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Mircea Comşa

the Migration of the Workforce, Bucureşti. Bejan, A. (1991). Prezentarea şi analiza comparativă a rezultatelor alegerilor de la 20 mai 1990 [The presentation and analysis of May 20, 1990 elections results], In: Datculescu, P., Liepelt, K. (Eds.): Renaşterea unei democraţii. Alegerile din România de la 20 mai 1990 [The reborn of a democracy. Romanian elections of 20th May 1990] . București: Irsop. Bell, J., (2001). The political economy of reform in post-communist Poland . Cheltenham: E. Elgar. Bernhagen, P., Marsh, M. (2007). Voting and

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Vesna Bočko

References AHMAD, R. (1951): Peraturan-peraturan untuk memelihara kesehatan dalam hukum sjara' Islam [The regulations for health care in the laws of Islam]. Jakarta: Balai Pustaka. AMIN, Darori (ed.), (2000): Islam dan Budaya Jawa [Islam and Javanese Culture]. Yogyakarta: Gama Media. BASILICA, D. P. (2008): To Islamize, Becoming a Real Woman or Commercialized Practices? Questioning Female Genital Cutting in Indonesia. In. Finnish Journal of Ethnicity and Migration, Vol. 3(2008): 23-31. BELL, C

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Maria Manuela Mendes, Olga Magano and Pedro Candeias

Lisboa . Lisbon: Caleidoscópio. Mendes, M. M., Magano, O. and Candeias, P. (2014). Estudo Nacional sobre as comunidades ciganas . Lisbon: High Commission for Migration. Messing V. (2014). Methodological puzzles of surveying Roma/Gypsy populations. Ethnicities , 14(6): 811-829. Milcher, S., and Ivanov, A. (2004). The United Nations Development Programme's Vulnerability Projects, Roma and Ethnic Data. Roma Rights Quarterly, 1: 7-13. Montenegro, M. (2012). Aprendendo a ser cigano hoje: empurrando e puxando fronteiras . PhD thesis in Education

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Ľubica Voľanská, Marcela Káčerová and Juraj Majo

Migration Strategies – Spare-Time]. Bratislava: Sociologický ústav SAV (pp. 9–42). Piscová, M. (Ed.) (2014). Starnutie a starší ľudia: podmienky a súvislosti [Ageing and the Elderly: The Context and Relationships]. Bratislava: Sociologický ústav SAV. Piscová, M., Klobucký, R., Bahna, M. (2015). Starší ľudia v spoločnosti a v rodine. Niekoľko pohľadov na starších ľudí v štatistikách a komparatívnych výskumoch [Elderly People in Society and in Family. Several Views on Elderly People in Statistics and Comparative Survey Data]. In: Slovenská štatistika a

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Mustafa Switat

Consequences]. Warsaw: PIW. Bauman, Zygmunt. 2016. Obcy u naszych drzwi [Strangers at Our Door]. Warsaw: PWN. Bystroń, Jan Stanisław. 1929. Polacy w Ziemi Świętej, Syrji i Egipcie 1147–1914 [Poles in the Holy Land, Syria and Egypt 1147–1914]. Krakow: Księgarnia Geograficzna Orbis. Castles, Stephen, Miller, Mark J. 2001. Migracje we współczesnym świecie [The Age of Migration]. Warsaw: PWN. Public Opinion Research Center [CBOS]. 2002–2012. Stosunek Polaków do innych narodów. Komunikat z badań [The Attitude of Poles towards Other Nations. Research

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Georgina Tsolidis

of the Chinese was the bulwark of restrictive migration policy, often referred to as the White Australia Policy, which ushered in Australian Federation in 1901. The aim of this paper is to consider whether sinophobia continues to play a part in contemporary Australia, albeit nuanced, in response to very different imperatives brought about by China’s global economic ascendancy. Contemporary global economic imperatives herald China as one of the most influential economies, and Australia has been a beneficiary of its growth. China has become Australia’s number one

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Daniella Trimboli

of the outside (that is problematically related to the ‘inside’), is the only place from which to speak the diaspora ( Farred 2009 , p. 135). In this paper, I explore the Australian Centre for the Moving Image’s (ACMI’s) digital storytelling collection on migration, with particular focus on its Italo-Australian collection Racconti: La voce del popolo (2003), to consider its role in narrating Australian multiculturalism. Digital storytelling has its roots in California, where Joe Lambert created the Centre for Digital Storytelling (CDS), pioneering the genre as

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Nafisa Yeasmin

Purvis and Alan Grainger. London: Earths-can, 229–249. Barna, Maxwell. 2014. Ritual Slaughter Ban Supposedly Puts Animal Rights Before Religion. – Vice News . (accessed November 30, 2017). Baumann, Martin. 2002. Migrant Settlement, Religion and Phases of Diaspora. – Migration: A European Journal of International Migration and Ethnic Relations 33/34/35: 93–117. Becerril-Herrera, M.; M. Alonso-Spilsbury, C. Lemus-Flores, I. Guerrero-Legarreta, A. Olmos

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Helen Kim

, is one that often celebrates the transgressive state of multiracial “in-betweenness”, the reality is that those who are or are perceived to be multiracial are still seen as out of place and “Other”. The existence of a mixed-race population is a result of different migration and colonial histories in each society. Multiraciality is considered a relatively recent phenomenon in Germany ( King-O’Rhiain et al. 2014 ). Relatedly, Germany has been considered (and considers itself) a monoracial state. The existence of a multiracial Korean population in Germany can be