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Selected Ethical Issues in Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous System Development and Large Data Set Processing

Learning in Sequential Social Dilemmas, ArXiv Prepr. ArXiv170203037, 2017. Available at: , accessed: 2017-03-01. 30. Lepri, B., Staiano, J., Sangokoya, D., Letouzé, E. & Oliver, N. The Tyranny of Data? The Bright and Dark Sides of Data-Driven Decision-Making for Social Good, ArXiv Prepr. ArXiv161200323, 2016. Available at: , accessed: 2017-03-01. 31. Lima, J. Top 10 biggest data centers from around the world, Computer Business Review , 2015. Available at: http

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AI Case Studies: Potential for Human Health, Space Exploration and Colonisation and a Proposed Superimposition of the Kubler-Ross Change Curve on the Hype Cycle

discovery with recurrent neural networks, ACS Central. Science 4, 2018, 120-131. 42. Hessler, G., Baringhaus, K.-H. Artificial intelligence in drug design, Molecules 23, 2018, 2520. 43. Benhenda, M. ChenGAN challenge for drug discovery: can AI reproduce natural chemical diversity? arXiv 1708.08227, 2017. 44. Popova, M., Isayev, O., Tropsha, A. Deep reinforcement for drug design, Science Advances 4, 2018, eaap7855. 45. Fleming, N. How artificial intelligence is changing drug discovery, Nature 557, 2018, pp. S55-S57. 46. Mak, K

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The Genesis of Arabic Logical Activities: From Syriac Rhetoric and Jewish Hermeneutics to āl-Šāfi‘y’s Logical Techniques

: Pennsylvania University Press, 2004. 28. Badawi, A. Arisṭuṭālīs: āl-Khiṭaba . Dar āl-Qalam: Beirut, 1979. 29. Berg, H. The Development of Exegesis in early Islam , London and New York: Routledge-Curzon, 2000. 30. Biesen, K. D. Simple and Bold: Ephrem's Art of Symbolic Thought , New Jersey: Gorgias Press, 2006. 31. Bravmann, M. M. The Spiritual Background of Early Islam , Leiden: Brill, 1972. 32. Brock, S. P. A Brief Outline of Syriac Literature , India: Deepka Offset Printers, 1997. 33. Cadler, N. Ikhtilâf and Ijmâ' in Shâfi'î 's

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Nicephorus Blemmydes on the Holy Trinity and the Paraconsistent Notion of Numbers: A Logical Analysis of a Byzantine Approach to the Filioque

References 1. Bobrinskoy, B. Le Mystère de la Trinité. Cours de théologie orthodoxe. Cerf, Paris, 1986. 2. Boff, L. La Trinidad, la Sociedad y la Liberación. Transl. A. O. García. Ediciones Paulinas, Madrid, 1987. 3. Bokulich, A. Bohr’s Correspondence Principle. In: The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. E. N. Zalta (ed.). (Spring 2014 Edition), URL = <>. 4. Bolotov, B. Thèsessurle ‘Filioque’ parunthéologienrusse. Istina 17

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