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Human Capital Versus Income Variations: Are They Linked in OECD Countries?

References Ahluwalia, M. (1976). Inequality, poverty and development. Journal of Development Economics, 3(4): 307-342, Anand, S. and Kanbur, R. (1993). Inequality and development: A critique. Journal of Development Economics, 41: 19-43, Anderson, L.R., Mellor, J.M. and Milyo, J. (2008). Inequality and public good provision: An experimental analysis. Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics, 37(3): 1010

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Hybridization Revisited: New Insights from the Evolutionary Approach

International Economy and Management: Launching New Perspectives on Management and Geography. Palgrave Macmillan UK. Scholz, M. and Reydon, T.A. (2013). On the explanatory power of Generalized Darwinism: Missing items on the research agenda. Organization Studies, 34(7): 993-999, Strange, R. and Kawai, N. (2015). The past, present and future of the hybrid factory: Lessons from the study of the management of Japanese MNEs overseas. Asian Business & Management, 14(1): 43-51,

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Inequality in Economics: The Concept, Perception, Types, and Driving Forces

–342, Akerlof, G.A. and Yellen, J.L. (1985). Can Small Deviations from Rationality Make Significant Differences to Economic Equilibria? Am. Econ. Rev ., 75 : 708–720. Alesina, A. and Rodrik, D. (1994). Distributive Politics and Economic Growth. Q. J. Econ , 109 : 465–490, Anand, S. and Kanbur, S.M.R. (1993). Inequality and development A critique. J. Dev. Econ. , 41 : 19–43, Arneson, R.J. (1989). Equality And Equal

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Organizational Culture and Scale Development: Methodological Challenges and Future Directions

References Ahmed, P. K. (1998). Culture and climate for innovation. European Journal of Innovation Management, 1 (1), 30-43. Alexander, M. (1978). Organizational norms opinionnaire. The 1978 Annual Handbook for Group Facilitators, University Associates, La Jolla, CA , 81-88. Alvesson, M. (2012). Understanding organizational culture . (2 nd ed.). Thousand Oaks: Sage. Amsa, P. (1986). Organizational culture and work group behaviour: An empirical study. Journal of Management Studies, 23 (3), 347-362. Assaf, A., & Cvelbar, K. L

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Company Actions and Value Drivers: Manager Reports from Polish Firms

-6963(02)00108-0 Siemsen, E., Balasubramanian, S. and Roth, A.V. (2007). The Difference of Being Similar: Competence Similarity and Knowledge Sharing in Workgroups . Working paper. University of Illinois, Champaign, IL. Siemsen E., Roth A.V. and Balasubramanian, S. (2008). How motivation, opportunity, and ability drive knowledge sharing: The constraining-factor model. Journal of Operations Management , 26 : 426–445, Sung, S.Y. and Choi, J.N. (2014). Do organizations spend wisely on employees? Effects of training and development

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Impact of Owner-Occupied Property Valuation by Historical Cost on Fixed Assets Value at Bankruptcy Risk

, A. (ed.) and Adamczyk, J. (tr.), Warszawa: Wydawnictwo C.H. Beck. Ustawa z dnia 28 lutego 2003 r. Prawo upadłościowe i naprawcze, Dz. U. 2003, nr 60, poz. 535, z późn. zm. Ustawa z dnia 29 września 1994 r. o rachunkowości, Dz. U. 1994, Nr 121, poz. 591, z późn. zm. Vehmanen, P. (2007). Measurement in accounting and fair value. The Routledge Companion to Fair Value and Financial Reporting, 43: 152-172. Véron, N. (2008). Fair value accounting is the wrong scapegoat for this crisis. Accounting in Europe, 5(2): 63

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Cross-country Differences in Reporting Practices – the Case of Provisions for Liabilities

- individual accounts. In: D. Ordelheide (ed.), Transnational Accounting. New York: Palgrave Publishers. Barbu, E.M., Dumontier, P., Feleagă, N. and Feleagă, L. (2012). Mandatory environmental disclosures by companies complying with IAS/IFRS: The case of France, Germany and the UK: 1-28, DOI= Bischof, J. (2009). The effects of IFRS 7 adoption on bank disclosure in Europe. Accounting in Europe, 6: 167-194, Chand, P., Patel, C

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The Effect of the Changes in Accounting Estimates of the Discount Rate to the Costs on Account of Creating Provisions

.05.2018). Duliniec A., 2001, Struktura i koszt kapitału w przedsiębiorstwie , Wydawnictwo Naukowe PWN, Warszawa. Duraj A.N., 2003, Funkcje rezerw w przedsiębiorstwie , Ekonomia, no. 11. Gierusz J., 2005, Koszty i przychody w świetle nadrzędnych zasad rachunkowości. Pojęcia. Klasyfikacja. Zakres ujawnień, ODDK, Gdańsk. Gos W., Hońko S., 2013, Pola rzeczoznawców majątkowych w wycenie bilansowej, [in:] Micherda B., Andrzejewski M. (eds.), 2013, Sprawozdawczość i rewizja finansowa. Problemy kwantyfikacji wartości , Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Ekonomicznego w

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City Placement: A New Element in the Strategy of Integrated Marketing Communication of Cities

Szczecińskiego, 663, Seria: Ekonomiczne Problemy Usług, 75: 449-460. Gębarowski, M. (2007). Nowoczesne formy promocji. Rzeszów: Oficyna Wydawnicza Politechniki Rzeszowskiej. Gębarowski, M. (2012). City placement - istota zjawiska oraz znaczenie w działaniach promocyjnych polskich miast. In: M. Gębarowski, L. Witek and B. Zatwardnicka-Madura (eds.), Marketing - aktualne problemy i kierunki ewolucji. Rzeszów: Politechnika Rzeszowska. Gmerek, N. and Misztak M. (2007). Product placement jako instrument komunikacji marketingowej

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Contribution of Lean Management to Excellence

References Anthony, J. and Banuelas, R. (2002), “Key ingredients for the effective implementation of Six Sigma program”, Measuring Business Excellence, Vol. 6 No. 4, pp. 20-7. Asif M., Joost de Brijin, E., Douglas, Al, Fisscher, O. (2009), “Why quality management programs fail. A strategic and operations management perspective”, International Journal of Quality & Reliability Management , Vol.26, No.8, pp.778-794. Beyer, J. M. Ashmos, D. P. and Osborn, R. N. (1997), “Contrast in enacting TQM: mechanistic vs organic ideology and implementation”, Journal

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