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Social Cooperatives in Greece. Introducing New Forms of Social Economy and Entrepreneurship

References Archambault E. (1997) The Non Profit Sector in France . Manchester University Press. Campbell R. Et al (ed). (2006) Voluntary Action: Meeting challenges of the 21 st century . NCVO. CEP-CMAF. (2002) The Social Economy. CIRIEC. (2000) The enterprises and organizations of the third system: a strategic challenge for employment. Pilot action “Third System and Employment” of the European Commission. Liege. CIRIEC. (2007) Social Economy in the European Union. N°. CESE/COMM/05/2005 European Economic and Social Committee

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Quality of Government and Decentralization in Romania

References Bondar, F. (2014) ‘Romanian Public Administration Structure and Functions’, Report developed for supporting the National Territorial Strategy (2014-2035), Ministry of Administration and Regional Development Romania. MS. Charron, N., L. Dijkstra and V. Lapuente (2013) Regional Governance Matters: Quality of European Union Member States Within Government, DG Regional Policy and Urban . Göteborg University. Grabbe, H. (2001) ‘How Does Europeanization Affect CEE Governance? Conditionality, Diffusion and Diversity’. Journal of European

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Hidden in plain sight: student fund-raising in Romanian universities

: cases of transformation in Central and Eastern Europe , University of Southampton, Centre for Higher Education Management and Policy at Southampton, PhD Thesis Bateson, R., and Taylor, J. (2004) “Student involvement in university life-Beyond political activism and university governance: A view from central and eastern Europe” in European Journal of Education , 39 (4), pp. 471-483 Brooks, R., Byford, K., & Sela, K. (2015). The changing role of students’ unions within contemporary higher education. Journal of Education Policy , 30 (2), 165

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Fluxus Spaces as Alternative Cultural Spaces. A social cartography of the urban cultural scenery

:// Chatterton, P. and Hollands, R. (2002). ‘Theorising urban playscapes: producing, regulating and consuming youthful nightlife city spaces’ Urban studies , 39(1): 95-116. Dixon, J. and Durrheim, K. (2004) ‘Dislocating identity: Desegregation and the transformation of place’ Journal of Environmental Psychology 24: 455–473 European Union (2011). Cities of tomorrow. Challenges, visions, ways forward . Publications Office of the European Union Florida, R. (2004). The rise of the

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The Influence of Educational Expansion on Partnership Stability: A Cohort Study of First Partnerships in Switzerland

Countries. European Sociological Review 22(5): 501–517. Ivanova, Katya, Matthijs Kalmijn, and Wilfred Uunk. 2013. The Effect of Children on Men’s and Women’s Chances of Re-Partnering in a European Context. European Journal of Population / Revue Européenne de Démographie 29(4): 417–444. Jalovaara, Marika. 2012a. Socio-Economic Resources and First-Union Formation in Finland, Cohorts Born 1969–81. Population Studies 66(1): 69–85. Jalovaara, Marika. 2012b. Socioeconomic Resources and the Dissolution of Cohabitations and Marriages. European Journal of

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Writers, Intellectuals, Politics: The Transformation of the Cultural Field in Post-Communist Romania

). Acasă se vorbește în șoaptă [At home we speak only with whispers] . București: Compania. Tolz, V. (2004). “Cultural Bosses” as Patrons and Clients: the Functioning of the Soviet Creative Unions in the Postwar World. In G. Petri (ed.): Patronage. Personal Networks and the Party-State: everyday Life in the Cultural Sphere in Communist Russia and East Central Europe , Trondheim Studies on East European Cultures & Societies, nr. 13, Trondheim. Tomoff, K. (2004). “Most Respected Comrade…” Patrons, Clients, Brokers and Unofficial Networks in the Stalinist Music

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Mutual Influences Between Motherhood and Educational Attainment in Selected Eastern European Countries

(2): 15-44. Billari, F.C. and Philipov, D. (2004a). Education and the transition to motherhood: A comparative analysis of Western Europe. European Demographic Research Papers 3. Billari, F.C., and Philipov, D. (2004b). Women’s education and entry into first union. A simultaneous-hazard comparative analysis of Central and Eastern Europe. Vienna Yearbook of Population Research , 91-110. Blossfeld, H.P. and Huinink, J. (1991). Human capital investments or norms of role transition? How women’s schooling and career affect the pro-cess of family formation

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The Academic Mobility Regime: Analysing Perceptions of Students and Academic Staff

Mobility on the Skills and Employability of Students and the Internationalisation of Higher Education Institutions . Luxembourg: Publications Office of the European Union. European Commission. 2015. Erasmus. Facts, Figures & Trends. The European Union support for student and staff exchanges and university cooperation in 2013-2014. Luxembourg: Publications Office of the European Union. Flick, Uwe. 2007. Designing Qualitative Research . London/Thousand Oaks: Sage. Frändberg, Lotta. 2015. “Acceleration or Avoidance? The Role of Temporary Moves Abroad in

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How I Became a ‘Romania Expert’

’. Telos , 70: 193-201. [available through ] Sampson, Steven. (1987). The second economies of the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. Annals, American Academy of Political and Social Sciences , 493: 120-136. [available through ] Sampson, Steven. (1989). Romania: house of cards. Telos , 79: 217-224. [available through ] Sampson, Steven. (1994). Dedublarea, diversiunea, și conspirația. Revista 22 , 14: 6. [available through ] Sampson

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From Informal Exchanges to Dual Practices. The Shadows of the Romanian Health Care Reform

with health care services in the new member states of the European Union. Studia UBB Sociologia , 52(2): 125–150. Popescu, L. (2009). Serviciile de îngrijire a sănătății [Health care services]. In M. Preda (ed.), Riscuri și inechități sociale în România. Raportul comisiei prezidențiale pentru analiza riscurilor sociale și demografice [Risks and inequities in Romania . The report of the presidential commission for the analysis of social and demographic risks]. Iași: Polirom, pp.152–167. Rebeleanu, A., Șoitu, D., Gavrilovici, C., Oprea, L. (2013

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