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Roman E. Romanov and Sophia S. Barinova

References ADLER R., AMIRAN D. H. K., ELIAKIM H., GILEAD M. H., HINBERGER Y., KADMON N., KANTOR M., SHACHAR A. & TSAMERET R. 1985. Atlas of Israel n Cartography, Physical and Human Geography. 3rd ed. 160 pp. Survey of Israel, Tel-Aviv; Macmillan Publishing Co, New York; Collier Macmillan, London. BARBER M. A. 1924. The effect of Chara robbinsii on mosquito larval. Publ. Health Rep. 39(13): 611-615. BARINOVA S. S., ANISSIMOVA O. V., NEVO E. & WASSER S. P. 2005. Diversity and ecology of phytoplankton and

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Bano Mehdi, Ralf Ludwig and Bernhard Lehner

percentiles in streamflow, nitrate nitrogen (NO 3 - -N), and total phosphorus (TP) loads under climate change conditions to 2046–2070 (a mid-term time horizon) compared with a reference period of 1975–2000. For this, a hydrological model was used. Hydrological models are tools consisting of mathematical equations that can simulate the physical processes in a watershed, which lead to nutrient load losses at the outlet. The Altmühl watershed was investigated as water quality problems in the Altmühl River and Lake persist due to diffuse inputs causing elevated phosphorus (P

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Reinhard Nolz

relatively complex physical principles and techniques, such as Bowen ratio–energy balance, eddy covariance, and scintillometers ( Allen et al., 2011 ). Furthermore, recent developments in large-scale soil moisture monitoring—including satellite data and global soil moisture networks, for instance—reveal opportunities to advance science and practice in this regard ( Albergel et al., 2012 ; Ochsner et al., 2013 ). According to recent literature, irrigation water management is more and more considering remotely sensed data, partly in combination with model approaches, in

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Elena Zand, Denisse Bender, Stefano D’Amico, Sandor Tömösközi, Henry Jaeger and Regine Schoenlechner

-free buckwheat breads and experimental procedure To adjust the effect of sourdough on the wholemeal buckwheat bread properties, different sourdough concentrations of 18%, 36% and 54% of total flour weight were tested. Additionally, 82% of total flour weight was analysed to make the results comparable to the previous research ( Bender et al., 2017a ). To study the effect of AX and POx on GF wholemeal buckwheat bread, a random two factor, three level (22) response surface face-centred central composite design was used, which consisted of nine different baking formulations

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Amrei Voelkner, Charlotte Diercks and Rainer Horn

composite sample of the nine repetitions was applied to soils. The chemical analysis of the compost was based on the description of the test certificate of the RAL Quality Assurance. The chemical investigations of the digestate were conducted at the LUFA GmbH, Kiel. The pH and the base saturation ( S -value) were analysed following standard procedures ( Schlichting et al., 1995 ). Both amendments, compost as well as digestate, were characterized by alkaline conditions ( Table 2 ). The compost exhibited about 20-fold higher level of dry substance compared to digestate

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Taru Sandén, Georg J. Lair, Jeroen P. van Leeuwen, Guðrún Gísladóttir, Jaap Bloem, Kristín Vala Ragnarsdóttir, Markus Steffens and Winfried E.H. Blum

(Tukey’s post-hoc test, p<0.05). Tabelle 1. Physiko-chemische und biologische Eigenschaften der Gesamtböden (n=3). Unterschiedliche Buchstaben zeigen statistisch signifikante Unterschiede (Tukey’s Post-Hoc-Test, p<0,05). Obersiebenbrunn Obersiebenbrunn Lassee Lassee Depth (cm) Org-OB Con-OB Org-LA Con-LA Physical soil properties sand (g kg -1 ) 0-15 444 a 414 a 216 b 194 b 30-40 426 a 404 a 195 b 153 b silt (g kg -1 ) 0-15 412 b 447 b

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Heide Spiegel, Teresa Mosleitner, Taru Sandén and Johann G. Zaller

available nutrients, long-term compost application increases other chemical, physical, and biological soil quality parameters ( Lehtinen et al., 2017 ). Compost amendment may enhance water infiltration and water storage capacity and make the crop plants more resilient against extreme weather conditions ( Mäder et al., 2002 ; Fließbach et al., 2008 ). Optimal mineral N fertilization may increase SOC compared to zero N ( Dersch and Böhm, 2001 ), because of the higher crop and root residues. According to Thirukkumaran and Parkinson (2000) , ammonium nitrate reduces

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Theresa Boeck, Stefano D’Amico, Elisabeth Zechner, Henry Jaeger and Regine Schoenlechner

, respectively ( Hitayezu et al., 2015 ). Avenanthramides are highly bioavailable antioxidants ( Chen et al., 2007 ), and in-vivo studies have shown that avenanthramides inhibit the formation of reactive oxygen species after physical exercise and lower LDL-oxidation, both of which are mechanisms protecting against cardiovascular disease ( Ji et al., 2003 ). Avenanthramides also have anti-inflammatory properties, inhibiting the production of pro-inflammatory cytokines by macrophages ( Liu et al., 2004 ). In this study, a comprehensive analysis of the nutritional profile of

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Rebecca Hood-Nowotny

the soil is degraded from organic to inorganic forms, mineralized, by the soil microbial biomass (SMB) ( Figure 1 ). Macrobiotic fauna or physical processes breakdown OM into particulate organic forms. The ensuing enzymatic depolymerization of the particulate organic nitrogen transforms the complex polymeric N into bioavailable, monomeric, dissolved organic nitrogen (DON) forms such as free amino acids (FAAs) and amino sugars ( Schimel and Bennett, 2004 ; Jackson et al., 2008 ). DON is assimilated or immobilized by the SMB, where depending on the soil N status, N

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Gernot Bodner, Axel Mentler, Andreas Klik, Hans-Peter Kaul and Sophie Zechmeister-Boltenstern

flux (µg resp. mg m -2 h -1 ) was then calculated from the change in gas concentration over time. Soil parameters related to the greenhouse gas formation were measured in the upper soil layer (0—5 cm) at the time of gas sampling. Soil physical variables comprised water content and temperature (Vitel Hydra Probe). Soil chemical parameters were mineral N (NO 3 , NH 4 ; ÖNORM L1091) and dissolved organic carbon (DOC). DOC was determined for selected sampling points only due to the limited analytical capacity. A mixed sample (mixture of three replicate samples; 10