grabowska, D. Borowiak. Gdańsk. Polskie Towarzystwo Limnologiczne p. 119–122. M ikulski Z. 2000. Rozwój badań bilansu wodnego i próba jego oceny w XX wieku w Polsce [Development of water balance research and an attempt to evaluate it in the 20 th century in Poland]. Wiadomości IMGW. Vol. 23 (44). Nr 2 p. 69–75. M inea G., A dler M.J., P atru G. 2016. A hydrometric and hydrological approach test at microscale. Procedia

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Abdelhalim Yahiaoui

W. 1959. Some elementary inequalities relating to the gamma and incomplete gamma function. Journal of Mathematical Physics. No. 38 p. 77–81. DOI 10.1002/sapm195938177. G oldstein M.L., M orris S.A., Y en G.G. 2004. Problems with fitting to the power-law distribution. The European Physical Journal B – Condensed Matter and Complex Systems. Vol. 41. Iss. 2 p. 255–258. DOI 10.1140/epjb/e2004-00316-5. H isdal H., T allaksen L.M. 2000. Drought event definition. Technical Report. No. 6. Assessment of the Regional Impact of Droughts in Europe. University

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Wioletta Żarnowiec, Agnieszka Policht-Latawiec and Agnieszka Pytlik

–2013 przez Instytut Geodezji i Kartografii [CORINE Land Cover – project implemented under the program Copernicus (GMES) GIO Land Monitoring 2011–2013 by the Institute of Geodesy and Cartography] [online]. Access 5.05.2017. Available at: G ałczyńska M., G amrat R., P acewicz K. 2011. Influence of different uses of the environment on chemical and physical features of small water ponds. Polish Journal of Environment Studies. Vol. 20(4) p. 885–894. G ozzard E., M ayes W.M., P otter H.A.B., J arvis A.P. 2011. Seasonal and spatial

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M.G.Y.L. Mahagamage and Pathmalal M. Manage

:// P aranagama P.A. 2013. Potential link between ground water hardness, arsenic content and prevalence of CKDu [online]. Proceedings of the Symposium on “Chronic kidney disease of uncertain origin (CKDu): A scientific basis for future action” p. 1–8. [Access 21.05.2017]. Available at: SLSI 1983. SLS 614 : part 1: Specification for potable water – pt. 1: Physical and chemical requirement. Colombo. SLSI p. 1–19. SLSI 2013. Microbiological test methods for water. P

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Santosh Pingale, Jan Adamowski, Mahesh Jat and Deepak Khare

., A miri B.J., A damowski J., F ohrer N., N akane K. 2013. Assessing the impacts of four land use types on the water quality of wetlands in Japan. Water Resources Management. Vol. 27. Iss. 7 p. 2217–2229. H albe J., P ahl -W ostl C., S endzimir J., A damowski J. 2013. Towards adaptive and integrated management paradigms to meet the challenges of water governance. Water Science and Technology: Water Supply. Vol. 67 p. 2651–2660. H amed K.H., R ao A.R. 1998. A modified Mann–Kendall trend test for auto correlated data. Journal of Hydrology. Vol

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Safia Khelif and Abderrahmane Boudoukha

. 22 p. 271–292. B oussaha S., L aifa A. 2017. Wadi Bounamoussa’s waters quality in the North-East of Algeria: Statistical treatment of some physical and chemical parameters. Journal of Water and Land Development. No. 34 p. 77–83. DOI 10.1515/jwld-2016-0040. C attell R.B. 1966. The scree test for T the number of factors. Multivariate Behavioral Research. Vol. 1. Iss. 2 p. 245–276. D agnelie P. 2006. Statistique théorique et appliquée: Inférences à une et à deux dimensions [Theoretical and applied statistics: Inferences to one and two

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Emeka Ndulue, Ikenna Onyekwelu, Kingsley Nnaemeka Ogbu and Vintus Ogwo

and minimum temperature. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology. Vol. 31. Iss. 2 p. 59–166. C hen R., E rsi K., Y ang J., L u S., Z hao W. 2004. Validation of five global radiation models with measured daily data in China. Energy Conversion and Management. Vol. 45 p. 1759–1769. C hineke T.C. 2008. Equations for estimating global solar radiation in data sparse regions. Renewable Energy. Vol. 33(4) p. 827–831. D avies J.A. 1966. The assessment of evapotranspiration for Nigeria. Geografiska Annaler. Ser. A. Physical Geography. Vol. 48(3) p. 139

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Megersa Olumana Dinka and Meseret Dawit

recycled organic materials in agricultural soils of Washington State. No. 15-07-005. Olympia, Washington. Ecology State of Washington pp. 90. Y adav R., S uman A., P rasad S., P rakash O. 2009. Effect of Gluconacetobacter diazotrophicus and Trichoderma viride on soil health, yield and N-economy of sugarcane cultivation under subtropical climatic conditions of India. European Journal of Soil Science. Vol. 30. Iss. 4 p. 296–303. Y ihenew G. 2002. Selected chemical and physical characteristics of soils of Adet research center and its testing sites in

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M.G.Y.L. Mahagamage, Pavithrani S. Manage and Pathmalal M. Manage

Medicine. Vol. 4. Iss. 8 p. 866–875. SLCM 2011. Laboratory Manual in Microbiology. 2 nd ed. Colombo. Sri Lanka College of Microbiologists. ISBN 978-8891-03-2 pp. 230. SLSCI 2013. Microbiological test methods for water. Part 1 – Detection and enumeration of Escherichia coli and Coliform bacteria – Section 2 – Reference method, SLS 1461 Part 1 Section 3. Colombo. Sri Lanka Standards Institution. S utharsiny A., M anthrithilake H., P athmarajah S., T hushyanthy M., V ithanage M. 2014. Seasonal variation of nitrate-N in groundwater: A case study from