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Mitigating Uncertainties in Decision Making in Early Phases of RFID Implementation

). RFID Handbook, New York: John Wiley & Sons. Forrester, J. (1961). Industrial Dynamics. Cambridge: MIT Press. Gladysz, B. (2012). RFID technology markets in Poland (in Polish: Rynki RFID w Polsce). Ekonomika i Organizacja Przedsiębiorstwa, 7, pp. 31-42. Gladysz, B. (2014). RFID technology markets in Poland (2014) (in Polish: Rynki RFID w Polsce (2014)). Ekonomika i Organizacja Przedsiębiorstwa, 5, pp. 47-55. Gladysz, B. (2015). An assessment of RFID applications in manufacturing companies. Manag. and Prod

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Overview of the main methods of service quality analysis

distribution , (in Polish), Rynek Energii, No 4, 43-47. J ubenville , T., C airns , S. 2016. An Introduction to the Enhanced Critical Incident Technique , International Journal Of Qualitative Methods, 15(1). K adłubek , M. 2011. Servqual as a method of evaluating service quality in logistics , (in Polish), Logistyka, 5, 681-684. K araszewski , R. 2001. Servqual - a method of evaluating quality of the provided service , (in Polish), Problemy Jakości, 5, 8-10. K ardas , E. 2016. The assessment of quality of products using selected quality

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Social engineering of human resources and provision of medical services on leadership styles in hospitals

Behavioral Sciences, vol. 207, 79-89. B orkowski , S. 2012. Toyotarity. BOST Method as the Instrument of Assessment Process Functioning According to Toyota Principles , University of Maribor, Faculty of Logistics, Celje, 104. B orkowski , S., R osak -S zyrocka , J. 2015. Toyotaryzm. Identyfikacja ważności czynników w metodzie BOST , Oficyna Wydawnicza Stowarzyszenia Menedżerów Jakości i Produkcji, Częstochowa, 141. B orkowski , S., U lewicz , R., S elejdak , J., K onstanciak , M., K limecka -T atar , D. 2012. T he Use of 3x3 Matrix to Evaluation of

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Linking a performance management system and competencies: Qualitative research

management (TQM) and business excellence aimed at targeted change. The study also indicated that transformational leadership had the most influence on the relationship between the construct of management control and purposive change. In the context of transformational leadership, organisations can be strengthened by implementing a management control system used in combination with a thorough management communication approach. Wang (2012) presented a literature review indicating the lack of an appropriate framework for the assessment of organisational performance (OP

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Urban smart mobility in the scientific literature — bibliometric analysis

. (2017). Volvo Says That They Will Stop Making Diesel Engines, Thanks to Tesla. Futurism . Retrieved from Chandra, Y. R. V. S., Shivia Harun, M., & Reshma, T. (2017). Intelligent transport system. International Journal of Civil Engineering and Technology , 8 (4), 2230-2237. Czech, A., Biezdudnaja, A., Lewczuk, J., & Razumowskij, W. (2018). Quantitative assessment of urban transport development – a spatial approach. Engineering Management in Production and

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Smart city concept in the light of the literature review

negatively affect the smooth functioning of the city. The challenges of modern cities are centred around: uncontrolled urban sprawl ( Kovács et al., 2019 ; Halmy, 2019 ; Yu et al., 2019 ; Mahmoud & Divigalpitiya, 2019 ); environmental pollution ( Caparros-Midwood et al., 2019 ; Alam et al., 2019 ; Munoz-Pandiella et al., 2018 ; Kosheleva et al., 2018 ); urban logistics ( Nataraj et al., 2019 ; Firdausiyah et al., 2019 ; Bjørgen et al., 2019 ; Cleophas et al., 2019 ; Faramehr et al., 2019 ; Mesjasz-Lech, 2014 ; Tomaszewska & Florea, 2018 ); technical

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MCDM, operational research and sustainable development in the trans-border Lithuanian–German– Polish co-operation

. Kaklauskas A. Turskis Z. & Tamosaitiene J. 2008 Selection of the effective dwelling house walls by applying attributes values determined at intervals Journal of Civil Engineering and Management 14 2 85 – 93 Zavadskas, E. K., Stevic, Z., Tanackov, I., & Prentkovskis, O. (2018b). A novel multicriteria approach – Rough Step-wise Weight Assessment Ratio Analysis method (R-SWARA) and its application in logistics. Studies in informatics and control. Bucharest: National Institute for Research & Development in Informatics 27(1), 97-106. 10.24846/v27i1y

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Fourth industrial revolution: a way forward to attain better performance in the textile industry

Interoperability of Industry 4.0 Berre et al. (2007) D. Chen et al. (2008) Gorkhali & Xu (2016) Geraci et al. (1991) Lu (2017) Romero & Vernadat (2016) Smirnov et al. (2013) Sowell (2006) C4ISR Architecture Framework was established by the Department of Defence of the United States in 1996 to assimilate the associations, principles, and various strategies of the US military. It is one of the operational, systematic, as well as technical views on the latest technology. The operational assessment designates the nature of the

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Performance of an automated process model discovery – the logistics process of a manufacturing company

representation of real or imagined systems or processes for the purpose of its analysis and understanding. Today, the use of simulation modelling is well established in science, engineering etc. ( Abar et al., 2017 ). It is used for prediction, performance analysis, process discovery, etc. In business practice, modelling is used mainly as a tool for operational and strategic management and decision making in many of its areas like marketing, management, logistics, scheduling, etc. Simulation modelling is powerful because it allows investigating the influence of random

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Reduction of defects in the lapping process of the silicon wafer manufacturing: the Six Sigma application

organisational change and TQM. The TQM Magazine 12(3), 186-193. 10.1108/09544780010320241 Cao G. Clarke S. & Lehaney B. 2000 A systematic view of organisational change and TQM The TQM Magazine 12 3 186 – 193 Chappell, A., & Peck, H. (2006). Risk management in military supply chains: is there a role for six-sigma? International Journal of Logistics 9(3), 253-67. 10.1080/13675560600859276 Chappell A. & Peck H. 2006 Risk management in military supply chains: is there a role for six-sigma? International Journal of Logistics 9 3 253

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