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Marta Pawlak, Beata Wnuk, Daniela Kowalicka and Aleksandra Rosłoniec

Res Rev 2011;17(2):114-29. 8. Novak I. Evidence-based diagnosis, health care and rehabilitation for children with cerebral palsy. J Child Neurol 2014;29(8):1141-56. 9. Mellaerts E, Sevenants W, editors. Zaopatrzenie ortopedyczne kończyny górnej w MPDZ. Konferencja PS NDT-Bobath; 2015 May 9; Warszawa: Polskie Stowarzyszenie NDT-Bobath; 2015. 10. Case-Smith J, DeLuca S, Stevenson R, Ramey S. Multicenter randomized controlled trial of pediatric constraint-induced movement therapy: 6-month follow-up. Am J Occup Ther 2012

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Sandra M. Leitner

References Aghion, P., Fally, T. and S. Scarpetta. 2007. Credit Constraints as a Barrier to the Entry and Post-Entry Growth of Firms. Paper prepared for the 45th Panel Meeting of Economic Policy. Aghion, P. and Howitt, P. 1992. A model of growth through creative destruction. Econometrica 60 (2): 323-351. Álvarez, R. and Crespi, G. 2011. Financing Gaps, Innovation Gaps?: New Evidence from Chile. Paper presented at the 2011 Globelics Conference. Anderson, T. W. 1984. Introduction to Multivariate

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Marek Nowacki

BIBLIOGRAPHY C rawford D., G odey G., 1987, Reconceptualizing barriers to family leisure, Leisure Sciences , 9, pp. 119-127. C rawford D., J ackson E., G odey G., 1991, Leisure constraints, Leisure Sciences 13, 4, pp. 309-320. D avies A.J., P rentice R.C., 1995, Conceptualising the Latent Visitor to Heritage Attractions, Tourism Management , 16, 7, pp. 491-500. D avies S., 2005, Still Popular: Museums and their Visitors 1994-2004, Cultural Trends , 14, 1, pp. 67-105. G odbey G., 1985, Nonuse of public leisure services

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Sabah Daniar, Mojtaba Shiroei and Rahmat Aazami

. TOMSOVIC: Application of linear matrix inequalities for load frequency control with communication delays. IEEE Trans. on Power Systems, 19 (2004), 1508-1515. [8] H. GOLPIRA, H. BEVRANI and H. GOLPIRA: Application of GA optimization for automatic generation control design in an interconnected power system. Energy Convers Manage, 52 (2011), 2247-2255. [9] J. MACIEJOWSKI: Predictive Control with Constraints. London, Prentice Hall, 2003, 1-104. [10] T.H. MOHAMED, H. BEVRANI, A.A. HASSAN and T. HIYAMA: Decentralized model

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Michal Marton and Iveta Paulová

References COX, Jeff; GOLDRATT, Eliyahu M. The goal: a process of ongoing improvement. [Croton-on-Hudson, NY]: North River Press, 1986, ISBN 0-88427-061-0 [2] BASL, J., MAJER P., ŠMÍRA M. Teorie omezení v podnikovej praxi. Grada Publishing, 2003, ISBN 80-247-0613-X

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Anna Filasová and Dušan Krokavec

), 544-548. A. Filasová and D. Krokavec: State estimate based control design using the unified algebraic approach. Archives of Control Sciences , 20 (1), (2010), 5-18. N. Gupta: Kalman filtering in the presence of state space equality constraints. In Proc. of the 26 th Chinese Control Conf. , Zhangjiajie, China, (2007), 107-113. H. Hahn: Linear systems controlled by stabilized constraint relations. In Proc. of the 31 st IEEE Conf. on Decision and Control , Tucson, Arizona, (1992), 840

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Justyna Trojanowska and Ewa Dostatni

-Technical Gazette, 19, 2, 211–220, 2012. [7] A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge, PMI, USA 2012. [8] Cox J.F., Schleier J.G., Theory of Constraints. Handbook , McGraw-Hill Companies, US, 2010. [9] Kastor A., Sirakoulis K., The effectiveness of resource levelling tools for resource constraint project scheduling problem , International Journal of Project Management, 27, 5, 493–500, 2009. [10] Hall N.G., Project management: Recent developments and research opportunities , Journal of Systems Science and Systems Engineering, 21, 2, 129

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Valentina Rădulescu


Our study presents a comparative analysis of selected texts from several translations of Queneau’s Exercices de style: the Romanian version (a collective work coordinated by Romulus Bucur), the English version (Barbara Wright) and the Italian one (Umberto Eco) that illustrate the variable degrees of difficulties in translating. The analysis is meant to confirm our research hypothesis: though disruptive and often hardly surmountable, translation constraint does not stifle translator’s creativity or his fidelity toward the original style; on the contrary, it stimulates the translational process and fosters the rewriting-creation.

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Marcin Relich

management: a modular fuzzy inference system approach in supplier selection for new product development. Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing , Vol. 19, pp.1-12. [38] Doskocil R., 2016. An evaluation of total project risk based on fuzzy logic. Business: Theory and Practice , 17(1), pp.23-31. [39] Doskocil R., 2015. Fuzzy logic: an instrument for the evaluation of project status. Revista de Metodos Cuantitativos para la Economia y la Empresa , Vol. 19, pp.5-23. [40] Relich M., 2013. Fuzzy project scheduling using constraint programming. Applied

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Marcin Pękal and Janusz Fraczek

References [1] Amirouche F.M.L.: Fundamentals of Multibody Dynamics, Theory and Applications, Birkhäuser Boston, 2006. [2] Bauchau O.A., Laulusa A.: Review of Contemporary Approaches for Constraint Enforcement in Multibody Systems, Journal of Computational and Nonlinear Dynamics, 3, 1, 011005 (1-8), 2008. [3] Baumgarte J.W.: Stabilization of constraints and integrals of motion in dynamical systems, Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering, 1, 1, 1972, 1-16. [4] de Falco D., Pennestrì