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Water quality awareness and barriers to safe water provisioning in informal communities: A case study from Ndola, Zambia

crisis, New York: Cornell University Press. Ballantyne, H. and Oelofse, A., 1999: Informal settlers’ perceptions of environmental quality: A case study of the Mizamoyethu Community, South Africa. In: The Environmentalist, Vol. 19, pp. 203-215. Barrett, H. and Browne, A., 1995: Gender, environment and development in sub-Saharan Africa. In: Binns T. editor, People and the Environment in Africa, Chichester: John Wiley & Sons Ltd. Bedient, P.B., Rifai, H.S. and C.J. Newell., 1994: Ground Water Contamination: Transport and

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The Application of Social Survey Methods in Analysing the Tourist Activity of Seniors

-78. DOI: http://dx.doi. org/10.1016/j.annals.2008.06.001 Oppenheim, A.N. , 2005: Kwestionariusze, wywiady, po-miary postaw (Methods and strategies of social research - in Polish), Warszawa: Wydawnictwo Zysk i S-ka. Pasik, M., 2005: Wyznaczniki jakości życia u osób w wieku emerytalnym (Determinants of life quality of an elderly person - in Polish). In: Acta Universita-tis Lodziensis. Folia Psychologica , 9, pp. 65-76. Pennington-Gray, L., Fridgen, J. and Stynes, D. , 2003: Cohort Segmentation: An Application to Tourism. In: Leisure Sciences , Vol. 25, pp. 341

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Multi-scalar geographies of polarisation and peripheralisation: A case study of Czechia

Geographical Bullentin, Vol. 64, pp. 167-170. DOI: Novotná, M. editor, 2005: Problémy periferních oblastí (Problems of peripheral areas - in Czech). Praha: Univerzita Karlova. Ouředníček, M., Špačková, P. and Feřtrová, M., 2011: Změny sociálního prostředí a kvality života v depopulačních regionech České republiky (Changes in Social Milieu and Quality of Life in Depopulating Areas of the Czech Republic - in Czech). In: Czech Sociological Review, Vol. 47, pp. 777-803. Pénzes, J., 2013

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Ethical behavior within the public cadaster in Macedonia: Is there a “light” at the end of the “Tunnel”?

:// , date: 08.07.2016. [6] Code of Administrative Servants, Official Gazette of the R.M., No. 183 from 12.12.2014. [7] Code of Ethics for Public Servants, Official Gazette of the R.M., No. 133 from 30.09.2011. [8] Code of Ethics for State Servants, Official Gazette of the R.M., No. 129, from 23.09.2011. [9] Committee on Standards in Public Life (2014), Ethical standards for providers of public services , Committee on Standards in Public Life, London, pp. 1-37. [10] Denar-daily news,

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Differences in development levels of urban gminas in the Warmińsko-Mazurskie voivodship in view of the main components of sustainable development

regionalnych (Sustainable Development Indicators in Modeling the Processes of Regional – in Polish), Toruń: Wydawnictwo Adam Marszałek. Malina, A. and Zeliaś, A., 1997: O budowie taksonomicznej miary jakości życia (The Construction of Taxonomic Measure of Quality of Life – in Polish). In: Jajuga, K. and Walesiak, M. editors, Klasyfikacja i analiza danych. Teoria i zastosowania, Taksonomia, Volume 4, Wrocław: Prace Naukowe Akademii Ekonomicznej im. Oskara Langego we Wrocławiu, pp. 238-265. Matuszczak, A., 2011: Koncepcja zrównoważonego rozwoju w obszarze

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Heritage proximity, attitudes to tourism impacts and residents’ support for heritage tourism in Kaole Site, Tanzania

References Andereck, K.L., Valentine, K.M., Knopf, R.C. and Vogt, C.A. , 2005: Residents’ Perceptions of Community Tourism Impacts. In: Annals of Tourism Research, Vol. 32, No. 4, pp. 1056-1076. Andereck, K.L. and Nyaupane, G.P., 2011: Exploring the Nature of Tourism and Quality of Life Perceptions Among Residents. In: Journal of Travel Research , Vol. 50, pp. 248-260. Andriotis, K.L., 2005: Community Groups’ Perceptions of and Preferences for Tourism Development: Evidence from Crete. In: Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Research , Vol

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Exploring leadership coaching as a tool to improve the people management skills of information technology and cybersecurity project managers

). Dramatically increase project success with radical QA: A guide to managing expectations and results. Journal of Quality Assurance Institute, 19(3), 29-36. [7] Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. (2010). Learning and Development 2010. Survey report. London. CIPD. Retrieved from: [8] Cunningham, Liz, McNally, Kimberly. (2003). Improving Organizational and Individual Performance through Coaching. A case Study by Mosby, Inc. 1067-991x/2003/doi:10.1067/nrsi.2003

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Green commercial property development in urban South Africa: emerging trends, emerging geographies

: Supply, Demand and the Value of Green Buildings. In: Urban Studies, Vol. 51 (1), pp. 22-43. Cidell, J., 2012: Building Quality, Building Green: Conventions Theory and Industry transformation. In: Urbani Izziv, Vol. 23 (2), pp. 186-194. De Francesco, A.J. and Levy, D., 2008: The Impact of Sustainability on the Investment Environment. In: Journal of European Real Estate Research, Vol. 1 (1), pp. 72-87. Department of Economic Development, 2011: Accord 4: Green Economy Accord. Pretoria: DED. Du Toit, M., 2014

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Water supply, sanitation and hygiene education in secondary schools in Ibadan, Nigeria

References Adams, J., Bartram, J., Chartier, Y. and Sims, J. editors, 2009: Water, sanitation and hygiene standards for schools in low-cost settings, Geneva: WHO. Adukia, A., 2013: Sanitation and Education, Cambridge, MA: Harvard Graduate School of Education. Almond, D. and Currie, J., 2011: Human capital development before age five. In: Handbook of Labour Economics , Vol. 4(B), pp. 1315-1486. Amanambu, A.C., and Ojo-Kolawale, O.A., 2013: Geographical Analysis of Eateries in Ibadan North Local Government, Oyo State, Nigeria. In

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Integrated planning of the development of a city in terms of the diurnal activity of its residents

: Planowanie przestrzenne a polityka. Trzecia droga do trzeciego świata (Physical planning and politics. (A third way to the third Word - in Polish). In: Ossowicz, T. and Zipser, T. editors, Urbanistyka w działaniu. Teoria i praktyka, Materiały II Kongresu Urbanistyki Polskiej, Biblioteka Urbanisty, 9, Warszawa: Urbanista. Chapin, F.S., Jr. 1971: Free-time activities and the quality of urban life. In: Journal of the American Institute of Planners, 37, pp. 411-417. Chojnicki, Z., 1989: Koncepcja terytorialnego systemu

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