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Human dirofilariasis in Bulgaria between 2009 and 2018


Autochthonous Dirofilaria repens infections have been found in dogs and other carnivores in most European countries. In the same countries, reports of human dirofilariasis are becoming increasingly prevalent. We present 18 cases of people infected with D. repens for a 10-year period traced in our hospital. The data was collected from the observations and tests of all 18 patients from the whole country treated at the Specialized Hospital for Infectious and Parasitic Diseases in Sofia in the period 2009 – 2018. We used a morphological method, serology test and Knott’s method for microfilariae. The patients were 11 to 74 years of age, 12 female and 6 male. In most cases, patients have subcutaneous nodules or face, eyelid and eyes localization. The trend of increasing incidence in Bulgaria continues, with age and sex distribution and localization of the larva being similar to those in other European countries.

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Effect of Age and Temperament Type on Reproductive Parameters of Female Raccoon Dogs (Nyctereutes Procyonoides Gray) / Wpływ Wieku I Temperamentu Na Parametry Rozrodcze Samic Jenota (Nyctereutes Procyonoides Gray)

References Barabasz B., Łapiński S., Fortuńska D. (2011). Productive value of Finn raccoons (Nyctereutes procyonoides Gray 1834) with confident temperament. Ann. Anim. Sci., 11: 165-170. Fortuńska D., Gacek L. (2001). Study of behaviour of raccoon dogs (Nyctereutes procyonoides). Rocz. Nauk. Zoot. Supl., 12: 365-372. Gacek L. (1999). The proposal of new behavioural test for the polar fox. Empathic test. Scientifur, 23: 201-205. Helle E., Kauhala K. (1991). Distribution history and present

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Evaluation of inbreeding and relationship coefficients in Hovawart dogs and analysis of trends in coat colour changes / Ocena stopnia zinbredowania i spokrewnienia psów rasy hovawart oraz analiza tendencji zmian umaszczenia


Analyses were conducted on pedigrees of 845 animals registered at the Hovawart Club in Poland (113 dogs and their ancestors). The degree of inbreeding was calculated for the whole population (0.0026) and separately for male dogs (0.0021) and bitches (0.0031), and the coefficient of mean relationship was calculated for the entire population (0.0064), among male dogs (0.0064), among females (0.0073) and between males and females (0.0061). The inbreeding and relationship coefficients obtained are lower than those estimated for Polish populations of other dog breeds. The calculated effective number of founders (268) and ancestors (233) may indicate rather low genetic diversity. Preferences of breeders concerning coat colour were discussed. Black and tan coat dogs dominated at first, followed by blond ones, and over the last five of the analysed years black coat dogs emerged.

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Helminths of Wild Predatory Mammals (Mammalia, Carnivora) of Ukraine. Trematodes

-115. Shimalov, V. V, Shimalov, V. T. 2001. Alaria alata (Trematoda: Alariidae) - a parasite of canids in Belarusian Polesye. Parazitologiya, 35 (1), 77-79 [In Russian]. Sołtys, A. 1964. Helmintofauna wilków (Canis lupus). Wiadomości Parazytologiczne, 10, 59-62. Thiess, A.‚ Schuster, R. ‚ Nöckler, K.‚ Mix, H. 2001. Helminths findings in indigenous raccoon dogs Nyctereutes procyonoides (Gray‚ 1843). Berl Munch Tierarztl Wochenchr., 114 (7-8), 273-276. Troitskaya, A. A. 1960. Helminth fauna of wild fur-bearing animals in Tatar ASSR

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Helminths of Wild Predatory Mammals of Ukraine. Nematodes

Zoologii, 45 (6), 483-490. Kornyushin, V. V., Varodi E. I. 2010. Helminths of domestic and wild cats in Ukraine. Naukovyi Visnyk Natsionalnogo Universytetu Bioresursiv i Pryrodokorystuvannia Ukrainy, 151, 2 [In Ukrainian]. Kornyushin, V. V., Malyshko, E. I., Malega, O. M. 2013. Domestic dogs and cats as reservoirs of natural foci and zoonotic helminthoses in present conditions of Ukraine. Veterynarna Medytsina, 97, 383-387 [In Ukrainian]. Korol, E. N., Varodi, E. I., Kornyushin, V. V., Malega A. M. 2016. Helminths of Wild

