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Pamela E. Marsh and Arthur D. Cohen

roemerianus in the salt marshes of North America. Chesapeake Science, 17(4): 289-292. ELEUTERIUS L.N. 1978. A revised description of the salt marsh rush, Juncus roemerianus. SIDA, 7(4): 355-360. ELEUTERIUS L.N. 1984a. Autecology of the black needlerush Juncus roemerianus. Gulf Research Reports, 7(4): 339-350. ELEUTERIUS L.N. 1984b. Sex distribution in the progeny of the salt marsh rush, Juncus roemerianus, in Mississippi. Castanea, 49(1): 35-38. ELEUTERIUS L.N. 1989. Taximetric Analysis of female and

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A. A. M. Teixeira, R. J. Silva, S. V. Brito, D. A. Teles, J. A. Araujo-Filho, L. D. Franzini, D. O. Santana, W. O. Almeida and D. O. Mesquita

Brazil. Acta Herpetol., 12, 103 - 108. Doi: 10.13128/Acta_Herpetol-18765 Oliveira, B.H .S., Queiroz, R.N.M., Cavalcanti, L.B.Q., Mesquita, D.O. (2018): Autecology Of Neotropical Lizard Species Anotosaura Vanzolinia (Squamata, Gymnophthalmidae) In A Caatinga Region, North-Eastern Brazil. Herpetol. J., 28, 19 - 26 Pimm, S.L., R Aven, P. (2000): Biodiversity: Extinction By Numbers. Nature, 403, 843 - 845. Doi: 10.1038/35002708 Pinto, L.P., Bedê, L., Paese, A., Fonseca, M., Paglia, A., Lamas, I. (2006): Mata Atlântica

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Irma Vitonytė and Jūratė Kasperovičienė

.), Instruction Protocol for the Ecological Assessment of Running Waters for Implementation of the EC Water Framework Directive: Macrophytes and Phytobenthos. – Augsburg. G utowski A., F oerster J., S chaumburg J., 2004: The use of benthic algae, excluding Diatoms and Charales, for the assessment of the ecological status of running fresh waters: a case history from Germany. – Oceanological and Hydrobiological Studies, 33(2): 3–15. H ašler P., P oulíčková A., 2010: Diversity, taxonomy and autecology of autochtonous epipelic cyanobacteria of the genus

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Štěpán Rak, Jiří Kalvoda and Francois-Xavier Devuyst

-598. Thomas A. T. & Lane P. D. 1984: Autecology of Silurian Trilobites. Spec. Pap. in Paleontology 32, 55-69. Tilsley J. W. 1977: Trilobites (Proetacea) from Viséan reef limestones at Treak Cliff, Castleton, Derbyshire. Mercian Geol. 6, 155-170. Weller J. M. 1959: Treatise of Invertebrate Palaeontology. Part O, Arthropoda 1 (Trilobitomorpha). 1-415. Zakowa H. 1971: Zone Goniatites granosus in the Galezice syncline. Inst. Geol., Práce , 1-137 (in Polish).

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Wojciech Majewski

001189 DeLaca T. E., Bernhard J. M., Reilly A. A. and Bowser S. S. 2002. Morphology and autecology Notodendrodes hyalinosphaira (sp. nov.): A remarkable example of particle sorting in an allogromiid-like agglutinated foraminifer. Journal of Foraminiferal Research 32: 177-187. Dell R. K. 1972. Antarctic benthos. Advances in Marine Biology 10: 1-216. Domack E. W., Burnett A. and Leventer A. 2003

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Birendra P. Singh, Om N. Bhargava, Radek Mikuláš, Subhay K. Prasad, Garry Singla and Ramanpreet Kaur

Missouri. Lethaia 32, 17-30. Mángano M.G., Buatois L.A., West R.R. & Maples C.G. 2002a: Ichnology of a Pennsylvanian equatorial tidal-flat the Stull Shale Member at Eastern Kansas. Kansas Geol. Surv. Bull. 245, 1-133. Mángano M.G., Buatois L.A. & Rindsberg A. K. 2002b: Carboniferous Psammichnites: systematic re-evaluation, taphonomy and autecology. Ichnos 9, 1-22. Maples C.G. & Archer A.W. 1987: Redescription of early Pennsylvanian trace-fossil holotypes from the nonmarine Hindostan Whetstone beds of Indiana. J

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Oleksandr V. Zhukov, Olga M. Kunah, Yuliya Y. Dubinina and Viktoriya O. Novikova

and a test for the number of factors in factor analysis. Psychometrika , 30: 179–185. H orsák , M., H ájek , M., T ichý , L., J uřičková , L., 2007. Plant indicator values as a tool for land mollusc autecology assessment. Acta Oecologica , 32: 161–171. H u , Y.-H., D.-Y. S heng , Y.-Z. X iang , Z.-J. Y ang , D.-P. X u , N.-N. Z hang , S hi , L.-L., 2013. The environment, not space, dominantly structures the landscape patterns of the richness and composition of the tropical understory vegetation. PLoS ONE , 8:e81308. H ubbell , S.P., 2001. The

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Petr Kment and Dávid Rédei

-60. Kirkaldy G. W. 1909a: Hemiptera, Old And New, No. 2. Canadian Entomologist 41: 388-392. Kirkaldy G. W. 1909b: Catalogue Of The Hemiptera (Heteroptera) With Biological And Anatomical References, Lists Of Foodplants And Parasites, Etc. Prefaced By A Discussion On Nomenclature And An Analytical Table Of Families. Vol. I: Cimicidae. Felix L. Dames, Berlin, Xl + 392 Pp. Kirkpatrick T. W. 1937: Studies On The Ecology Of Coffee Plantations In East Africa. Ii. The Autecology Of Antestia Spp. (Pentatomidae) With A Particular Account Of A