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Economic Aspects of the US De Jure Recognition of the Baltic States in 1922

REFERENCES Bacino, L. J. 1999. Reconstructing Russia. U.S. Policy in Revolutionary Russia, 1917–1922 . Kent, Ohio, London. Davis, D. E., Trani, E. P. 2002. The first Cold War: the legacy of Woodrow Wilson in U.S. – Soviet relations . Columbia, University of Missouri Press. The Estonian Debt Settlement . 69th Congress, 1st Session, Senate, Document No 7, pp. 1–7. Eidintas, A. 2003. Lithuanian emigration to the United States: 1868–1950 . Mokslo ir enciklopediju leidybos institutas, Vilnius. Fic, V. M. 1995. The Collapse of American

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Towards Pronatalism – Baltic Family Policy in European Comparison in 2002 and 2010

REFERENCES Aassve, A., Mazzuco, S. and Mencarini, L., 2005. Childbearing and well-being: a comparative analysis of European welfare regimes. Journal of European Social Policy , 15(49), pp. 283-299. Aidukaite, J., 2004. The Emergence of the Post-socialist Welfare State: The Case of the Baltic States: Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania . Stockholm: Södertörns Högskola. Dissertation no 1. Aidukaite, J., 2006. Reforming family policy in the Baltic States: The views of the elites. Communist and Post-Communist Studies , 39(1), pp. 1-23. Aidukaite

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Antidiplomacy in Russia’s policies regarding russian-speakers in the baltic states

- Estonia. Amnesty International [pdf]. Available at: <> [Accessed 12 December 2016]. Auers, D., 2015. Comparative Politics and Government of the Baltic states Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania in the 21st Century. New York: Palgrave Macmillan. Batelaan, P., 2002. Bilingual education in Latvia: International expertise. Riga: The Soros Foundation -Latvia. Bjola, C., 2011. The power of the public sphere: (anti)-diplomacy and crisis management within security communities, in: Arguing

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Perceptions of Populism: Analysis of Media Discourse in Latvia

., Walgrave, S. (2007). Populism as a political communication style: An empirical study of political parties’ discourse in Belgium. European Journal of Political Science , Vol. 46. Laurenas, V. (2006). Populism as an Outcome of Post-communist Democratic Primitivism and Pro-capitalism . In: Lithuanian Political Science Yearbook 2005 (Institute of International Relations and Political Science, Vilnius University, Vilnius). Mudde, C., Kaltwasser, C.R. (2013). Exclusionary vs. inclusionary populism: Comparing contemporary Europe and Latin America. Government and

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Insights into intra-party decision-making in Latvia’s political parties

References Auers, D. (2015) Comparative Politics and Governments of the Baltic States: Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania in the 21st Century. Hampshire: Palgrave and Macmillan. Chiru, M. and Gherghina, S. (2012) Keeping the Doors Closed: Leadership Selection in Post-Communist Romania. East European Politics and Societies. 26(3), pp. 510-537. Duverger, M. (1954) Political Parties: Their Organization and Activity in the Modern State. London: Methuen. Ennser-Jedenastik, L. and Müller, W. (2015) Intra

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Is Russia a Threat to Estonian Energy Security?

. 539–557. Socor, V. 2012. Lithuania Contracts for LNG Terminal. Eurasian Daily Monitor . Vol. 9 Issue 45. (Accessed from[tt_news]=39099 on 07.04.2012) Ummelas, O. 2011. Baltic LNG Terminal may cost EU375 million, Estonia’s parts say. Bloomberg. 19.09.2011. (Accessed from on 23.02.2012) Ummelas, O. 2012. Estonia’s Cabinet approves natural gas unbundling Bill. Bloomberg. 05

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Cybersecurity in central eastern Europe: from identifying risks to countering threats

://> [Accessed 20 March, 2016].1035/2012 (21 March) Government Decree on the Hungary’s National Security Strategy. Available at <> [Accessed 20 March, 2016]. Lietuvos Respublikos Kibernetinio saugumo įstatymas, XII-1428, 2014 (Law on Cyber Security of the Republic of Lithuania). Available at <> [Accessed 2 April, 2016]. National Cyber Security Strategy of the

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When states lose territory: Georgia‘s post-2008 adjustment

]. Jakniūnaitė, D., 2017. Kaip tapti valstybe: sienos ir erdvės Gruzijos teritoriniuose konfliktuose. Vilnius: Vilniaus universiteto leidykla. Ketevan Tsikhelashvili:“Our policy of peace provides for 8 main objectives.”, 2017, Office of the State Minister of Georgia for Reconciliation and Civic Equality, February 2 [Accessed August 16, 2017]. Leonaitė, E., Žalimas, D., 2016. The Annexation of Crimea and Attempts to Justify It in the Context of International Law. Lithuanian Annual Strategic Review, 14

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