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Cristina Cadenas-Sanchez, Raúl Arellano, Jos Vanrenterghem and Gracia López-Contreras

References Barela A, Duarte M. Biomechanical characteristics of elderly individuals walking on land and in water. J Electromyogr Kinesiol, 2008; 18(3): 446-454 Barela A, Stolf SF, Duarte M. Biomechanical characteristics of adults walking in shallow water and on land. J Electromyogr Kinesiol, 2006; 16(3): 250-256 Bell AL, Pedersen DR, Brand RA. A comparison of the accuracy of several hip center location prediction methods. J Biomech, 1990; 23(6): 617-621. Bohannon RW, Andrews AW, Smith MB

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Małgorzata Syczewska, Ewa Szczerbik and Małgorzata Kalinowska

descent in healthy young individuals. Clin Biomech 22: 203 - 210 Reeves ND, Spanjaard M, Mohagheghi AA, Baltzopoulos V, Maganaris CN. Influence of light handrail use on the biomechanics of stair negotiation in old age. Gait & Posture 2008; 28: 327 - 336 Roys MS. Serious stairs injuries can be prevented by improved stair design. Appl. Ergonomics 2001; 32: 135 - 139 Sienko Tomas S, Buckon CE, Jakobson-Huston S, Sussman MD, Aiona MD. Stair locomotion in children with spastic hemiplegia: the

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Shun-Ping Lin, Wen-Hsu Sung, Fon-Chu Kuo, Terry B.J. Kuo and Jin-Jong Chen

domain indices with respect to sleep staging. Clin Neurophysiol, 2011; 123: 1338-1345 Kuo TBJ, Yang CCH. Frequency domain analysis of electrooculogram and its correlation with cardiac sympathetic function. Exp Neurol, 2009; 217: 38-45 Kyrolainen H, Belli A, Komi PV. Biomechanical factors affecting running economy. Med Sci Sport Exer, 2001; 33: 1330-1337 Le Bris R, Billat V, Auvinet B, Chaleil D, Hamard L, Barrey E. Effect of fatigue on stride pattern continuously measured by an accelerometric gait recorder in middle

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K.K Żur

electrogoniometer . - Proc. ed. by Christian Hogfors, vol.12, University of Goeteberg, Sweden, pp.21-27. Jaworek K. and Ferenc A. (1992): A cordless electrogoniometer for simplified gait analysis . - Proc. of International Centre of Biocybernetics IBiB-PAN, Warsaw, pp.53-63. Winter D.A. (1991): The Biomechanics and Motor Control of Human Gait: Normal, Elderly and Pathological , (second edition). - Univeristy of Waterloo Press. Żur K.K. (2011): A new idea of modelling and dynamic analysis of human walking apparatus . - Acta

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K.K. Żur

): Mathematical theory of optimal process. - Moskva: Nauka Press. Winter D.A. (1991): The Biomechanics and Motor Control of Human Gait: Normal, Elderly and Pathological (second edition). - University of Waterloo Press. Tou J.T. (1964): Theory of control. - Warsaw: N-T Press. Żur K.K. (2011): A new idea of modelling and dynamic analysis of human walking apparatus. - Acta Mechanica et Automatica, No.1, Bialystok, pp.148-153. Żur K.K. and Jaworek K.A. (2011): New idea of control of walking anthropomorphic DAR type

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Colin Utz-Meagher, John Nulty and Lisa Holt

insole device. Barefoot Science Technologies Inc. Chen, W., Tang, F., & Ju, C. (2001). Stress distribution of the foot during mid-stance to push-off in barefoot gait: a 3-D finite element analysis. Clinical Biomechanics, 16 , 614-620. Dartfish Corporation. Retrived Novemeber 5, 2009. Website: De Koning, J., & Nigg, B. (1993). Kinematic factors affecting initial peak vertical ground reaction forces in running. In Abstracts of the XIVth Congress of the

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Jonathan Sinclair, Paul John Taylor, Andrew Greenhalgh, Christopher James Edmundson, Darrell Brooks and Sarah Jane Hobbs

-178 Cappozzo A. Gait analysis methodology. Hum Mov Sci , 1984; 3: 25-54 Cappozzo A, Cappello A, Croce U, Pensalfini F. Surface-marker cluster design criteria for 3-D bone movement reconstruction. IEEE Transactions on Biomed Eng , 1997; 44: 1165-1174 Corazza S, Mundermann L, Chaudhari AM, Demattio T, Cobelli C, Andriacchi TP. A Markerless Motion Capture System to Study Musculoskeletal Biomechanics: Visual Hull and Simulated Annealing Approach, Ann Biomed Eng , 2006; 34: 1019-1029 Della Croce U, Cappozzo A, Kerrigan DC. Pelvis

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Filip Uherčík and Branislav Hučko

References Stephanie L. Carey, M. Jason Highsmith, Murray E. Maitland, Rijav V. Dubey, Compensatory movements of transradial prosthesis users during common tasks. Clinical Biomechanics 23 (2008) 1128-1135, Elsevier Ltd., 2008. Carolien J. van Andel, Nienke Wolterbeek, Caroline A. M. Doorenbosch, DirkJan (H. E.J) Veeger, Jaap Harlaar, Complete 3D kinematics of upper extremity functional tasks , Gait & Posture 27 (2008) 120-127, 2007. Davide Gattamelata, Eugenio Pezzuti, Pier Paolo

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Maki Takei, Hideki Shimizu and Minoru Hoshiyama

., Ostir G. V., Fisher S. R., Ottenbacher K. J., Assessing walking speed in clinical research: a systematic review. J Eval Clin Pract , 2008, 14, 552-562. doi:10.1111/j.1365-2753.2007.00917.x. Hreljac A., Marshall R. N., Algorithms to determine event timing during normal walking using kinematic data. J Biomech , 2000, 33, 783-786. Watelain E., Barbier F., Allard P., Thevenon A., Angué J. C., Gait pattern classification of healthy elderly men based on biomechanical data. Arch Phys Med Rehabil , 2000, 81, 579-586. doi

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Soraia Cristina Tonon Da Luz, Aluisio Otavio Vargas Ávila, Mario César De Andrade and Beatriz Conceição Silva Alves Rodrigues

Rehabil , 1996, 77 (9), 849-855, doi: 10.1016/S0003-9993(96)90269-5. 17. Vanicek N., Strike S., McNaughton L., Polman R., Gait patterns in transtibial amputee fallers vs. non-fallers: Biomechanical differences during level walking. Gait Posture , 2009, 29 (3), 415-420, doi: 10.1016/j.gaitpost. 2008.10.062. 18. Silverman A.K., Fey N.P., Portillo A., Walden J.G., Bosker G., Neptune R.R., Compensatory mechanisms in below-knee amputee gait in response to increasing steadystate walking speeds. Gait Posture , 2008, 28 (4), 602-609, doi: 10