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Inbreeding in a population of Polish Holstein-Friesian young bulls before and after genomic selection

Variability of Cold-Blooded Horses Participating in Genetic Resources Conservation Programs, Using Pedigree Analysis. Ann. Anim. Sci. 19(1), 49-60. Różańska-Zawieja J., Nienartowicz-Zdrojewska A., Mucha M., Sobek Z., Stanisławski D., Gierdziewicz M., Kania-Gierdziewicz J. (2013): Evaluation of inbreeding and relationship coefficients in Hovawart dogs and analysis of trends in coat colour changes. Ann. Anim. Sci. 13(2), 253-262. Sanchez-Molano E., Pong-Wong R., Banos G. (2016): Genomic-Based Optimum Contribution in Conservation and Genetic Improvement Programs

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Morpholoical Study of the Brandt’s Hedgehog, Paraechinus hypomelas (Eulipotyphla, Erinaceidae), Tongue

Persian squirrel Sciurus anomalus. On. J. Vet. Res., 18 , 132–144. Goodarzi, N., Shah-Hoseini, T. 2015. Fine Structure of Lingual Papillae in the Markhoz Goat (Iranian Angora): A Scanning Electron Microscopic Study. Int. J. Zool. Res., 11 , 160–168. Hutterer, R., Wilson, D. E., Reeder, D. M. 2005. Mammal Species of the World: A Taxonomic and Geographic Reference. 3rd ed. Johns Hopkins University Press , Baltimore, Maryland, 1–217. Iwasaki, S., Miyata, K. 1989. Fine structure of the filliform papilla of beagle dogs. J. Morphol., 201 , 235

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1,25(OH)2D3 Induced Alterations in Plasma Calcium, Inorganic Phosphate, Ultimobranhial Gland and Parathyroid Gland of the Garden Lizard, Calotes Versicolor

administration of active vitamin D 3 . Acta. Pathol. Jpn. , 34: 313-324. Nunez, E. A., Hedhammar, A., Wu F. M., Whallen, J. P. and Krook L. 1974: Ultrastructure of parafollicular (C) cells and the parathyroid cells in growing dogs on a high calcium diet. Lab. Invest. , 31: 96-108. Oguro, C., 1969: Notes on the parathyroid glands of some lizards. Annot. Zool. Jpn. , 42: 203-209. Oguro, C., 1970: Parathyroid gland of the snake, Elaphe quqdrivirgata with special reference to parathyroidectomy. Gen

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Methods for measuring mammalian personalities: In which animals and how accurately can we quantify it?

peaceful mouse? Acta Theriologica , 45 : 201–209. S uchomelová E., M unclinger P. & F rynta D., 1998: New evidence of pseudosexual behaviour and female aggression in mice: neutral cage interactions in Mus spicilegus and Mus spretus (Rodentia: Muridae). Folia Zoologica , 47 : 241–247. S vartberg K., 2005: A comparison of behaviour in test and in everyday life: evidence of three consistent boldness-related personality traits in dogs. Applied Animal Behaviour Science , 91 : 103–128. Š imková O., F rýdlová P., Ž ampachová B., F rynta D

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From waste to sustainable feed material: the effect of Hermetia illucens oil on the growth performance, nutrient digestibility, and gastrointestinal tract morphometry of broiler chickens

-1562. Kierończyk B., Rawski M., Józefiak A., Mazurkiewicz J., Świątkiewicz S., Siwek M., Bednarczyk M., Szumacher-Strabel M., Cieślak A., Benzertiha A., Jóżefiak D. (2018b). Effects of replacing soybean oil with selected insect fats on broilers. Anim. Feed Sci. Tech., 240: 170-183. Kierończyk B., Rawski M., Pawełczyk P., Różyńska J., Golusik J., Mikołajczak Z., Józefiak D. (2018a). Do insects smell attractive to dogs? A comparison of dog reactions to insects and commercial feed aromas–a preliminary study. Ann. Anim. Sci., 18: 795-800. Kosson R., Felczyński K

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