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New records of invasive Parakeet hybrids in Spain. A great opportunity to apply the rapid response mechanism

References Abellán, P., Carrete, M., Anadón, J.D., Cardador, L. & Tella, J.L. (2015) Non‐random patterns and temporal trends (1912–2012) in the transport, introduction and establishment of exotic birds in Spain and Portugal. Diversity and Distributions, 22, 263–273 Ancillotto, L., Strubbe, D., Menchetti, M. & Mori, E. (2016) An overlooked invader? Ecological niche, invasion success and range dynamics of the Alexandrine parakeet in the invaded range. Biological Invasions, 18, 583–595 Arndt, T. & Pittman, A.J. (1996) Lexicon of Parrots. Arndt

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Tardigrades as potential bioindicators in biological wastewater treatment plants

References Barrett, G. & Kimmel, R. (1971–1972) Effects of DDT on the density and diversity of tardigrades. Proc. Iowa Acad. Sci., 78, 41–42. Caron, D.A., Davis, P.G., Madlin, L.P. & Sieburth J.M. (1982) Heterotrophic bacteria and bacterivorous protozoa in oceanic macro-aggregates. Science, 218, 795–797. Chen, S., Xu, M., Cao, H., Zhu, J., Zhou, K., Xu, J., et al. (2004) The activated-sludge fauna and performance of five sewage treatment plants in Beijing, China. Eur. J. Protistol., 40, 147–152. Clegg, J.S. (1973) Do dried cryptobiotes

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Seasonal changes in avian communities living in an extensively used farmland of Western Poland

Biology, 25, 241-249. doi: 10.1111/j.1523-1739.2010.01635.x Laaksonen, T. & Lehikoinen, A. (2013) Population trends in boreal birds: Continuing declines in agricultural, northern, and long-distance migrant species. Biological Conservation, 168, 99-107. doi: 10.1016/j.biocon.2013.09.007 Magurran, A. (2004) Measuring Biological Diversity. Blackwell Science: Oxford; UK. Mantel, N. (1967) The detection of disease clustering and a generalized regression approach. Cancer Research, 27, 209-220. Marfil-Daza, C

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On the methodology of feeding ecology in fish

. Oceanological and Hydrobiological Studies, 44(1), 120-126. Begon, M., Townsend, C.R. & Harper, J.L. (2006) Ecology: From Individuals to Ecosystems, 4 th edn. Blackwell Publication, Malden, MA. Baker, R., Buckland, A. & Sheaves, M. (2014) Fish gut content analysis: robust measures of diet composition analysis. Fish and Fisheries, 15, 170-177. Behrens, M.D. & Lafferty, K.D. (2007) Temperature and diet effects on omnivorous fish performance: Implications for the latitudinal diversity gradient in herbivorous fishes. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic

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Pushing back the baseline: a novel approach to detect long-term changes in terrestrial faunal abundance using historical qualitative descriptions

Francisco Bay area 1927-2005. Western Birds, 38, 102-136. Cambridgeshire Bird Club. (2011) Cambridgeshire Bird Report 2010. Cambridgeshire Bird Club, Cambridge, UK. Cambridgeshire County Council. (2010) Cambridgeshire Land Use Analysis 2010. Cambridgeshire County Council, Cambridge, UK. Catterall, C.P., Cousin, J.A., Piper, S. & Johnson, G. (2010) Long-term dynamics of bird diversity in forest and suburb: decay, turnover or homogenization? Diversity and Distributions, 16, 559-570. Chabrzyk, G. & Coulson, J.C. (1976) Survival and recruitment in the Herring Gull

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Diatom and microarthropod communities of three airfields in Estonia – their differences and similarities and possible linkages to airfield properties

. Ecological Monographs, 67, 345-366. Eitminavičiūtė, I. (2006a) Microarthropod communities in anthropogenic urban soils 1. Structure of microarthropod complexes in soils of roadside lawns. Entomological Review, 86, S128-S135. Eitminavičiūtė, I. (2006b) Microarthropod communities in anthropogenic urban soils 2. Seasonal dynamics of microarthropod abundance in soils at roundabout junctions. Entomological Review, 86, S136-S146. Fischer, L.K., von der Lippe, M. & Kowarik, I. (2013) Urban land use types contribute

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Occurrence and dynamics of Impatiens parviflora depending on various environmental conditions in the protected areas in Slovakia

, 44, 701–712. Crawley, M.J. (1986) The population biology of invaders. Philos Trans R Soc B, 314, 711–729. Csontos, P. (1986) Dispersal and establishment of Impatiens parviflora, an introduced plant in a hardwood forest. Abstracta Botanica, 10, 341–348. Čuda, J., Skálová, H., Janovský, Z. & Pyšek, P. (2014) Habitat requirements, short-term population dynamics and coexistence of native and invasive Impatiens species: a field study. Biol Invasions, 16, 177–190. Chmura, D. (2006) Wpływ gatunków inwazyjnych na różnorodnosc fitocenotyczna

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Estimation of biomass density and carbon storage in the forests of Andhra Pradesh, India, with emphasis on their deforestation and degradation conditions

. Current Science 103(5), 536-540. Prasad, V.K., Badarinath, K.V.S. & Anuradha, E. (2008) Biophysical and anthropogenic controls of forest fires in the Deccan Plateau, India. Journal of Environmental Management, 86(1), 1-13. Ravindranath, N.H., Somashekar, B.S. & Gadgil, M. (1997) Carbon flow in Indian forests, Climatic Change, 35(3), 297-320. Sedjo, R.A., Sohngen, B. & Jagger, P. (1998) Carbon Sinks in the Post- Kyoto World. RFF Climate Issue Brief No. 13, Internet Edition. Sharma, C.M., Baduni, N.P., Gairola, S., Ghildiyal, S.K. & Suyal, S. (2010) Tree diversity and

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Primary sand-dune plant community and soil properties during the west-coast India monsoon

its quantification with geostatistics. Ecology, 74, 612–614. Jakobsen, S.T. (1993) Interaction between plant nutrients: III. Antagonism between potassium, magnesium and calcium. Acta Agriculturae Scandinavica B-Plant Soil Sciences, 43, 1–5. Kachi, N. & Hirose, T. (1983) Limiting nutrients for plant growth in coastal sand dune soils. J. Ecol., 71, 937–944. Karthikeyan, C. & Selvaraj, T. (2009) Diversity of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF) on the coastal saline soils of the west coast of Kerala, Southern India. World J. Ag. Sci., 5, 803

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The evolutionary ecology of interactive synchronism: the illusion of the optimal phenotype

References Abbate, L., Kada, S. & Lion, S. (2015) Beyond mortality: sterility as a neglected component of parasite virulence. PLoS Pathogenes, 11, 1-10. Abrams, P.A. (2006) The effects of switching behavior on the evolutionary diversification of generalist consumers. American Naturalist, 168, 645-659. Amos, W. & Hardwood, J. (1998) Factors affecting levels of genetic diversity in natural populations. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London B Biological Sciences, 353, 177

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