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Evaluation of Breeding Value Based on Scores Achieved in the Polish Championships for Young Horses

References Ducro B.J., Koenen E.P.C., Van Tartwijk J.M.F.M., Bovenhuis H. (2007). Genetic relations of movement and free-jumping traits with dressage and show-jumping performance in competition of Dutch Warmblood horses. Livest. Sci., 107: 227-234. Górecka- Bruzda A., Chruszczewski M.H., Jezierski T., Murphy J. (2011). Behaviour- related traits of Polish sport horse stallions participating in 100-day performance tests. Livest. Sci., 136: 207-215. Koenen E.P.C., Aldridge L.I. (2002). Testing and genetic

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Efficiency of modified therapeutic protocol in the treatment of some varieties of canine cardiovascular dirofilariasis

.: Serological screening of canine heartworm (Dirofilaria immitis) infections in Turkey. Berl Munch Tierarztl Wochenschr 2012, 125, 503-508. 14. Magnis J., Lorentz S., Guardone L., Grimm F., Magi M., Naucke J.T., Deplazes P.: Morphometric analyses of canine blood microfilariae isolated by the Knott’s test enables Dirofilaria immitis and D. repens species-specific and Acanthocheilonema (syn. Dipetalonema) genus-specific diagnosis. Parasit Vectors 2013, 6, 48-52. 15. Mc Call J.W.: The safety-net story about macro cyclic lactone heartworm

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Spinal Cord Injuries in Dogs Part II: Standards of Care, Prognosis and New Perspectives


Severe spinal cord injuries (SCI), causing physical handicaps and accompanied by many serious complications, remains one of the most challenging problems in both, human and veterinary health care practices. The central nervous system in mammals does not regenerate, so the neurological deficits in a dog following SCI persists for the rest of its life and the affected animals display an image of permanent suffering. Diagnostics are based on: neurological examination, plain x-rays of vertebral column, x-rays of the vertebral column following intrathecal administration of a water-soluble contrast medium (myelography), x-rays of the vertebral column following epidural administration of a contrast medium (epidurography), computed tomography (CT) and/or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Currently, only limited therapeutic measures are available for the dogs with SCIs. They include: the administration of methylprednisolone sodium succinate (MPSS) during the acute stage; early spinal cord decompression; stabilisation of vertebral fractures or luxations; prevention and treatment of complications, and expert rehabilitation. Together with the progress in the understanding of pathophysiologic events occurring after SCI, different therapeutic strategies have been instituted, including the local delivery of MPSS, the utilisation of novel pharmacological agents, hypothermia, and stem/precursor cell transplantation have all been tested in the experimental models and preclinical trials with promising results. The aim of this review is the presentation of the generally accepted methods of diagnostics and management of dogs with SCIs, as well as to discuss new therapeutic modalities. The research strategy involved a PubMed, Medline (Ovid), Embase (Ovid) and ISI Web of Science literature search from January 2001 to December 2017 using the term “spinal cord injury”, in the English language literature; also references from selected papers were scanned and relevant articles included.

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Effect of the Composition and Autoclave Sterilization of Diets for Laboratory Animals on Pellet Hardness and Growth Performance of Mice

in commercial chow: implications for pathways influenced by hormones. Lab. Invest., 81: 735-747. Fell J.T., Newton J.M. (1970). Determination of tablet strength by the diametral-compression test. J. Pharm. Sci., 59: 688-691. Ford D.J. (1976). The effect of methods of sterilization on the nutritive value of protein inacommercial rat diet. Brit. J. Nutr., 35: 267-276. Nicklas W., Baneux P., Boot R., Decelle T., Deeny A.A., Fumanelli M., Illgen - - Wilcke B. (2002). Recommendations for the health monitoring of rodent and

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Can roosters′ head ornaments serve as a criterion for their selection as a valuable reproducers?

