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Cybernetic Approach of the “Κ’na” Dance: The Construction of Ethnic and National Identity in Nea Vyssa, Thrace , Greece

construction of collective identities. The example of national identity. In "We and the" others "(pp. 177-201). Athens: EKKE Typothito. Kaloforidis, B. (2014). Identity, migration and intercultural identity in modern Greece. Εκπ@ιδευτικός Κύκλος, 2(1), 199-282. Koutsouba, M. (1999). 'Outsider' in an 'inside' world, or dance ethnography at home. In T. J. Buckland (Ed). Dance in the Field. Theory, Methods and Issues in Dance Ethnography (pp.186-195). London: Macmillan. Koutsouba, M. (2003). Identity and anthropological aspects of

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Military Incursion, Tribalism and Poor Governance: The Consequences for Development in Nigeria

-20. Ehwarieme, W. (2011): The Military Factor in Nigeria’s Democratic Stability, 1999–2009. Armed Forces & Society 37(3): 494-511. Fadayomi, T.O. (1988): Rural Poverty and Migration in Nigeria (The Impact of the Eastern Zone of Bauchi State Agricultural Development Project, Nigerian Institute of Social and Economic Research (NISER), Ibadan. Falola, T, and Olanrewaju, S. A. (1992): Rural Development Problems in Nigeria, Avebury, Aldershot. Falola, T. (1999): The History of Nigeria, Greenwood Press, Westport, London. Federal Office of Statistics (FOS

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News Media Exposure and Political Communication among Libyan Elites at the Time of War

. (2016). Libya. Encyclopaedia Britannica. Retrieved September 21, 2016, from BBC News. (2016). Libya profile. Retrieved September 12, 2016, from Bhardwaj, M. (2012). Development of conflict in Arab Spring Libya and Syria: From revolution to civil war. Washington University International Review, 1(1), 76-97. Retrieved from Buccianti, A

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Mobile Commerce Switching Intentions in Thai Consumers

). Assessing key factor that influence on the acceptance of mobile commerce based on modified UTAUT. International Journal of Business and Management, 8(23), 102-112. Kardes, F. R., Cronley, M. L., & Cline, T. W. (2011). Consumer behavior. Andover: South-Western Cengage Learning. Kauffman, R. J., Lee, D., Lee, J., & Yoo, B. (2009). A hybrid firm's pricing strategy in electronic commerce under channel migration. International Journal of Electronic Commerce, 14(1), 11-54. Lin, C., & Anol, B. (2008). Learning online social support

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Experiencing and Privately Remembering Late Albanian Socialism: A Study Based on Oral History Interviews in the Region of Shkodra

[Hoxha]…’: Socialist and Post- Socialist Gendered Mobility in Albania. In K. Burrell, & K. Hörschelman (Eds.), Mobility in Socialist and Post-Socialist States: Societies on the Move (pp. 122-47). Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan. Vullnetari J., & King, R. (2016). ‘Washing Men’s Feet’: Gender, Care and Migration in Albania during and after Communism. Gender, Place and Culture, 23/2, 198-215. Vullnetari, J., & King R. (2016). From Shortage Economy to Second Economy: An Historical Ethnography of Rural Life in Communist Albania. Journal of

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