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Growth Performance and Heritability Estimation of Acacia crassicarpa in a Progeny Trial in eastern Thailand

References Arnold RJ and E Cuevad (2003) Genetic variation in early growth, stem straightness and survival in A. crassicarpa, A. mangium and Eucalyptus urophylla in Nukindon Province, Philippines. Journal of Tropical Forest Sciences 15 (2): 332-351. Awang K, NA Shukor and AL Senin (1995) Two-year performance of Acacia crassicarpa provenances at Serdang, Malaysia. Pertanika J. Trop. Agric. Sci. 18(3): 177-181. Holland BJ, WE Nyquist and CT Cervantes-Martinez (2003) Estimating and interpreting heritability for plant breeding [online] pp. 9-112. In

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Early Selection of Douglas-Fir across South Central Coastal Oregon, USA

References ADAMS, W. T., S. N. AITKEN, D. G. JOYCE, G. T. HOWE and J. VARGAS-HERNANDEZ (2001): Evaluating efficacy of early testing for stem growth in coastal Douglas-fir. Silvae Genet. 50: 167-175. ADAMS, W. T. and D. G. JOYCE (1990): Comparison of selection methods for improving volume growth in young coastal Douglas-fir. Silvae Genet. 39: 219-226. BRUCE, D. and D. J. DEMARS (1974): Volume equations for second-growth Douglas-fir. USDA, Forest Service Research Note PNW-239, USDA, PNWFRES: Portland, Oregon

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Genetic Variation and Correlations between Growth and Wood Density of Calycophyllum spruceanum at an Early Age in the Peruvian Amazon

References ARNOLD, R. J., I. G. JOHNSON and J. V. OWEN (2004): Genetic variation in growth, stem straightness and wood properties of Eucalyptus dunnii trials in northern New South Wales. Forest Genetics 11: 1-12. ASTM (1997): Standard test methods for specific gravity of wood and wood-base materials. ASTM D2395-93. In: Annual book of ASTM Standards 4.10. pp. 348-355. American Society for Testing and Materials, Philadelphia. BAUCH, J. and O. DÜNISCH (2000): Comparison of growth dynamics and wood characteristics

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Phenotypic Selection of Calycophyllum spruceanum on Farms in the Peruvian Amazon: Evaluating a Low-Intensity Selection Strategy

rate, stem straightness, and foliar mineral concentration in Vochysia guatemalensis. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 27: 1103-1109. CORNELIUS, J., C. R. CLEMENT, J. C. WEBER, C. SOTELOMONTES, J. VAN LEEUWEN, L. J. UGARTE-GUERRA and L. ARÉVALO-LÓPEZ (2006): The trade-off between genetic gain and conservation in a participatory improvement programme: the case of peach palm (Bactris gasipaes Kunth). Forest, Trees and Livelihoods 16: 17-34. DAWSON, I. K., A. LENGKEEK, J. C. WEBER and R. JAMNADASS (2008): Managing genetic variation in

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Performance of Maritime Pine Spanish Mediterranean Provenances at Young Ages in a Transitional Region Between Atlantic and Mediterranean Climates in NW Spain

References AGUIAR, A., M. H. ALMEIDA and N. BORRALHO (2003): Genetic control of growth, wood density and stem characteristics of Pinus pinaster in Portugal. Silva Lusitana 11: 131-139. ALÍA, R., L. GIL and J. A. PARDOS (1995): Performance of 43 Pinus pinaster Ait. provenances on 5 locations in central Spain. Silvae Genet 44: 75-81. ALÍA, R., S. MARTIN, J. DE MIGUEL, R. GALERA, D. AGÚNDEZ, J. GORDO, G. CATALÁN and L. GIL (1996): Las regiones de procedencia de Pinus pinaster Ait. OA de Parques Nacionales. DGCONA

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Estimating Genetic Parameters for Wood Density of Scots Pine (Pinus sylvestris L.)

pine fibers. Part III: Global relationships between fiber properties and fiber location within an individual tree. Wood and Fiber Sci. 34: 238-250. HANNRUP, B. and I. EKBERG (1998): Age-age correlations for tracheid length and wood density in Pinus sylvestris. Can. J. For. Res. 28: 1373-1379. HANNRUP, B., I. EKBERG and A. PERSSON (2000): Genetic correlations between wood, growth capacity and stem traits in Pinus sylvestris. Scand. J. For. Res. 15: 161-170. HANNRUP, B., C. CAHALAN, G. CHANTRE and M. GRABNER et al. (2004

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Strong Genetic Control of High Wood Specific Gravity in Young Progenies of Pinus brutia: Potential of Early Selection for Industrial Plantations

Pine, edited by R. D. B urdon and J. M. M oore R otorua , New Zealand. S orensen , F. C. and T. L. W hite (1988): Effect of natural inbreeding on variance structure in tests of wind pollinated Douglas-fir progenies. Forest Science 34 (1): 102–118. S tener , L. and Ö. H edenberg (2003): Genetic parameters of wood, fibre, stem quality and growth traits in a clone test with Betula pendula . Scandinavian Journal of Forest Research 18 : 103–110. T albert , J. T., J. B. J ett and R. L. B ryant (1983): Inheritance of wood specific gravity in an

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Evaluation of Early Rooting Traits of Eastern Cottonwood That Are Important For Selection Tests

Juli 1977: 4-9. KAISER, H. F. (1958): The varimax criterion for analytical rotation in factor analysis. Psychometrika 23, 187-200. KHASA, P. D., G. AVALLEE and J. BOUSQUET (1995): Provenance variation in rooting ability of juvenile stem cuttings from Racosperma auriculiforme and R. mangium. Forest Science 41, 305-320. KIRK, R. E. (1968): Experimental design procedures for the behavioral sciences. Wadsworth publishing company. KOVACEVIC, B., V. GUZINA and S. ORLOVIC (2001): Cuttings’ rooting ability for

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Comparison of French and German sessile oak (Quercus petraea (Matt.) Liebl.) provenances

–120. K leinschmit , J. and J. S volba (1995): Intraspezifische Variation von Wachstum und Stammform bei Quercus robur und Quercus petraea . In: Mitteilungen aus der Forstlichen Versuchsanstalt Rheinland-Pfalz. Nr. 34 ; 75–99. K leinschmit , J. and J. S volba (1996): Intraspecific variation of growth and stem form in Quercus robur and Quercus petraea . In: K remer , A., M uhs , H. (Eds.), Interand Intraspecific Variation in European Oaks: Evolutionary Implications and Practical Consequences. European Commission, EUR16717N, Brussels, pp. 217–238. ISBN

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Genetic and phenotypic correlations among volume, wood specific gravity and foliar traits in white spruce (Picea glauca (Moench) Voss)

(2004): Variation in tree growth, wood density, and pulp fiber properties of 35 white spruce (Picea glauca (Moench) Voss) families grown in Quebec. Wood Fiber Sci 36: 467-475. EK, A. R. (1985): A formula for the total cubic foot stem volume of small trees in the Lake States. North J Appl For 2: 3. GASPAR, M. J., J. L. LOUSADA and J. C. RODRIGUES et al. (2009): Does selecting for improved growth affect wood quality of Pinus pinaster in Portugal? For Ecol Manage 258: 115-121. HAWKINS, B. J. (2007): Family variation in

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