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Senior entrepreneurship – key facts at regional level in Romania

Engagement (PACE). Contemporary Clinical Trials 36, 284-297. Giacomin, O., Guyot, J.L., Janssen, F., Lohest, O. (2007). Novice Creators: Personal Identify and Push Pull Dynamics. Crecis, Working paper 7/10. Available on Accessed 1st of Nov 2017 Harms, R., Luck, F., Kraus, S. , Walsh, S. (2014). On the motivational drivers of gray entrepreneurship: An exploratory study. Technological Forecasting & Social Change 89, 358-365. Huges, K.D. (2003

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Bank Versus Stock Market Development in Brazil: An ARDL Bounds Testing Approach

. Stock market development and economic growth: Evidence from seven sub-Sahara African countries. Journal of Economics and Business 61 (2): 162-171. Akinlo, A. E. and Egbetunde, T. 2010. Financial development and economic growth: The experience of 10 sub-Saharan African countries revisited. The Review of Finance and Banking 2 (1): 17-28. Allen, F. and Gale, D. 1999. Diversity of Opinion and the Financing of New Technologies. Journal of Financial Intermediation 8: 68-89. Ang, J. B. and McKibbin, W. J. 2007. Financial liberalization, financial sector

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Poverty amongst Female-headed Households in Bosnia and Herzegovina: an empirical analysis

Cultural Change , Vol 45 No 2 Chant, S. 1997, ‘Women-headed Households: Diversity and Dynamics in the Developing World’, Houndmills, Basingstoke: Macmillan. Chen, M. And Dreze J. 1995, ‘Recent research on widows in India: Workshop and conference report. Economic and Political Weekly (Bombay) . pp. 2435-2450. Degraff, D. S., and Bilsborrow, R. E. 1992, ‘Female-headed households and family welfare in rural Ecuador’, Paper presented at the 1992 meetings of the Population Association of America

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Organizational Factors, Organizational Culture, Job Satisfaction and Entrepreneurial Orientation in Public Administration

.M. (2013). Public sector innovation - From theory to measurement. Structural Change and Economic Dynamics, 27, 133-145. doi:10.1016/j.strueco.2013.06.008. Bowen, D.E. (1986). Managing customers as human resources in service organizations. Human Resource Management, 25(3), 371. doi:10.1002/ hrm.3930250304. Calantone, R.J., Cavusgil, S.T., & Zhao, Y. (2002). Learning orientation, firm innovation capability, and firm performance. Industrial marketing management, 31(6), 515-524. doi:10.1016/S0019-8501(01)00203-6. Chatman, J

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Managerial Characteristics and Export Performance – Empirical Evidence from Kosovo

-247. Du, J. and Temouri, Y. 2015. High-growth firms and productivity: evidence from the United Kingdom. Small Business Economics 44 (1): 123-143. Eaton, J. and Kortum, S. 2001. Trade in capital goods. European Economic Review 45 (7): 1195-1235. Ensley, M. D., Pearson, A., and Pearce, C. L. 2003. Top management team process, shared leadership, and new venture performance: A theoretical model and research agenda. Human Resource Management Review 13 (2): 329-346. Esteve-Perez, S. and Rodriguez, D. 2013.The dynamics of exports

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Religion’s Possible Role in Facilitating Eusocial Human Societies. A Behavioral Biology (Ethological) Perspective

: Cambridge, 2009. 62. Hamilton, W. D. The Genetical Theory of Social Behavior, Parts I and II. Journal of Theoretical Biology, 12(1), 1964, pp. 12-45. 63. Hammer, M. F. et al. Sex-Biased Evolutionary Forces Shape Genomic Patterns of Human Diversity. PLOS Genetics, Sept. 36, 2008, doi: 10.1371/journal.pgen.1000202. 64. Hardy, A. The Biology of God: A Scientist’s Study of Man the Religious Animal. New York: Taplinger Publishing Company, 1975. 65. Harris, L. T., Fiske, S. T. Dehumanizing the Lowest of the Low

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The Relationship Between Board Characteristics and Environmental Disclosure: Evidence from Turkish Listed Companies

disclosures: are they useful in determining environmental performance?. Journal of Accounting and Public Policy 20 (3): 217-240. Huse, M. and Grethe Solberg, A. 2006. Gender-related board-room dynamics: How Scandinavian women make and can make contributions on corporate boards. Women in Management Review 21 (2): 113-130. Iatridis, G. E. 2013. Environmental disclosure quality: Evidence on environmental performance, corporate governance and value relevance. Emerging Markets Review 14: 55-75. Ienciu, I. A., Popa, I. E. and Ienciu, N. M. 2012. Environmental

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Nature or Nurture – Will Epigenomics Solve the Dilemma?

, M. I., Skinner, M. K. Epigenetic transgenerational inheritance of altered stress responses. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 109, 2012, pp. 9143-9148. 30. Curley, J. P., Champagne, F.A. Influence of maternal care on the developing brain: Mechanisms, temporal dynamics and sensitive periods. Frontiers in Neuroendocrinology 40, 2016, pp. 52-66. 31. Dawson, M. A., Kouzarides, T. Cancer epigenetics: from mechanism to therapy. Cell 150(1), 2012, pp. 12-27. 32. Daxinger, L

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Bold vision: Gender diversity stuck in transition

References Adams, R. B. (2016). Women on boards: The superheroes of tomorrow? (ECGI Finance Working Paper 466, 1-55). Adams, R. B. & Ferreira, D. (2009). Women in the boardroom and their impact on governance and performance. Journal of Financial Economics, 94(2), 291-309. Adams, R. B., Haan, J., Terjesen, S. & Ees, H. van (2015). Board diversity: Moving the field forward. Corporate Governance: An International Review, 23(2), 77-82. Akaah, I. P. (1989). Differences in research ethics judgments

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Determinants of under-representation of women on Boards of Directors: an exploratory study of African public and private firms

habiletes politiques, point de salut!. Revue Gestion, 130-139. Harjoto, M., Laksmana, I., & Lee, R. (2015). Board diversity and corporate social responsibility. Journal of Business Ethics, 132, 641-660. Hillman, J. A. (2015). Board diversity: beginning to unpeel the onion. Corporate Governance: An International Review, 23(2), 104-107. Huse, M., & Solberg, A. G. (2006). Gender-related boardroom, dynamics: how Scandinavian women make and can make contributions on corporate boards. Women

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