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Tai-Dong Nguyen and Manh-Tung Ho

Ming invasion. When both father and son were arrested by the Ming dynasty, Ho Nguyen Trung pointed out the cause of the failure: “I’m not afraid of fighting, I only fear that the people’s heart/mind does not support me” ( Le et al. 1993 , 235). The examples cited above have undoubtedly painted a harmonious picture of the relationship between the ruler and the ruled. Historians studying the Ly dynasty, however, suggest a less idealized approach, instead of adopting the conventional view that this dynasty had established a centralized state power in Vietnam in the 11

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Rupert Gaderer

was described as an excessive sense of justice. In this context, the case of the miller Mr. Arnold is clearly the best known in German legal history, and the texts written by millers were the best known querulous medium around 1800. During the court case and the ›Supplikation‹ procedure, the authorities found the miller and his wife guilty of a dangerous distortion and excessive sense of justice. The couple was arrested and imprisoned as quarrelers because of their repeated appeals to Friedrich II. See Karl Dickel: Beiträge zum preußischen Rechte für Studierende

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Vilém Řehák

, arbitrary arrests of opposition leaders and violations of human rights eventually led to suspending aid to Kenya in November 1991 ( Mezzell 2010 , 80). Only one month later, Moi reluctantly agreed to end one-party rule. Under Clinton, the Africa policy was initially ad hoc, inconsistent and driven by domestic concerns rather than a vision ( Waters 2009 , lxvii). He followed the sentiment of US public that foreign policy had lost its importance and prioritized domestic issues. After the debacle in Somalia, he halted military aid to Africa, passed the strict legal

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Vladimír Baar and Daniel Jakubek

, persons connected to the National Patriotic Front were arrested and deported. Professor Ghimpu lost his position at the university and spent 6 years in prison for “subversive activity”. Thereafter, he became a prominent dissident, active in the Moldavian independent movement in the period of Mikhail Gorbachev’s Perestroika More at . A big change came about with the Russian politician Mikhail Gorbachev in 1985. Through reforms of Perestroika and Glasnost

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Josef Löffler

verhört, obwohl er dazu nicht befugt war, weil er die vorgeschriebene Prüfung nicht absolviert hatte. Auf Basis der von Cypraz angefertigten Akten wurde der junge Mann vom Justiziar der Kreisstadt Kauržim (Kouřim), Alois Holly, ohne weitere Einvernahme zu einem 24-stündigen Arrest und zehn Stockhieben verurteilt. Der Justiziar hatte dabei sowohl gegen die Bestimmung, dass Untersuchungen nur von befugten Personen vorgenommen werden dürfen, als auch gegen die Norm verstoßen, dass bei der Strafbemessung das Alter und der Gesundheitszustand des Angeklagten zu