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Enterprise Risk Management in Kosovo’s Banking Sector

References AIRMIC, Alarm, IRM. (2010). A structured approach to Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) and the requirements of ISO 31000. Retrieved February 5, 2016, from Allayannis, G., Lei, U., & Miller, D. (2005). Corporate Governance and the Hedging Premium Around the World. Working paper, Darden School of Business (University of Virginia) and Kelley School of Business (Indiana University). Barth, J. R., Caprio, G., & Levine, R. (2004). Bank

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Influence of Modern Process Performance Indicators on Corporate Performance — the Empirical Study

Introduction Corporate performance management presents a way of motivation and management by objectives characterised using quantitative performance indicators. Besides the application of traditional methods in business, successful economic development and market environment development also require the application of new modern methods adapted to contemporary market needs. One modern approach is based on corporate performance evaluation by measuring the performance of internal processes ( Sujová, 2013 ). Business processes are objects of the process approach

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Energy Conservation Programmes in Russia

References Ansoff, H. I. (2007). Strategic Management. Palgrave Macmillan, 114, Retried from Bogdanov, A. B. (2015). Reducing the energy intensity of Russia to the competence of energy regulators not applicable. Portal-Energo, an electronic journal website: BREEAM Europe Commercial (2009). Assessor Manual, SD 5066A Issue 1.0. BRE Global. Retried from http

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Optimization of Flood Protection by Semi-Natural Means and Retention in the Catchment Area: A Case Study of Litavka River (Czech Republic)

., HORSKÝ, M. (2004): Metodika mapování povodňových rizik s pomocí geografických informačních systémů. Praha, ČVUT, Fakulta stavební, 34 pp. HAVLOVÁ, J. (2001): Ekologická studie Litavky. Hydroprojekt. Praha, 332 pp. HOLÝ, M. (1994): Eroze a životní prostředí, Vydavatelství ČVUT Praha, 383 pp. HORNBECK, J. W., BAILEY, S. W., BUSO, D. C., SHANLEY, J. B. (1997): Streamwater Chemistry and Nutrient Budgets for Forested Watersheds in New England: Variability and Management Implications. Forest Ecology and Management, No. 93, p

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Rental and Management Policy of Municipal Residential Buildings: Housing Policy. Case Study of Riga (Part One)

-un-iziretaja-intereses-iresligumam-jabut-rakstveida-un-par-to-butu-jazina-valstij/ Eurostat. (2016). Statistics on housing. Retrieved September 17, 2017, from Geipele, I., Geipele, S., & Stāmure, I. (2013). The System of Social and Economic Factors in the Housing Market. Экономика и управление: вчера, сегодня, завтра [Economy and Management; Yestterday, Today, Tomorrow], 2(3), 39-46. ISSN 2304-4047 Joksts, O., Girgensone, B., & Mihailovs I. J. (2016). Terminu skaidrojošā vārdnīca [Glossary]. Civiltiesības. (Lietu tiesības) [Civil Law. (Case

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Environmental Costs Management of the Project: The Experience of Russia and Mongolia

regulation of natural resources and environmental protection. Proceedings of XIII International scientific-practical conference of the Russian Society for Ecological Economics (pp. 238-243). Moscow. Maam, X. (2009). Innovation: The Way to the development of Mongolia. Innovations: Mongol ulsyn hogzhiliyn Harz, Ulaanbaatar. pp. 20-22. Potravny, I. M., Alnykina, E. M. (2015). On the question of performance criteria in the evaluation of investment projects in the environmental field. Modern problems of project management in

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Digital methods of real estate asset lifecycle management

References Eroshkin, S. Yu., Kallaur, G. Yu., & Papikyan, L. M. (2017). Integrated use of BIM technologies for project management (Integrirovannoye ispolzovaniye BIM-tekhnologiy v tselyakh upravleniya proyektami). Vestnik MGTU STANKIN, 4 (43), 125-130. GOST R, (2016). Building information models. Information delivery manual. Methodology and format (GOST R 57310-2016, ISO 29481-1:2010). Retrieved from GOST R, (2016). Guidelines for knowledge libraries and object libraries

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Crop and Livestock Insurance as Risk Management Instrments in Polish Agriculture Compared to the EU Regulations

References 1. ACT of 23 April 1964 THE CIVIL CODE. Polish Journal of Law 1964, No. 16, item 93, with subsequent amendments. 2. ANTON J. 2015. Risk management in agriculture: What role for policy in the new Common Agricultural Policy? In: Research Handbook on EU Agriculture Law (Editor MCMAHON J. A., – CARDWELL M. N.). Edward Elgar Publishing, Cheltenham. p. 62–85. ISBN 978–1–78195–461–4. 3. COMMUNICATION from the Commission to the Council of 9 March 2005 on risk and crisis management in agriculture. COM (2005) 74, 9 March 2005. [cit. 10

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Framework of performance measurement practices in construction companies in Egypt

L iterature Abd Elhamid, M., & Ghareeb, S. (2011). Measuring Performance in Egyptian Construction Firms Applying Quality Management Systems. Journal of Construction Engineering and Project Management , 1 (2), 18-27. Ahmad, S., Svalestuen, F., Andersen, B., & Torp, O. (2016). A Review of Performance Measurement for Successful Concurrent Construction. Procedia – Social and Behavioral Sciences , 226 , 447-454. Aho, M. (2009). A Capability Maturity Model for Corporate Performance Management. An Empirical Study in Large Finnish Manufacturing

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Linking a performance management system and competencies: Qualitative research

authority for measuring and evaluating business performance according to attributes of the Z-MESOT method. The application of the responsibility and authority as a necessary element of competences in the management process enables to interlink the organisation’s requirements and the employee’s opportunities in a way that permits their development in mutual harmony and to ensure the organisation’s competitiveness (Königová & Hron, 2012; Szczepańska-Woszczyna et al., 2015 ). The competency-based approach in Performance Management System (PMS) focuses on the behaviour and

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