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Gender and Financial Risk: The U.S. and Brazil

), “Risk taking propensity of entrepreneurs”, Academy of Management Journal , Vol. 23 No. 3, pp. 509-520. Brown, D. A. (2007), “Pensions and risk aversion: The influence of race, ethnicity, and class on investor behavior”, Lewis and Clark Law Review , Vol. 11, pp. 385. Byrnes, J. P., Miller, D. C., and Schafer, W. D. (1999), “Gender differences in risk taking: A meta-analysis”, Psychological Bulletin , Vol. 125 No. 3, pp. 367. Campbell, K., and Mínguez-Vera, A. (2008), “Gender diversity in the boardroom and firm financial performance”, Journal of

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Students’ Team Project Experiences and Their Attitudes Towards Teamwork

.L., Wilson, J.R. and Hess, K.C. (2010). Team-based classroom pedagogy reframed: the student perspective. American Journal of Business Education, 3(7): 17-24, Templeton, G.F., Lewis, B.R. and Snyder, C.A. (2002). Development of a Measure for the Organizational Learning Construct. Journal of Management Information Systems, 19(2): 175-218, Thompson, D., Anitsal, I. and Barrett, H. (2008). Attitudes toward teamwork in higher education: a comparative study

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Working Capital Management and Corporate Performance: Evidence from Indonesia

References Abuzayed, B. (2012). Working capital management and firms’ performance in emerging markets: the case of Jordan. International Journal of Managerial Finance , 8 (2): 155–179, Agha, H. (2014). Impact of Working Capital Management on Profitability. European Scientific Journal , 10 (1): 374–381. Akbar, A. (2014). Working Capital Management and Corporate Performance : Evidences from Textile Sector of China. European Academic Research , II (9): 11440–11456. Arabahmadi, A. and Arabahmadi

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Enterprise Risk Management in Kosovo’s Banking Sector

References AIRMIC, Alarm, IRM. (2010). A structured approach to Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) and the requirements of ISO 31000. Retrieved February 5, 2016, from Allayannis, G., Lei, U., & Miller, D. (2005). Corporate Governance and the Hedging Premium Around the World. Working paper, Darden School of Business (University of Virginia) and Kelley School of Business (Indiana University). Barth, J. R., Caprio, G., & Levine, R. (2004). Bank

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Effective energy planning for improving the enterprise’s energy performance

References Anisimova, T.Yu. (2013), “Analysis of standards in energy management”, Middle-East Journal of Scientific Research , Vol. 13, No. 5, pp. 654-657. Antunes, P., Carreira, P. and Silva, M.M.S. (2014), “Towards an energy management maturity model”, Energy Policy , Vol. 73, No. 3, pp. 803–814. Bonacina, F., Corsini, A., De Propris, L., Marchegiani, A. and Mori, F. (2015), “Industrial energy management systems in Italy: State of the art and perspective”, Energy Procedia, Vol. 82, No. 4, pp. 562-569. Brown, M. and Desai, D. (2014

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Energy Conservation Programmes in Russia

References Ansoff, H. I. (2007). Strategic Management. Palgrave Macmillan, 114, Retried from Bogdanov, A. B. (2015). Reducing the energy intensity of Russia to the competence of energy regulators not applicable. Portal-Energo, an electronic journal website: BREEAM Europe Commercial (2009). Assessor Manual, SD 5066A Issue 1.0. BRE Global. Retried from http

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Rental and Management Policy of Municipal Residential Buildings: Housing Policy. Case Study of Riga (Part One)

-un-iziretaja-intereses-iresligumam-jabut-rakstveida-un-par-to-butu-jazina-valstij/ Eurostat. (2016). Statistics on housing. Retrieved September 17, 2017, from Geipele, I., Geipele, S., & Stāmure, I. (2013). The System of Social and Economic Factors in the Housing Market. Экономика и управление: вчера, сегодня, завтра [Economy and Management; Yestterday, Today, Tomorrow], 2(3), 39-46. ISSN 2304-4047 Joksts, O., Girgensone, B., & Mihailovs I. J. (2016). Terminu skaidrojošā vārdnīca [Glossary]. Civiltiesības. (Lietu tiesības) [Civil Law. (Case

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Environmental Costs Management of the Project: The Experience of Russia and Mongolia

regulation of natural resources and environmental protection. Proceedings of XIII International scientific-practical conference of the Russian Society for Ecological Economics (pp. 238-243). Moscow. Maam, X. (2009). Innovation: The Way to the development of Mongolia. Innovations: Mongol ulsyn hogzhiliyn Harz, Ulaanbaatar. pp. 20-22. Potravny, I. M., Alnykina, E. M. (2015). On the question of performance criteria in the evaluation of investment projects in the environmental field. Modern problems of project management in

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The impact of leadership styles on innovation management

Bibliography 1. Almaraz, J. (1994) Quality management and the process of change. Journal of Organizational Change Management , 7, 6–14. 2. Amabile, T.M., Conti, R., Coon, H., Lazenby, J., & Herron, M. (1996) Assessing the work environment for creativity. Academy of Management Journal , 39, 1154–1184. 3. Amabile, T.M., Schatzel, E.A., Moneta, G.B., & Kramer, S.J. (2004) Leader behaviors and the work environment for creativity: Perceived leader support. Leadership Quarterly , 15, 5–32. 4. Anderson, N., de Drew, Carsten K.W., & Nijstad, B

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Digital methods of real estate asset lifecycle management

References Eroshkin, S. Yu., Kallaur, G. Yu., & Papikyan, L. M. (2017). Integrated use of BIM technologies for project management (Integrirovannoye ispolzovaniye BIM-tekhnologiy v tselyakh upravleniya proyektami). Vestnik MGTU STANKIN, 4 (43), 125-130. GOST R, (2016). Building information models. Information delivery manual. Methodology and format (GOST R 57310-2016, ISO 29481-1:2010). Retrieved from GOST R, (2016). Guidelines for knowledge libraries and object libraries

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