a). Potential relationships between physical traits and male broiler breeder fertility. Poult. Sci., 82: 328-337. Mc Gary S., Estevez I., Russek - Cohen E. (2003b). Reproductive and aggressive behavior in male broiler breeders with varying fertility levels. Appl. Anim. Behav. Sci., 82: 29-44. Møller A.P. (1990). Fluctuating asymmetry in male sexual ornaments may reliably reveal male quality. Anim. Behav., 40: 1185-1187. Møller A.P. (1994). Directional selection on directional asymmetry: testes size and secondary

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Variability of Selected Clinical and Haematological Indices in Young Stallions During 100-Day Performance Test

.: Laboratory indicators of blood horses - reference values and interpretation. Edited by PIWet 2003, Pulawy, Poland. 17. Muñoz A., Castejõn F.M., Rubio D.M., Vivo R., Agüera E.I., Escribano B.M., Santisteban R.: How erythrocyte and plasma lactate concentrations are related in Andalusian horses during an exercise test and recuperation. J Equine Sci 1996, 7 , 35-42. 18. Muñoz A., Cuesta I., Riber C., Gata J., Trigo P., Castejõn F.M.: Trot asymmetry in relation to physical performance and metabolism in equine endurance rides. Equine Vet J 2006

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Fluorescein as a diagnostic marker of bladder ruptures: an experimental study on rabbit model

References 1. Amarpal K.P., Aithal H.P., Pawde A.M., Paratap K., Gugjoo M.B.: A retrospective study on the prevalence of obstructive urolithiasis in domestic animals during a period of ten years. Adv Anim Vet Sci 2013, 1, 88–92. 2. Bearelly S., Rao S., Fekrat S.: Anaphylaxis following intravenous fluorescein angiography in a vitreoretinal clinic: report of 4 cases. Can J Ophthalmol 2009, 44, 444–445. 3. Cipolla A.F., Khedroo L.G., Casella P. A.: Fluorescein test for rupture of urinary bladder. Surgery 1953, 33, 102–106. 4. Connell R

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Correlations between Vitelline Membrane Strength and Selected Physical Parameters of Poultry Eggs

References Berardinelli A., Ragni L., Giunchi A., Gradari P., Guarnieri A. (2008). Physical-mechanical modifications of eggs for food-processing during storage. Poultry Sci., 87: 2117–2125. Cantani A. (2008). Pediatric Allergy, Asthma and Immunology. Berlin, Springer, pp. 710–713. Caudill A.B., Curtis P.A., Anderson K.E., Kerth L.K., Oyarazabal O., Jones D.R., Musgrove M.T. (2010). The effects of commercial cool water washing of shell eggs on Haugh unit vitelline membrane strength, aerobic microorganisms, and fungi. Poultry Sci., 89: 160

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Effect of thermal stress on physiological and blood parameters in merino sheep

of heat tolerance by physical fitness. J Appl Physiol 1998, 84, 207-214. 13. Schmidt Nielsen K.: Animal Physiology. Adaptation and environment. Press Syndicate of the University of Cambridge, U.K., 1997. 14. Silanikove N.: Effects of heat stress on the welfare of extensively managed domestic ruminants. Livestock Prod Sci, 2000, 67, 1-18. 15. Singh M., Rai A.K., More T., Dhaliwal J.S.: Note on comparative physiological response of sheep and goats to high ambient temperature. Indian J Anim Sci 1980, 50, 202

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The Influence of WPC 80 Additive on the Stability of Water-In-Oil Emulsions

-286. Jędrzejkiewicz K., Florowska A. (2007). Stability and quality of non-cholesterol, low-fat mayonnaise emulsions with inulin (in Polish). Zywn.-Nauk. Technol. Ja., 5: 346-359. Kiokias S., Dimakou C., Oreopoulou V. (2007). Effect of heat treatment and droplet size on the oxidative stability of whey protein emulsions. Food Chem., 105: 94-100. Korhonen H., Pihlanto A. (2006). Bioactive peptides: production and functionality. Review. Int. Dairy J., 16: 945-960. Kryża K., Stodolnik L. (2007). The change of oxidative and physical

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