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Campus Environmental Factors And Job Commitment Of Staff In State Universities In Ogun Southwest Nigeria

of Pakistan”. International Review of Business Research Papers 5.3: 399-410 Taiwo, A.S. (2010). “The influence or work environment on workers’ productivity: a case of selected oil and gas industry in Lagos, Nigeria”. African Journal of Business Management 4.3: 299-307. Vikas C. and Ravi, P.(2011). “Analysis of factors influencing employees’ productivity, in relation to workplace environment”. International Journal of Research in Commerce & Management 2.5: 21-33 Yusuf N. and Metiboba S. (2012).“Work environment and job attitude among

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A Far-reaching Shift in Argumentation: Parliamentary Debates on (post-)socialist Agricultural Cooperatives in the 1990s

. Vol. 27 (7‒8): 134‒141. Blaas, G., Buchta, S. and Namerova, I. 1994 The Economic, Legislative, Political and Social Policy Context of Slovak Agriculture . Working paper No. 43, Rural Transition Series, University of Liverpool. Csaki, C., Lerman, Z., 1993. ‘Land Reform and the Future Role of Cooperatives in Agriculture in the Former Socialist Countries in Europe’. In: Csaki, C., Kislev, Y. (eds.) Agricultural Cooperatives in Transition . Oxford: Westview Press. pp. 3‒20. Gubová, M., Ambrozyova, M. and E

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Nationalism and African Communal Identity in Marguerite Abouet’s and Clement Oubrerie’s Aya de Yopougon

Subjectivity.” Kritike 4.1: 108-122. Marshall-Fratani, R. (2006). “The War of “Who is Who”: Autochthony, Nationalism, and Citizenship in the Ivorian Crisis.” African Studies Review 49.2: 9-43. Matlon, J. C. (2012). “I Will be VIP!: The Cultural and Political Strategies of Peripheral Abidjanais Men.”, Unpublished PhD Thesis, University of California, Berkeley, UC Berkeley Electronic Theses and Dissertations . Miller, N. (2006). “The Historiography of Nationalism and National Identity in Latin America.” Nations and Nationalism 12.2: 201

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Conceptualising Social Work Through the Lens of Transnationalism:
Challenges and Ways Ahead

, Understanding international social work. A critical analysis , Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke. Iglehart, AP &Becerra, RM 2007, ‘Ethnic-sensitive practice. Contradictions and recommendations’, Journal of Ethnic &Cultural Diversity in Social Work, vol. 16, no. 3, pp. 43-63, DOI:10.1300/J051v16n03_04. Johnson, YM &Munch S 2009, ‘Fundamental contradictions in cultural competence’, Social Work, vol. 54, no. 3, pp. 220-231, DOI:10.1093/sw/54.3.220. Kazepov, Y (ed.) 2010, Rescaling social policies. Towards multilevel governance in Europe, Ashgate, Farnham

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Electronic cigarettes and adolescents

, 54, 43–54. doi:10.1016/j.jpsychires.2014.03.005 Connolly, G. N., & Alpert, H. R. (2014). Has the tobacco industry evaded the FDA’s ban on “light” cigarette descriptors? Tobacco Control, 23 (2), 140–145. doi:10.1136/tobaccocontrol-2012-050746 Fairchild, A. L., Bayer, R., & Colgrove, J. (2014). The renormalizing of smoking? E-cigarettes and the tobacco “endgame”. The New England Journal of Medicine, 370 (4), 293–295. Geidne, S., Backman, L., Edvardsson, I., & Hulldin, J. (2016). Prevalence and risk factors of electronic cigarette use among

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Youth Mobility and Well-Being:
Transitions and Intersections

market: youth, imagined futures, and transitions to work in the UK’, Geoforum , vol. 60, pp. 163-171. Hörschelmann, K 2011, ‘Theorising life transitions: geographical perspectives’, Area , vol. 43, no. 4, pp. 378-383. IOM 2013, World migration report 2013: migrant well-being and development , International Organization for Migration, Geneva. Kılınç, N & King, R 2017, ‘The quest for a better life: second-generation Turkish-Germans “return” to “paradise”‘, Demographic Research , vol. 36, paper 49, pp. 1491-1514. King, R 2002, ‘Towards a new

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The Politicised Biology of Irregular Migrants
Micropractices of control, tactics of everyday life and access to healthcare

. Borders, membership and belonging , eds. RG Gonzales & N Sigona, Routledge, London, pp. 185-207. Bergens Tidende 2010, Frp vil forby legehjelp til ulovlige innvandrere [Frp will prohibit medical aid to illegal migrants]. Available from: < >. [Last accessed 17.04.2017]. Biswas, D, Kristiansen, M, Krasnik, A & Norredam, M 2011, ‘Access to healthcare and alternative health-seeking strategies among undocumented migrants in Denmark’, BMC Public Health , vol

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Tradition and Modernity in the Romanian Rural Space. Case Study: the Arges Sub-Carpathian Foothills

). Florea, M. S ., 1994. Les fetes chez les Roumains. Etude ethnographique. Bucaresti: Ed. F undaţiei Culturale Romane. Mlinar, Z., Uvod, M., Zdravko, Ur.,1995. Osamosvajanje in povezovanje vevropskem prostoru (Emancipation and Unification in the European Space). Ljubljana: Fakulteta za drubene vede, Znanstvena knjinica, pp.1-22. Tudor, P., 1997. Sărbătorile la romani. Studiu etnografic (Les fetes chez les Roumains. Etude ethnographique). Ediţie de: Datcu, Iordan. Bucureşti, Ed. S aeculum I. O ., pp.43. Panea, N., 1995

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Perception of Creativity in International Franchising Business Concepts - Comparison Analysis Between Franchisees and Franchisors

. Hughes, A. O. & Drew, J.S. (1984). A state creative? Papers in the Social Science , 4, 1-15. Im, S., & Workman, J. P. (2004). Market Orientation, Creativity, and New Product performances in High-Technology Firms. Journal of Marketing , 04, 114-137. Jacobs, J. F. & Pierce, M. L. (1966). Bilingualism and Creativity. Journal of Elementary English, v. 43, p. 499-503 . Lakoff, G. & Johnson, M. (1980). Metaphors We Live By. Chicago, IL, University of Chicago Press

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Transnational Practices of Irregular Migrants And Nation-State Management in Norway

References Agamben, G 1998, Homo Sacer: Sovereign Power and Bare Life , Stanford, Stanford University Press. Ambrosini, M 2013, Irregular migration and invisible welfare , Palgrave Macmillan, New York. Andersson, R 2014, Illegality, Inc.: Clandestine migration and the business of bordering Europe , University of California Press, Oakland. Bakewell, O, Engbersen, G, Fonseca, ML &Horst, C (eds.) 2016, Beyond networks. Feedback in international migration , Palgrave Macmillan, New York. Basch, L, Glick Schiller, N &Blanc-Szanton, C

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