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The development of diagnosis related group system in healthcare

1159516854629/systembeschreibung_2009.pdf Schreyögg J, Stargardt T, Tiemann O, Busse R. Methods to determine reimbursement rates for DRG: a comparison of nine European countries. Health Care Manag Sci 2006; 9(3): 215-23. Thomson S, Foubister T, Mossialos E. Financing health care in the European Union. challenges and policy responses. EU Observatory Studies No. 17, European Observatory on Health system and policies. Copengahen: World Health Organization, 2009. DCB Onderhound. Pridobljeno s spletne

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Frequency and characteristics of excuses given by students attending special sports classes of secondary school to avoid participating in physical education class

. Sallis J, Prochaska J, Taylor W. A review of correlates of physical activity of children and adolescents. Med Sci Sports Exerc 2000; 32: 963-75. Anon. Resolucija Evropskega parlamenta o vlogi športa v izobraževanju z dne 13. novembra 2007 Pridobljeno 10.11.2009 s spletne strani: Hardman K. Physical education in schools and PETE programmes in the European context: quality issues. In: 4 th International

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Health communication: press reporting - a case of the Institute of Oncology, Ljubljana

References Boruchovitch E, Mednick BR. The meaning of health and illness: some considerations for health psychology. Psico USF 2002; 7: 175-183. European Commission, Eurostat. Europe in figures: Eurostat yearbook 2010. Luxembourg: Publications Office of the European Union; 2010. Pridobljeno 5.12.2010 s spletne strani: Toš N, urednik. Vrednote v prehodu II. Slovensko javno mnenje 1990

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Social determinants of health: the indicators for measuring the impact of poverty on health

-1023. Office for National Statistic, United Kingdom. Indices of deprivation across UK. Last accessed on 28 June at: 2011. Matković T, Šućur Z, Zrinščak S. Inequality, poverty and material deprivation in new and old members of European Union. Croat Med J 2007; 48: 636-652. Laeken indicators: detailed calculation methodology. European Commission, Eurostat. Last accessed on 15 June at: 2011

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Under-reporting of sexually transmitted infection with chlamydia trachomatis - a revision of surveillance system is required

-based public health decisions on prevention and control (5 , 6) . During 2004-2013, reported incidences of chlamydia infection in Slovenia varied from 6 to 12/100,000 population, which was rather low in comparison to most other European Union/European Economic Area (EU/ EEA) countries (1 , 2) . Slovenian reported incidence rates of chlamydia infection are believed to substantially underestimate the true incidence (7) . It is well known that differences in reported incidence rates between countries to a great extent reflect the differences in testing rates (8 , 9

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Analysis of Injuries Among Children in Kindergartens During Physical Activities

instrument. J Sci Med Sport 2011; 14(Suppl 1): 22-6. 4. Planinšek S, Škof B, Leskošek B, Žmuc Tomori M, Pori M. Povezanost športne dejavnosti s stresom in zadovoljstvom z življenjem pri odraslih Slovencih. Zdrav Var 2014; 53: 1-10. 5. Zimmermann N, Bauer R. Injuries in the European Union. Vienna: Austrian Road Safety, 2006. 6. Rok Simon M, Marjanovič Umek L. Preprečujmo poškodbe pri otrocih od starosti 6 mesecev do 2 let. Ljubljana: Inštitut za varovanje zdravja RS, 2000. 7. Mota J, Santos P, Guerra S, Ribero

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Correspondence Between Legislation and Public Opinion in Bulgaria about Accessto Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART)

References 1. Sorensen C. ART in European Union. Euro Observer 2006; 8: 1-4. 2. Final Report ESHRE 2008 - Comparative analysis of medically assisted reproduction in the EU: regulation and technologies/SANCO/2008/C6/051. Accessed December 2008 at: 3. Arons J. Future choices, assisted reproductive technologies and the law. Accessed December 2007 at: http:/ 4. CECOS - Contribution de la

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The prevalence of and risk factors for healthcare-associated infections in Slovenia: results of the second national survey

and Control (ECDC) pilot point prevalence survey of healthcare-associated infections and antimicrobial use Euro Surveill 2012 17 pii=20316 6 Reilly JS, Price L, Godwin J, Cairns S, Hopkins S, Cookson B, et al. A pilot validation in 10 European Union Member States of a point prevalence survey of healthcare-associated infections and antimicrobial use in acute hospitals in Europe, 2011. Euro Surveill 2015; 20: pii=21045. Reilly JS Price L Godwin J Cairns S Hopkins S Cookson B et al. A pilot validation in 10 European Union Member States of a point prevalence survey of

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Impact of air pollution with PM10 on primary health care consultations for respiratory diseases in children in Zasavje, Slovenia: a time-trend study

, Flanders WD, Sarnat JA, Waller LA et al. Short-term associations between ambient air pollutants and pediatric asthma emergency department visits. Am J Respir Crit Care Med 2010; 182: 307-16. 50. Fraga J, Botelho A, Sá A, Costa M, Quaresma M. The lag structure and the general effect of ozone exposure on pediatric respiratory morbidity. Int J Environ Res Public Health 2011; 8: 4013-24. 51. European Parliament and the Council of the European Union. Directive 2008/50/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 21 may 2008 on ambient

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The secular trend in the prevalence of overweight and obesity in the population of primary school children from Ljubljana (Slovenia)

, Cole TJ. Childhood obesity and overweight prevalence trends in England: evidence for growing socioeconomic disparities. Int J Obes 2010; 34: 41-7. 47. Cattaneo A, Monasta L, Stamatakis E, Lioret S, Castetbon K, Frenken F et al. Overweight and obesity in infants and preschool children in the European Union: a review of existing data. Obes Rev 2010; 11: 389-98. 48. Eriksson M, Rasmussen F, Nordqvist T. Changes in shape and location of BMI distributions of Swedish children. Acta Paediatr 2005; 94: 1558-65. 49. Daniels SR

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