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Olusegun Ajíbóyè, Stephen Fọlárànmí and Nanashaitu Umoru-Ọkẹ

Yorùbá wood Decorated Carvings. Journal of Arts and Ideas , 2 (3), 44–54. Atanda, J. A. (1980). An introduction to Yoruba history . Ibadan, Nigeria: Ibadan University Press. Borev, Y. (1985). Aesthetics : a textbook . Moscow: Progress Publishers. Brain, R. (1980). Art and society in Africa . London: Longman. Campbell, B. (2001). Yoruba shrine painting traditions : color, cosmos, process and aesthetics . Daramola, O., & Jeje, A. (1967). Awon Asa ati Orisa ile Yoruba. Ibadan: Onibonoje Press. Dmochowski, Z. (1990). An Introduction to

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David Ramiro Troitiño and Archil Chochia

Churchill's Speeches . A&C Black, 2013. 11. Churchill, Winston S. Painting as a Pastime . Rosetta Books, 2014. 12. Churchill, Winston, and Robert Rhodes James. Winston S. Churchill: His Complete Speeches, 1897-1963 . Chelsea House Publications, 1974. 13. Churchill, Winston, ed. The Great Republic: A History of America . Random House LLC, 2001. 14. Churchill, Winston. “Sinews of Peace (Iron Curtain Speech).” Westminster College, Fulton, Missouri/ABD 5 (1946). 15. Churchill, Winston. “Speech at a Conservative Mass Meeting, Llandudno, 9

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Mária Kiššová

References Agel, J. (ed.). 1970. The Making of Kubrick’s 2001. New York: Signet. Arber, S. 2013. Nabokov’s Personal Demons in the Real Life of Sebastian Knight and Pale Fire. Northampton: Big Tree Books. Almer, P. 2011. ABSENCE. In Grunenberg, Christoph (ed.). Rene Magritte A to Z. London: Tate Publishing, p. 6. Auden, W. H. 1982. A Certain World: A Commonplace Book. London: Faber and Faber. Bennett, A. 2008. The Uncommon Reader. London: Faber and Faber

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Piotr Borusowski

: Edme Martin. Gassendi, Pierre. [1641]. Viri illustris N.C. Fabricii de Peiresc… vita. The Hague: n.p. 298. Hordal, Jean. 1612. Heroinae nobilissimae Ioannae Darc... historia. Port-a-Musson: Apud Melchiorem Bernardum. Jaffé, David. 1997. “Reproducing and Reading Gems in Rubens’s Circle.” Engraved Gems: Survivals and Revivals. Studies in the History of Art 54. Ed. C.M. Brown. Washington, D.C.: National Gallery of Art. 181-193. Judson, J. Richard, and Carl van de Velde. 1977. Book Illustrations and Title

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Dalia Rusu-Persic

Muzicală. Cosma, V. (2000). Muzicieni din România: Lexicon biobibliografic [Romanian musicians. Bio-bibliographic lexicon], vol. III (F-G) . București: Editura Muzicală. Drace-Francis, A. (c. 2006). The Making of Modern Romanian Culture: Literacy and the Development of National Identity , e-book. London-New York: Tauris Academic Studies. Filimon, N. (1957). Opere [Works] II (“Baba Hîrca”). București: Editura pentru Literatură și Artă. Filimon, N. (1861), Cârlanii [Yearlings] by C. Negruzzi. Țăranul român , 31 decembrie, 1, no. 8

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Jiří Honzl

Archaic Period. London, 1975. BOARDMAN, John. Athenian Red Figure Vases. The Classical Period. London, 1989. BOARDMAN, John. Early Greek Vase Painting . London, 1998. BOARDMAN, John. The Greeks Overseas. Their Early Colonies and Trade . London, 1999. COLLIGNON, Maxime – COUVE, Louis. Catalgoue des vases peints du Musee National d’Athens . Paris, 1902–4. CROWLEY, Janice L. The Aegean and the East: An Investigation into the Exchange of Artistic Motifs – between the Aegean, Egypt, and the Near East in the Bronze Age . Hobart, 2008

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Sven Form

). Similarity and preference judgments of Indian and Canadian subjects exposed to Western paintings. International Journal of Psychology, 11, 43-55. Blair, C. S., & Mumford, M. D. (2007). Errors in idea evaluation: Preference for the unoriginal? Journal of Creative Behavior, 41, 197-222. Carson, S., Peterson, J. B., & Higgins, D. M. (2005). Reliability, validity, and factor structure of the creative achievement questionnaire. Creativity Research Journal, 17, 37-50. Chandler, O. (2013, July 23). Goodreads grows to 20 million

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Rudolf Klein

are in fact geometrical, describing cosmology. [2] Semper in his Bekleidungstheorie was the first to usher non-Western ideas which can be related to Islamic tradition. [3] The text of the Second Commandment made Judaism reluctant to tackle the issue of the visual element, as it is less strict than Islam, but also less willing to address the problem of representation, actually non-representation. [4] for instance wall painting with some empty patches, faint lines, which can be interpreted in several ways

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Małgorzata Dąbrowska

. Pereira, Michael. Istanbul: Aspects of a City . London: Bles, 1968. Print. Pereira, Michael. Mountains and a Shore: A Journey Through Southern Turkey . London: Bles, 1966. Print. Porphyrogennetos, Constantine. The Book of Ceremonies . Ed. Anne Moffat and Maxene Toll. 2 Vols. Byzantina Australiensia 18. Canberra: Australian Association for Byzantine Studies, 2012. Print Psellos, Michael. Chronographia . Ed. E. R. A. Sewter. New Haven: Yale UP, 1953. Print. Rice, David Talbot. Byzantine Painting at Trebizond . London: Allen, 1936. Print

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Giulio L. Giusti

autorialita [Argento Vivo: Dario Argento’s Cinema between Genre and Authorship], ed. Vito Zagarrio, 215-223. Venezia: Marsilio Editori. Lucie-Smith, Edward. 1979. Super Realism. Oxford: Phaidon Press. Maiello. Fabio. 2007. Dario Argento, confessioni di un maestro delThorror. [Dario Argento: Confessions of a Master of Horror], Milano: Alacran Edizioni. McDonagh, Maitland. 1994. Broken Mirrors/Broken Minds: the Dark Dreams of Dario Argento. New York: A Citadel Press Book-Carol Publishing Group. McDonagh, Maitland